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Long bus capacity and position of “Tel way” – When photography was
We were sure the world order will change and will be questioned and come and man / God did not know their right hands and facing, We watched the revolutions and demonstrations, Fear, Despair and fear accompanied us to the first of July and first days, Indeed in the early days fear gnawed at us, How we work? And how Ntnal everyday life?, We feared the frequency, Routes, Lines canceled alternatives, Away from home, Place of work stations and habits, especially the elderly having to walk long distance to the station and disabled making it hard to learn the changes and change the habits of decades, Already planned over the car or bike and leave the public transportation., As a new playground, We started to feel the excitement and fear, Discover the advantage and disadvantage of a valid ticket to 90 minutes, Longer travel times than in the past forty minutes drive conducted, Now takes up to an hour and a half, The possibility of an extended move in one area or spatial, Or the difference in travel only within the city, The possibility of moving four operators, Dan, Egged, And Metropolitan lines move with the opposite habit we got used to one operator, The expanded free monthly ticket valid for all operators. Third World?, America?, We went to demonstrations, Organized meetings, We have created a network struggles, Initial changes, The first dialogue.
Waiting for the bus station the new design – When photography was
Very quickly we got used to and find the best way to move, Despite the advantages and disadvantages, If struggles, Individually and collectively, We know best deal booms, We cry, Struggling with, Stories from the disappointments of the trip was that lasts half an hour takes an hour and a half and the nightmare of three replacement buses, Long walk to the nearest station to and from the station to the destination, Operator working in the smart card or work one another operator and Working with the drivers and even less patient drivers situations that drivers do not put passengers on the bus or card payment required, The fact that the stewards will not be the solution to the distress of the early days, A colleague of mine, Head of department, Traveling by public transport, Revealed the cancellation of the’ Holon lines that she should move to the office in three lines and extend the time of arrival at the office and she begins to struggle to increase the frequency of high-profile existing line 75 And the return of a significant line 73 Holon, Transport Forum said that the card happy travels between the 90-minute journey faithfully served him for inspection and return, That trip cost 12:80 ₪ leaf 6:40 ₪, Labor pains, The stories are heard here and there and you can write books about it..
Cyclist and day waiting for the bus – When photography was
In my case I discovered that the change is perfect for me, It was feared that the line I use a line 42 Due to changes in the route, Would be irrelevant because there were rumors of a regular bus transport capacity and multi-, Load that was before the change and significantly extended trip, Made their first and clouded, Fortunately I discovered that the extension did not significantly, Line is still going in most less redundant capacity (Hopefully it will change) And especially great track for me and saved me a replacement, For example, The line used me to get to work and one trip back home, Last week I had Dubnov nearby clinic treatment breast Street’ King Saul is the route of the line and on another day international workshop in Jaffa opera that is the route of the line, Is the line I use it (Together with 40) Day to day work, Back home and in, Visit my mother who lives in Ramat Gan, I come from the quarters in Jaffa Line 18, Karmelit to 63 replacement comes two blocks from her home and the university in line 25, Restructuring for me and the second pulse with the first, Despite the fears and concerns, Increased my range of motion Tel Aviv metropolitan area And brought the system used by me for the city and it increased significantly with the route change of line 42 And area 1 Expanded the ability and time management.
City bus and rode with trying to bike – When photography was

There are still issues and concerns, Mostly unattractive schedule in the evenings and fork lines (Fork line is a line common to his race another line and branches are split to different destinations) Frequency decreases until the bus bus, Birth pangs still common ticketing between operators, Yet most of the four bus operators, Dan, Egged, No lines and metropolitan public address and subtitles, Still moving and lowered polluting buses and other problems associated with operators, Infrastructure and enforcing Hnttz'im (Public transport routes) Hope they find new solutions for elderly and disabled had been severely affected in the process, Still have questions involving the public, the procedure of passing time working in our favor and not as we know handle pressure, We know how to solve the pressure and we complacent when there is no pressure, Despite this positive process and certainly in transportation that many are discovering the benefits it.

סגווי בעיר – When photography was
To employ an appropriate solution is the establishment of metropolitan public transportation authority metropolitan Tel Aviv and Gush Dan, Authority to enforce the regulations against the run and will provide the public and operators, Enforce keeping Hnt'tzim free buses, Give solutions to problems of tracks, Frequency, Type of, Model and Ecology, Such authorities worldwide significantly improve transport, The service and enforcement, Israel is today in this direction, גם אם התחושה שכאן התהליך מתחיל מאוחר, Throughout the world today is the reorganization of public transport and Solutions BRT, Bicycle and streets CAR FREE הם הפופולריים והמחליפים את הרכבות התחתיות ואף הקלות בעיקר משיקולי עלות ואקולוגיה וההתמודדות מול רה ארגון בתחבורה הציבורית הופכת להיות גלובלית, Amendments and the process today enhance the service and allow to speak in one language against the world similar processes, Travel is currently preparing a hybrid bus test (Combining bus polluting energy tax and uses the bus’ Energy technologies) Tel Aviv metropolitan area. Transport Minister has been talking about skipping in 2012 (Doors on the bus from the driver's door and not only) It will save time and shorten the trip, Dan entrance bus joints with four doors, In the first few long service, By the end of the year would be leveled at the stations 100 Positions GPS When will we see next, followed by bus and the third phase (Hoping that that) Join other train operators process, There is still work and many issues but also suitable procedures are in place.
Nat”צ לאורך קינג ג’ורג’ – When photography was
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  1. Anonymous says:

    When, I loved.

