• Sea : 18 : 2014 - מתמגנטים על תל אביבחפשו את המטמון.
  • Sea : 13 : 2014 - תל אביב מרגישה טוב עם אופניים
  • Sea : 3 : 2014 - Street art: Foma, Fresh Works
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  • Feb : 7 : 2014 - שעת שיא: Breast’ Kings of Israel
Upon completion of  And the opening of Reading Bridge  And the path to Tel Baruch in one end town major projects completed Classifications, Sequencing project limit walking and riding a sea border about 14 miles Herzliya, Inaugurated last year, three sections made this dream a reality, First segment – Park “Jaffa Slope” Bat Yam border port of Jaffa. Section two - Gordon swimming pool project and the marina.  Third section - Reading (Bridge and now transparent management upgrading)  Funnel port (North Port) Tel Baruch beach and bike path connection to the bridge rolls, Dolphinarium complex work remained and a section from Welcome to the marina of Herzliya.
Reading Bridge – When photography was.
Jaffa slope until two years ago was the city's landfill, In this project he completed the third largest park in the city after the Yarkon Park and South Park, Today there is a continuous, Lawns, Children's playgrounds and sports, Tax’ Observations, Amphitheater deep blue sea route to the park, A park overlooking the sea, Jaffa, Port of Jaffa and Tel Aviv and Towers is one of the magical city lungs, The park is connected to Jaffa and leaves streets, Connects to the port of Jaffa who now is in rehabilitation and reconstruction in the middle of the walking areas regulated, British hangars rehabilitation center slender tree.

Jaffa Slope – When photography was
Jaffa slope beach – Photo Thi leaf
פארק צארלס קלוד שנה שעברה נחנך שדרוגו והוא כולל גשר עץ מקסים וצמחי מים  Inspired by the Garden's famous painting documented  Painter Pissarro,  Seating facilities trails, Fountain and lawns, Modern Sculpture, Bicycle path definition, Rent point and he comes to the Dolphinarium is supposed to be his continuing to connect the boardwalk Chich, Today the connection is via a wide path for pedestrians and cyclists.

נמל יפו דק עץ  – When photography was.
Route of the wall on the floor of the dock wall, – When photography was.
Promenade tit upgrade is currently facing, Bicycle path pavement high resolution throughout the day route planning and implementation process of the boardwalk in two levels, Promenade Chich following breakwaters, Sand gravel pit width reaches 80 meters. Gordon pool was renovated this year and fell in and around ground level promenade and a new square that connects to the marina and continues to Tel Aviv port through  Sheraton beaches, Hilton and peer.

Park tsrls Clued – When photography was
Connection between Charles Claude promenade along the Dolphinarium Chich – When photography was.

 Tel Aviv Port is the first upgrade, and a last one of the attractions and the city underwent a change in status in terms of upgrading their grandmother areas and commercial and public areas, It features a farmers market, Conservation and housing hangars,  Rehabilitation of historic crane and berth, Wooden deck all the way to the mouth of the Yarkon (North Port), Green open spaces, Squares, Art galleries and outdoor events.

Promenade Chich – When photography was.

Recently inaugurated last part of Reading is a promenade that begins Wauchope Bridge, The Lighthouse, Reading Bridge and charming coastal promenade that comes to Tel Baruch beach, The uniqueness of this promenade, it preserves the historic character of the route, Including vegetation, The only intervention asphalt path, Lighting, Benches, Gardening Care Sheets and historic character of the route.
Pediculosis wooden deck Tel Aviv – When photography was.
Sand gravel – When photography was
Lighthouse and historic site near Reading station – When photography was.
Wauchope Bridge and Tel Aviv from Reading – When photography was
Reading Bridge – When photography was.
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