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A poster announcing the application of the second pulse – When photography was
On Friday, 01.07.2011 Launched the second pulse and central reorganization plan on public transportation in the Dan, On this day, even my birthday, Public upset and afraid and not know himself, Reorganization and applying pulse, Fell on him on a clear day without timely sharing process, Second pulse trying to deal with gaps created by the old system very attractive, Work of nearly a decade, From a 82 Lines, Reduced to 59 lines New and updated courses, Dozens of high-priced travel zones have been reduced to three large metropolitan areas, Creating two fares in the Dan 6:40 ₪ within the region and 10 ₪ between regions, You can move with a smart card for four operators 90 Minutes, Daily free ticket depending on the area was expanded 1, The maps have been upgraded and resemble maps of the world's advanced transportation systems, By color and by Uses, Long-distance, Home and Local, Public address system and subtitles were buses, Paved new public transport routes, And began a pilot system subtitles stations to disperse 100 Systems GPS Throughout the city another end of the year.
Subscription Rental Project “Tel way” – When photography was
Public fear of change, Cancellation of lines passing near the place of residence, Low frequency of the fork ends (Moving lines on the same track in central Tel Aviv and split ends to multiple destinations), University students were afraid of separation moves together with the student associations, Difficult to study changes limited to tens of years used to, Elderly fear a long walk to the station, Situation that the main reason is out late and not involving the public, Violates the principle of low frequency and effectiveness of moving from line to line, Line extending from 21:00 Frequency of transport cross 40 To 60 Minutes, Ineffective and frustrating to be replaced and who may spend the night in order to reach its destination if the two lines are infrequent, Not sure that 90 minutes will give an answer, There are state pass them .
A new modern station on the second impulse lines map – When photography was
New line frequently and not frequently replaces a busy line and frequently moving bus joints (Much capacity) עמוס ומבוקש כיום לפני החלת הפעימה, Pulse to move the fetus after a regular bus and pulsation in long track, As the situation of line 42 Trajectory has been extended and inserted into the city, מצב הפוך מתהליך שהתקיים בפעימה הראשונה בו הוצאו קווים 18 And 25 main axes and keeping them long bus capacity, Creates a problem, Load, Pressure, Standing throughout the journey, Frustration. Many prefer not to use it if they find another solution other line, Joining for about / A vehicle or consider using an existing vehicle, Purchase a vehicle, And those who have no choice, Use and will be frustrated, The claim that fork right up the center frequency of Tel Aviv, Fork ends and not during the evening and the rest of the lines that do not fork.
Long bus traveling collection capacity – When photography was
It is not clear but the decision was made or conclusion, That night from 21:00 Until midnight is considered as off-peak hours and reduce significantly the most frequent lines up to 60 minutes, Moving lines during peak hours every second impulse Tax’ Minutes, What idea, It is absurd, On the contrary in these similar transportation demand peak hours of the morning and afternoon after Labor Day, A / women work in shifts, Students finish later, Hi-tech finish later, The public should go out and do it on public transportation rather than driving, Effective public transport should be as frequent as 5 Minutes at peak hours to and from 10 To 20 Minutes at low, Off-peak hours can be considered between the hours of 10:00 To 12:00 And between 14:00 To 16:00 And between 02:00 Night to 05:00.
High resolution sidewalk path – When photography was
And yet I think the second pulse should be given a chance and that was a real job and encourage something begins to take shape, Learn it, Pulsation improves service and on the right track despite the problems and hold a hearing, Also assertive if necessary to fight for improving it, Especially in the frequency, Integration capacity buses R., Repair pathways, Create a metropolitan transportation system to check the trigger bus operators quiet and low-polluting and Euro standard floor 5, Will trigger a public address and subtitles, Be clean, The drivers are courteous and will at times as well as adding public transportation routes and enforcement, Scattering positions GPS Stations, Installation of smart readers at the doors of the bus, Install traffic signal system that identifies and helps the bus to cross the intersection without stopping, Raising bike bus.
Position of the project rentals “Tel way” – When photography was
A common sight in the city – When photography was
Map of the new lines – When photography was
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Peace when,
    I went to one of the new orbit bus lines.
    Passengers on their way to work day (Friday) Were angry with the driver all the way, Any passenger who was standing at the station asked questions How to get to a certain, So the drive took much longer. Also along the journey, The driver answered questions.
    One of the stations was a man with a video camera running and asked the driver questions while you drive. One of the passengers remarked that it was dangerous, The interviewer replied: "You're right, ma'am" And continued to photograph and interview the driver while driving. When the driver said the man fell from the bus and sent to the interview was the subject of Transportation.

  2. mati wings says:

    Was indeed confusing day, But the test will begin on Sunday' Morning commute to work and back, Hope that today will be a reasonable and hundreds of thousands will feel the change, Probably not be easy and will take time to adjust and learn the changes, Last week we discussed commuters many changes and tried to prepare themselves for changes, But the reality than fiction.
    For interview, I can take pictures during the trip but not on the road to constipation.

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