    I was pleased to read the changes are fast and well internalized.

    For readers unfamiliar abbreviations I would write public transportation routes and Nt'tzim… :)

    Also thank you for everything.

    With great appreciation

    Very much


    By the way, You made a detour me the number of entrances to your blog. Well done!!!!!!!!! Moa!

  2. mati wings says:

    Thank you Rachel, I read today something of Michelle and Welbeck (Recommend you read the "stay alive and other texts"
    "Dead poet does not write more, Therefore it is important to stay alive"
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Art says:

    Will take a while to get used but the reform was obvious that her situation was terrible.

  4. mati wings says:

    Definitely, Although there are vulnerable adults and handicapped children, and maintain public petting and repair some injuries and increase the frequency mostly in the evenings, But this is a worthy and direction which I think is quite surprising and unintentional, But due process passes the cities in the world today to be pedestrian friendly and a return Lrohov and create transportation at street level and BRT, There are buses back, I hear ma / women are discovering the benefits of the changes in the second impulse.

  5. Blogger says:

    I think the fact that restructuring "well you" Gives a positive tone for the reform of the post bus

    I can tell you times a week I used to go from one neighborhood in south Tel Aviv center and beyond to change routes, Reduced frequency, So I need a day to two buses, In short the day I do it private vehicles

    Which is a bit sucks me.

  6. mati wings says:

    Before the changes had serious concern about my conduct in, I was preparing to move bike project "Tel way" Municipality launched, Today due to the change, My range of motion has increased, Still carries insufficient frequency evening.

    For South Tel Aviv, If the intention South East (East bank of the Ayalon), Indeed I understand that there is a problem not only of these frequency direct connection in targeted districts and we need to replace the line and sometimes three lines, Indeed problematic, That is why the decision to repair redeployment" October.

    Ways of coping are her way to the Neighborhood, Body like Green Forum, Or browse "Our way transportation" Change point.

    Hard cost to seniors, Disabled and disadvantaged groups in that those who represent them specific.

    There is no doubt that the process should be even revolutionary in the transport system and no doubt also if any harm or decide to switch back to the car or bike, You can already see new groups passing day public transport commuters or in combination with vehicle, Bicycle, Train)

    Minibuses are something refreshing that lowers vehicle ride (One of the posts I live example, I should have used this as the first impulse, It would be easier and solves problems of the elderly and disabled.

    Sorry about the length and admiring of your blog, Enjoyed every entry

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey when.
    I found great interest in the record that you wrote. Thanks.
    My recommendation – Take the confirmation of payment (Reception) You get free with a monthly payment. I bought a monthly ticket free – I left a card folder which term I received the card driver. Kabbalah is the thermal paper and all the faded inscription – And it just disappeared after less than two weeks.
    What the law says – Use of thermal paper

    Following the increasing use of thermal paper, For the production of internal documentation: Receipt vouchers, Cash register tape, Invoices, Promotional messages, We draw the public's attention to the fact that the exposure of the paper hot source, Can cause loss of information printed on paper, With all that entails.

    We draw the public to Section D' Made by the Office of the Income Tax (Books of account management) Hsshl"g -1973, Which stated as follows:

    Article 21(In) Dealing in the registry: "…Such registration will be done the way it will remain legible and clear for the period required under the provisions of these;

    And section 25(C.) Accounting system which deals with maintaining: Accounting system will be maintained for seven years…"

    These rules require the firm to produce internal documentation the documentation provided to the customer on top quality paper as required by public users and adequate storage conditions, That will contribute to such record keeping provisions.

    Note that, That non-compliance mentioned above can cause shipment notices inadmissibility as well as books, Lack of recognition of expenses.

    In light of this, The public is asked to, And especially taxpayers / Dealing with record producers face, Sure and put into use internal documentation be legible and clear for any period required by provisions of management books – (Usually 7 Years !!). What do you think ?

  8. mati wings says:

    Important issue related to any service we consume, Do not ever come across it, and I guess many and many and also those most desperate cases and does nothing, The subject worthy of discussion and writing on both members / solution Knesset legislative framework, I personally try to get online we thought, Even maintaining the cycle and environmental and available, If this important service, Should request an invoice and settle the account for thermal and page photograph and file.
    Thank you for raising the issue, I will try to raise the issue in meetings and various forums, Recommended to raise the issue orange transport forum to discuss the matter and will get maximum exposure, Also relevant.

  9. Jhon says:

    Superlby illuminating data here, thanks!

  10. William says:

    Your wbseite has to be the electronic Swiss army knife for this topic.

  11. Shruti says:

    You got to push it-this essentail info that is!

  12. Hassam says:

    This piece was cogent, well-wrttien, and pithy.

  13. Sunil says:

    Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good aritcle.

  14. Its says:

    You put the lime in the coconut and drink the atricle up.

  15. Roneey says:

    Yup, that slohud defo do the trick!

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