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Alfred – One art galleries scattered around the neighborhood – When photography was
Desire of residents of Tel Aviv and the immigrants who chose to live in., Expanding circles and create urban uses unique mixing of Tel Aviv, מענה לצרכים אמנותיים וכלכליים בתוספת ליוקר המחיה ועליה במחירי שכירות דירות ושטחים מסחריים בעיר, Is the search for new locations and alternative achievable in, This is done in the past decade mainly in South City where still in the early years of the new millennium could rent residential and commercial areas morrows achievable and weave her dreams, Such was the Ramat Hasharon neighborhood bordering north on Railroad Street near the breast Yehuda Halevi’ Rothschild, Allenby Street West adjacent to Neve Tzedek, Menachem Begin Road East next to Neve Shaanan and south on Jaffa Road near Florentin, לפני עשור שכונת רמת השרון נחשבה לשכונה לא מומלצת להסתובב בה וזאת בלשון המעטה ולא בטוחה שסבלה מבעיות של פשע, Drugs , Prostitution and abandonment and neglect petition was leased to commercial areas, סוג של חצר אחורית של העיר תל אביב וזאת לפני פרויקט שיקום גינת רמת השרון שזו שאלה בפני עצמה.
One of the cafes scattered throughout the neighborhood – When photography was
The uniqueness of the neighborhood of Ramat Hasharon is its nature, Village within the city that has already begun construction around the skyscrapers and real processes”Estate, Neighborhood of Ramat Hasharon is low neighborhood construction, Tax’ Criss-cross streets with the commercial front and middle of the street outside the neighborhood Barzilai, גינה גדולה וקסומה לפי הקווים אותה הציב מתכנן תוכנית המתאר של העיר פטריק גדס, בניינים בסגנון אקלקטי, Bauhaus (International style), Modern and postmodern, Buildings at elevations between two and three storey planned by”S finest architectural style is eclectic and international in them designed by famous”S first city engineer Yehuda Magidovich, Beer has a historic neighborhood, Water Tower is an architectural monument preservation, Garden by the rules of the plan Tel Aviv City, Garden City compound Patrick Gads and Electric Company built the Art Deco tower and includes only the outskirts of the neighborhood, The uniqueness of the houses beyond their nature low, Green Magic and the neighborhood, In size, High ceilings and generous texture is at eye level.

Lighthouse from the creator of a simple story -

When photography was

In the early years of the new millennium began to open galleries and fashion design studio initially by”J. Number’ Designers, Were joined by more designers got together a group that supports each other, To overthrow the compound class design, The unique shape galleries, עיצבו את הבגדים בעצמן והחנות שמשה הן כמקום בו עיצבו ויצרו את הבגד, Product designed and sold instead, Them from the process of hiring apartments with”J. Young and the first cafes and culinary institutions, בן הראשונים היה סניף קפה אורגני “Levitt”, City had begun to feel the potential and the processes that pass on the street and began regeneration project which included digging an underground parking lot beneath the garden of Sharon ( Or as a neighborhood, Electric garden) And reshaping in the garden open to the street and commercial areas bordering it to the streets, The neighborhood has no’ Reversals, Focus of parties and clubs, Great site street art works, Neighborhood of boutiques, Art Galleries, Cafes and culinary institutions , Also is the end of the first decade of the millennium began to feel the rise in rental prices, Handel”Estate and is in the process of exchange of residents. Graffiti – Neighborhood full of graffiti and street art – צילום מתי עלהכבר לא ניתן לשכור דירה ושטח מסחרי במחיר בר השגה, Property owners raise the rent frequently, Many designers can not afford rent, Handel Projects”Estate, Alter the character of the neighborhood begin to build projects of small and expensive apartments, Alternating high-quality commercial space in the large trade and less intimate, Fashion companies and commercial networks about to enter the neighborhood and the need to evacuate and destroy existing historic buildings and intimate character hits created her neighborhood boutiques, Galleries and the scene was created in the neighborhood forced many designers who built the neighborhood and took her out of her misery popularity which the inability to rent and look for new locations, Southern also considered so far achievable concentrations in the bar was losing it, Neve Tzedek, Florentine, Heart of the city, Venus, Benign, The prices are getting one last Mamirim and Neve Shaanan neighborhood south begins the process of construction and the process of undergoing a similar process specified neighborhoods.
Sharon Garden, Style buildings typical of the neighborhood – When photography was
Barzilai Street – When photography was
One neighborhood boutiques scattered – When photography was
Coffee Levitt, One of the first and leading institutions in the neighborhood – When photography was

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