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Archive for June, 2011

A poster announcing the application of the second pulse – When photography came on Friday, 07/01/2011 The second pulse is launched and central reorganization plan on public transportation in the Dan, On this day, even my birthday, Public upset and afraid and not know himself, Reorganization and applying pulse, Fell on him on a clear day without timely sharing process, Second pulse trying to deal with gaps created by the old system very attractive, Work of nearly a decade, From a 82   קרא עוד..

עם השלמת  ופתיחת גשר רידינג  והשביל עד תל ברוך בה לסיומו אחד הפרויקטים הגדולים שעיירת תל אביב יפו השלימה, Sequencing project limit walking and riding a sea border about 14 miles Herzliya, Inaugurated last year, three sections made this dream a reality, First segment – Park “Jaffa Slope” Bat Yam border port of Jaffa. קטע שני – פרויקט בריכת גורדון והמרינה.  קטע שלישי – רידינג (Bridge and now transparent management upgrading)  משפך הנמל (North Port)   קרא עוד..

במהלך הליכה בשכונת “Ramat Hasharon” I met a southern graffiti painted pink pessimistic optimist, Mickey Mouse pessimistic , One of the graffiti on the old house under the window announces “All art is quite useless” האמן משתמש באומנות פשוטה ואף ילדותית במבט ראשון לומר זאת. מתחת לפסימיות והצבע הורוד מסתתר הומר וסרקז’ם, Stimulates the mind and brings a smile, Surrealist group through different SMD “Hsiteil must die”, Acting as a group and presents works in space and art galleries, Artist turns to Handibiduel Candibiduel simplicity and equality.

Benches in the square – Photo when there is a square in Berlin was quite similar in terms of historical Dizengoff Square design, and size in relation to environmental structures, Square well maintained with regular and colorful flowering water pool in the middle of the square, Around five-story buildings on average, Commercial front under buildings, Hotel, Sterile Square, Very few women's / sit in it even though it is replete with benches, and although mostly in Berlin during the good weather of spring and although that is central, A / women circled around near the front street   קרא עוד..

Minibus – The popular internal lines – When photography was. July first of the second pulse will begin in the reorganization of public transport, A tax’ Buses will be reduced from 82, To 59, יופעלו קווי מזלג חדשים (קו מזלג הוא קו הנע באותו מסלול בתוך העיר, For example, Line 4 מתבטל ובמקומו קווים 4, 104 And 204, All three will move the same route from Reading to the new station,4 The new station finishes 104 Keep track line 16 Abort and 204 Givatayim) קו מזלג יגדיל את התדירות והאופציות להתנייד   קרא עוד..

Facebook Follies is a group art exhibition Street parking lot at the intersection of the railway train, Menachem Begin, בין לב העיר לשכונת רמת השרון ובתפזורת בעיקר בשכונות הדרום ולב העיר, עבודות הקבוצה מוצגות בפורמט אתר הפייסבוק מודפס על נייר, With uniform size and spatial variations of artistic, And below the work place to”Lake” And writing a comment, When the hand is the keyboard of observers, Viewers become part of the work with writing the response, Or leave the imprint unites with viewing figure for the artist, התערוכה כוללת כמאה עבודות שאויירו   קרא עוד..

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