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Benches in the square – When photography was
Berlin is quite similar square Dizengoff Square historic in design and size in relation to environmental structures, Square well maintained with regular and colorful flowering water pool in the middle of the square, Around five-story buildings on average, Commercial front under buildings, Hotel, Sterile Square, Very few women's / sit in it even though it is replete with benches, and although mostly in Berlin during the good weather of spring and although that is central, A / women circled around Circular Road near the front of the van, I remember the first visit was very enthusiastic about it and got me thinking about Dizengoff Square, During the second visit after I examined the square, She was still in the eyes  Beautiful Square, But I would not trade it in Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv, There was the beating heart, The mix of uses in the square itself, The equality, The charm and tens of thousands of embryos as happens every day in Dizengoff Square and the heart of the city center of Tel Aviv (Suppose some neglect of her and the fountain, Each area will be neglected much larger problem and a problem for his unit to Dizengoff Square), Dizengoff Square is a real town square, although this role has no’ Claim the crown center of Tel Aviv, You can appoint their sons now Rabin Square Four and certainly takes a real competitor, There are of course the square of the scans is magic brings a smile to the lips and brand, State Square is the twin sister she's older and historic Dizengoff Square is the largest advantage indeed and is a park than a loaf.
On the upper level – When photography was
Dizengoff Square is a real town square, Square events, Beating heart of the city, Today Dizengoff Square is a square  Ecological, Is a square two levels covering the entire size of the area of ​​Benin to the building, Has no noise of vehicles, It connects all the branches without the need for pedestrian crossing, It provides a panoramic and protects the environment, It serves the residents of old city, Second generation, (First generation injured in raising the square, That he had no alternative place to sit, He moved to trauma, For the new square has been alienated and is cleared from the square and the city), Reducing the square, Affect an entire generation veteran who lives in and out of town who met her regularly and will do the same damage of increased. The current square is a symbol of worldwide urban and has many fans. Fate goes through a referendum was held among the three questions, Reconstruction, Lowering, It downloads and building parking underneath.
Antiques market on the lower level – When photography was
This square or the like and visit it frequently, Is in their hearts, Or who do not have the square, Probably will not stand for this to come, Lowering it again does not guarantee future audit protection, Already have disagreements and agendas, Low in the square in its design, If the square lowered, If survey results are indeed Neva the options are indeed present and rehabilitation fountain square, Or downloading and building from the parking lot, Its use will decrease, Sterile and the need for tax pass’ Zebra crossings to get there, Very quickly you reach the neglect and exclusion, She would not be equitable and uses involves, If Jane Jacobs was visiting today Dizengoff Square She was loved and admired her, Of course, was shocked neglect, But there was widespread at the mix of uses and functions in, Dizengoff Square today is a piece of modern architectural monument and is a brand of Tel Aviv and appropriate international, There are around public buildings worthy of the international style (Bauhaus), Used in hotels, Cinemas, Boutiques and culinary institutions, Through which hundreds of thousands and is used handsfree Corner expressing opinions through urban, Craftsmanship, Performance, Theater, A lively meeting and then, Fulfills the dreams of residents and visitors,
מראה שוק- When photography was
Kikar Dizengoff Square is a one-time, Ecological, Urban, Involves uses, Equal and innocent, Modern creation, Work of art itself hosts the fountain of Jacob Lake, Work of art brings a smile to whoever meets / A in, Brings a smile to children and doing her down never ceases to receive love, The fountain of Lake  Is a local and international monument, He also neglected, The cameras did not stop ticking and children and / or women smiling at Colour,As with Van Gogh's work And while the poll was conducted for children who come to, Today she also neglected, One hundred percent would choose the maintenance and rehabilitation with a smile on their faces subsides (What happened to us?) Preservation of the square into a cycle, Restore two flower beds around the fountain restoration levels on the affected parts and operation with the original music of fire and water four times a day, Just do good for the city, Citizens Huotkim, Thousands of commuters in, Markets are held in a week and flow of the street, Square stimulates the imagination of thousands of city, Around the world, Clearly the process is taking place today will not bring the historic square and a large percentage of her supporters and sponsors the lowering and recovery less willing to compromise in the square or even higher, Is it worth the old pass new Inferno, Children, Tourists and visitors from, Country of the world, The smile of the children meet at the fountain of Lake for the first time or numerous times, The money then your relationship could be money to rehabilitate the road and will remain more rehabilitation and support in the neighborhoods that needed to rehabilitate about eight Florentine, The process begins Neve Shaanan neighborhood rehabilitation and Jaffa ports.
The fountain of Lake – When photography was
Boutique Hotel Cinema (Orly former cinema) - When photography was
Boutique Hotel Center – When photography was
Street View on the square – When photography was


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