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ארכיון עבור May, 2011

Neighborhood wide Tziboritbmrcz – When photography came when we look from the side in “Top” Constructed in recent years between Ayalon Namir Road, Train north and south center Bavli neighborhood, , We envision a gated community, Meticulous, Detached, Walled, Skyscrapers, The first feeling that comes, Is really not pleasant, The upper echelons of the business designated neighborhood, Which has no connection to the city or urban, Nothing to do with us and probably is not achievable Rubino, In Skyscrapers, Roads   קרא עוד..

Tel Aviv Museum of Art – Photo When did the modern heart of Tel Aviv began to take shape in the seventies and twenty century performing arts center in the West Bank of Nahal Ayalon, September 2011 Monumental wing and completed post-modernist Tel Aviv Museum of Art Peterson Scott Cohen design which will be a landmark and in fact completed, Center for the Performing Arts in”Golda Center” , When any tax’ Another year a new facility or wing. Today it includes the opera halls   קרא עוד..

Alfred – One art galleries scattered around the neighborhood – Photo When was the desire of residents of Tel Aviv and the immigrants who chose to live in., Expanding circles and create urban uses unique mixing of Tel Aviv, מענה לצרכים אמנותיים וכלכליים בתוספת ליוקר המחיה ועליה במחירי שכירות דירות ושטחים מסחריים בעיר, Is the search for new locations and alternative achievable in, This is done in the past decade mainly in South City where still in the early years of the new millennium could be   קרא עוד..

Dog Park – Photo When did the story of Tel Aviv setting up of the patients embraced historic neighborhoods and existing inhabited space environment over the years had joined to form the big city and the metropolitan city, From colonies, The American Colony, Templer colonies in southern and western German city and the Florentine neighborhood of Venus, יפו שהיתה עד לפני קום המדינה לעיר בפני עצמה, עם עזיבת הבריטים והקמת המדינה הוחלט לחברה לתל אביב, City of Tel Aviv – Jaffa, שכונת נווה   קרא עוד..

עלון ראשון של קבוצת תל אביב בשביל אופניים 1996 – When photography was perfect street bike in Tel Aviv, Is flat, Many ups and downs, Criss-cross streets, Comfortable weather on most days of the year and of course that really does not need to extend what cycling advantage for the environment, Health, Capacity, Saving time’ Cost savings and maintenance cost savings motorized vehicles’ , Bicycle transportation in the city contributes to mixing uses, Helps the city deal with the cost of living in the city   קרא עוד..

Foma – When did the art of photography is the number of layers, Established museums, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Commercial art galleries and alternative, Private collections often displayed to the public or on loan to museums, Entry spaces of office buildings, Private offices, On institutional and organized by”Municipality, Gallery or in alternative being done in the public sphere, It can be art protest, Graffiti, Political Art, Feminist, Social and…, Generally give all the graffiti and not as a compliment Prep, Usually we know the graffiti   קרא עוד..

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