• Sea : 19 : 2013 - Rabin Square: ניסוי אורבני
  • Sea : 12 : 2013 - Street art – Sting: קל דפנה קל
  • Sea : 5 : 2013 - עיר ונשים לה: אביגיל חיחינשוילי
  • Feb : 27 : 2013 - Her color: Tel Aviv in red
  • Feb : 19 : 2013 - המושבה הגרמנית אמריקאית: Urban Renewal – פרק ב– הוילג
This time the two artists working in the public sphere Street in Tel Aviv, Foma street artist working in three dimensions. It has a Gothic portrait work, Portrait works with large dimensions, She appears to have once lived, Once bubble, Fattening themselves extravagantly, Mostly solid color with pink and blue And feminist works dealing with sexual harassment in public spaces, Two ways, First: Photo on Poster, Page Size A4 A rubber sock on her head stretched (Or condom), Her long hair is visible and gets on her body, Upper left side of the poster is the text of a stalker, Written in the format of a song and a red bottom row of the ceremony, “Hello Doll”, “You can talk to you”, “If I was not married I would do for you”, Etc.,. What fascinates the eyes and mouth open, Showing the power. Such works are scattered through the streets of Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv in particular Southern hundreds, Other: Huge photo on page A2 in size at least on her face taut rubber sock, Hair falling over her body exposed or we exposed, These works served no ceremony or red lettering, But there is a physical statement through her hands and body movement.

Foma ותוספת ה”Scar” של Adi sened

Dede's work in the public sphere moving tax’ Bicycle, The work has”Band Aid” Scattered almost any format, Wall, Door, Pole, Metal box of electricity and telephone, etc.…. Has the caption works the ink of the words  Including word, Sentence or text and works control the consumption, Have the bottle and it works one word in a foreign language Slokt the imagination districts, Integrated plaster in many  Trying to heal some wounds and injuries should a person.  One of the works, Model whose body may Plasters, A bathing suit bottom caption H&M. Artist moves and evolves from graffiti to just clever graffiti invested mainly in bottle.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good morning dear,


    I read and it took me some time to find the letters H&O drawing of the model with plasters. These letters written on Artist: DEDE.

    Anyway, Thanks for sharing.

    Warm greetings to you Clinton guys and me :)


  2. mati wings says:

    הכיתוב H&M is below the artist's signature, You can click once on the photo, Click again then it will increase substantially and you can read the Hkridit all shopping centers.
    Definitely two pains. See my response on Facebook Siegel of trying to close the shelters for battered women (I personally think that women should be free and men have to go into the shelter, Even Hans and take the freedom of movement and home)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi when Hi Rachel dear,
    Thank you Rachel for your comment on the record said agreement Rabin Square. Hope that the place will continue to attract visitors from home and abroad.

    When, All your entry adds a fascinating dimension to visit various city corners. Graffiti messages have uploaded record a lot of pain and anger. Agree with what you wrote about. Thanks Rona

  4. Art says:

    I loved the Gothic style of the works, I think they have a place best of the museums and not just on the walls of the City neglected….

  5. mati wings says:

    I agree, SMD group definitely deserves to be on the walls of museums worldwide, In August they will be on the walls of the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of Modern Art in Tel Aviv, What makes me happy that a new generation is growing on the walls of Tel Aviv deserves no less and Dede enough leads the development and techniques, You should follow him.

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