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First Bulletin of the Tel Aviv group for bicycle 1996 – When photography was
Perfect street bike in Tel Aviv, Is flat, Many ups and downs, Criss-cross streets, Comfortable weather on most days of the year and of course that really does not need to extend what cycling advantage for the environment, Health, Capacity, Saving time’  Cost savings and maintenance cost savings motorized vehicles’ , Bicycle transportation in the city contributes to mixing uses, Helps the city deal with the cost of living in a modern city of one hundred and twenty-one, Tel Aviv connect bike and feel natural with, I have not yet internalized in other cities, The reason is mainly the process that the city has, Urban character and being a city with a mixture of uses and the City of Immigrants, Commented internalized the benefits of bicycle transportation in terms of public opinion, Environment, Parking shortage solution and load on the infrastructure of the city and today leads the planning and implementation, Always carried our eyes to the cities of Europe, Amsterdam, Copenhagen several decades leading up cycling rates in identical paths to roads and even exceeding that in many cases and in Berlin, London and Paris are cities in their bicycle transportation are formed in the last decade, Just as happens here in Tel Aviv, Mountain bike facilities and thousands Hmdooshim them, Parents and children, Students and workers, Low status, Medium and high use bicycle commuters even if a vehicle, Recently seen signs of impact on neighboring cities, Herzliya Municipality's face look similar rental project operates in, Consideration of bicycle transit bridge construction and paving of paths Givatayim first ring cities.
A typical rental point – When photography was
Tel Aviv began her career in the nineties, When a group of activist residents, Dreaming’ Are perceived by”S public and by”S bizarre municipal institutions, Began to have a tradition of”Critical Mass” Monthly similar to other cities in Europe and the U.S.”ב, Every Friday at the end of each month at 13:30 Meet in Rabin Square and take to the streets to raise awareness for cycling, Construction of trails, Legislation and support actions that reduce the air under the slogan Ziam “We are traffic”, Group of people from diverse classes in the city and outside the city, Association formed a “Tel Aviv for a bicycle”, The first references to the town were not treated and even ridicule, But persistence, Demonstrations, Public actions, Establishment of the quarter, Thinking sessions in Israel and abroad”To, Operations with media, With the municipality, Brought about a change the perception of the municipality, Little time, Slowly, Pursuing a small change, To the masses began to face for mayor and to the Government, At first there were promises, Meetings and planning process, Municipal teams to the point today where other cities are beginning to take their first steps and residents associations set up for bicycle Jerusalem, And Sharon, Haifa, R.”C., As a line of grandfather, Streets, ב”That for bicycles and more .., No association was formed roof “Israel for Bicycles” Accompanied by the Tel Aviv and other cities their steps towards infrastructure Lrichva bike, Legal support, Lobbying in the Knesset, Working with members of the Knesset, Board of the TeInAviv Municipality and the establishment of a bicycle team that leads the city in the municipality of Tel Aviv for a proper separation trails system sidewalk level and Bmnsa'h (Road).
Bicycle path on the boulevard separating , Rothschild Boulevard - photo when increased
Riding or walking the streets of Tel Aviv today gives the feeling of a real bicycle city, Tens of thousands of trips a day are made by bike and ride through the rental project”Tel way”If you work or study, If shopping or meetings, If recreation or sport, Every street facilities  Cycle racks and hundreds of related bikes, Networked city and ride along the trails, Although not always perfect and proper connection between them there are different views nature, But there is openness and public transport and urban and consent should be separate paths, The school has a separate path on the pavement (Road) Such as Moshe Dayan street trails, Reines, Yitzhak Sadeh, Pad  And redemption  And the high school of the separate path pavement like a stone path Gvirol, Marmorek, Kaplan, Breast’ King Saul and the trails on the Avenues, Rothschild, Nordau, H.”Estate, Ben Gurion also have fans and those less, Parents, Children and over forty usually prefer a separate path or street level boulevard that provides safety and mixed uses, Young people and students usually prefer to trail on the pavement mainly because you can ride fast from point to point, There is the question of the connection in the mirror architecture and dealing with architects, Contents of urban and municipal institutions and public integration when there is a conflict with parking spaces or vehicle routes such as Moshe Dayan streets, Gluskin,Bicycle rentals on a project bike and Bloch is currently regarding parking along the lower path to pave a street bike path.
Bicycle path separation at street level , Ibn Gabirol Street – When photography was
Last change you see in the city is the project rentals bike to run his is underway with tens of thousands of travel and thousands of appointments and soon appointments daily and monthly and will expand to the end of the year to 150 stations and 1500 bikes that most believe will give a huge boost forward into the bike and will expand it and your awareness of it , Which already has contacts with the cities of Tel Aviv ring, Actions to expand the discussion about the bike are led by Israel for Bicycles, Public, Architects, Associations pros and cons, Tel Aviv Municipality and the discussions in the Knesset, Amazing to see the points around the city and the excitement of the city, Visitors and tourists who know her from their country or visit the cities where similar projects have. One of the issues that stirred up the city in connection with the subject of bikes and bike rental project on the helmet is a struggle that has great significance for carrying bikes, Most are waiting to see what will that talks about the proposed amendment to highway duty dressing, Out of town and children, Subject catch rides to various organizations will say to get exposure and experience on the one hand to have a discussion on the other, Another important issue is raising bus and train bicycle, Today we can raise only folding and discussions continue to exist, Discussed raising the bike train pilot during an.
So all over town – When photography was
Tel Aviv City today where tens of thousands of bikes are commuters bike transport, All levels of the population, Thousands of riders from the metropolis makes first steps, It has over 100 miles of trails and planning of tens of kilometers further and upgrade existing, Annual program is clear and what is going to be every year with updates and additions, Thousands of bicycle parking spaces, Urban bicycle rental project and public entities, And urban planning for the future political system of bicycle paths, Project developers are trying to promote bicycle use, Bicycle parking in the building, Today know Slaufniim have environmental impact, Health, Overall transportation system, Vehicle parking, Vehicles entering the city, Nature and amount of use of a car and public transport in the city, Bicycle transportation is one of the foundations of the modern city transport, Is movement, It should mirror that today's discussion will address the changes experienced by the company and changes in traffic habits, If the vehicle was previously, Train, Bus with a bike, Today scooter, Rollerblades, Segway, Bicycle rental system and various power tools, Awareness and paving paths visitors also cinematic and small electric vehicles to use them and sometimes even risk their motorcycle riders traveling on the path toward and against the direction of travel, Do we adopt the customary Amsterdam to share with others the trails?, Now?, When? Will we see the expansive array of paths to all streets in longitudinal and lateral?.
Hayarkon Park shows – When photography was
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  1. Tarot and other goodies says:

