Photo blog participates in a group exhibition at the Museum Hartzllilnblom

Photo on canvas blog participates in a group exhibition as part of an exhibition at the Museum Hartzllilnblom on photographer's first city of Tel Aviv Avraham Soskin, The exhibition is an exhibition within the exhibition with photographers and bloggers in photography and text describing the Tel Aviv exhibition program with influence and experience to meet coming / women to recognize and enjoy their interpretation is very pleased, I was inspired by a photograph of the lottery in 1909 And the first days of Tel Aviv's Rothschild Boulevard City's Central Park was the city grew up around them, He chose photography Yarkon Park against the skyscrapers and the stream, Tel Aviv's sight 100 Years ahead.


“Soskin chosen image is an image inspired by the Tel Aviv 100 שנה קדימה לצילום המפורסם של סוסקין להגרלת המגרשים , התמונה צולמה בפארק הירקון והיא מראה את השינוי הדרמתי שעברה העיר תל אביב יפו מאלפי דונם של חוך זיפזיף למטרופולין מהשדרה הראשונה (Rothschild) Served as a garden city and small houses or two-story Park Avenue monitor Yarkon Keep hands and skyscrapers”


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