    When, Cool!

    Suitable to be arranged in the bike trails and Tel Aviv need it most.

    Beautiful position on the benefits, And stunning images that you brought here.

    Thank you and congratulations


  2. mati wings says:

    Thank you Rachel, Thank you for your gorgeous posts, Continue, Enjoy reading and get rich.

  3. rona says:

    Hey when,
    Great article, Thank you.
    Hope you get practical answers to questions raised at the end of the article.

  4. mati wings says:

    Hi Rona

    Last hope you have a magical Saturday, We Ishtori beginning to shrivel, I hope they can catch the poor municipality will be those that will meet all dimensional ride there will be a path leading to separate pedestrians and cars, I think at the curb on main streets with commercial front as Ibn Gabirol, Allenby, Zizngof, King Joe and reg… And passenger (Road) Streets as worn Dane, Yitzhak Sadeh, Reines, Redemption, Joshua Beynon and more…Children who ride to or above 50 Feel comfortable and safe ride

  5. Tarot and other goodies says:

    When are you even listening?

    Unfortunately, Due to technical problems on the site I can upload the direct link that contains the button "PLAY" .
    It's a little overalls for readers to listen.
    So that to copy the link address, Login then click "Download"- To get to the part recorded.

    Anyway I'm glad you enjoyed… There is another way :)

    Take care dear, And bring more pictures and thoughts to my great satisfaction and delight of the rule.

    All the best


  6. mati wings says:

    Rachel sent you an email about it, Thank you.

  7. the_black_butterfly says:

    Hello when I remembered the name of your blog
    You wrote a nice post
    But in my opinion Gvirol stone paths are equivalent rattling on the pavement and Billie real ways but are increasing the real paths where there is separation of the pedestrians

  8. mati wings says:

    Thanks Eyal, Gvirol stone path had to be separated by changing the service area (Where benches, Trees and lighting) Have separated the sidewalk path between the path and road as it is today, I agree that because right there is another way.
    Eyal have a blog very impressive and engaging, I did not find the button drenched, How can I join and receive updates?

  9. Auth says:

    I’m not easily impresesd but you’ve done it with that posting.

  10. Manilyn says:

    What a pleasure to find someone who idetniifes the issues so clearly

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