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ארכיון עבור August, 2011

Exhibition poster – When did the photography art scene yesterday experienced, Thursday night, A formative experience, The exhibition “From within” המציגה את סצנת אומנות הרחוב של תל אביב וישראל בביתן הלנה רובינשטיין לאומנות מודרנית, Arm of Tel Aviv Museum of Art and previously served as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Starting tomorrow, free entry free of charge throughout the opening of the exhibition, The pavilion is in the heart of the picturesque garden Jacob, Proximity to the theater stage, Palace of Culture and the Orchestra Square. Institutionalized art, Art is pushed, Street art   קרא עוד..

About a year ago about a hundred posters were distributed across the city as part of the exhibition that brings the street to the street scene Facebook, There “Facebook Follies” Posters painted by Animtit”J. handmade artist and craftsmen presented, Masters of the street scene and the music scene figures, Posters were designed in the spirit of Facebook, Profile page image, Write a response and reaction time, Indian ink, מברשת או ספרי  ובכך לשתף את הצופה בעבודה, Including the Sergeant Blake and all air. CAD and featured artists at work and feel that the joint venture / A   קרא עוד..

Clock in front of the church – Photo When did the Florentin neighborhood of Venus, Sitting in the neighborhood of Sandwich’ Picturesque little town, Two blocks are filled world, Antique, Old, Renewed, Sgrorotihm create a new dynamic neighborhood, These days, after pre-tax’ Years resulted in upgrading of the infrastructure works and public furniture, Colony undergoing urban renewal process in the conservation of historic buildings, Historic neighborhood character building and high modern building in relation to the nature of the neighborhood around the edges, One of the neighborhood that no areas   קרא עוד..

שבוע חמישי של מאהל המחאה המוכר  כ”Tent city” Breast’ Rothschild, מחאה שהתפשטה למאהלים נוספים בתל אביב ובערים נוספות ברחבי הארץ, מחאה שהחלה בצעירה העונה לשם “Daphne Leaf” Forced to vacate the rented apartment and a Facebook page on its behalf to establish a tent in the breast’ Rothschild brought another young accession and two sons,  המאבק החל בתגובה לגובה שכר הדירה ולקידום דיור בר השגה, Later stage the protest spread to all sectors of the company distress. The second phase of the protest was “Walk   קרא עוד..

Obelisk, Stele at the top of the hill – Photo When did the magic city of Tel Aviv is a combination of historic urban, למרות שאפשר לומר שהיסטוריה היא מילה גסה ואף זרה לתל אביב העיר המודרנית שקמה מן החולות, These days the city only after the last pre-tax’ Years the age-century buildings and conservation concepts, Historic Buildings, Historical sites, The ..”Historic city” Emerging as an institution defined by the previous City Engineer “Israel Goodovitch” And yet the city is surrounded by global customer history   קרא עוד..

Correlation and impact has the bottle motif in Tel Aviv street art art pop art and surrealism, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Are influential in the Tel Aviv jobs, אומנים כ ZERO CENTS, DEDE, THE DIPOT took the bottle motif to each artist and his unique technique, Much of the bottle are pasting, The artist creates the work in the studio and sticks it in and they are all over town. Zero cents . ZERO CENTS takes the image to Surrealism   קרא עוד..

One of the barriers to bicycle rental project, And transit commuters travel by bicycle commuting sweeping helmet law was passed in the Knesset three years ago, Which requires wearing a helmet riding in the city, Although there is no similar law leading bicycle cities Amsterdam and Copenhagen, The law led many to abandon the idea of ​​biking led to the crisis and threatened and rejected the rental project mentoring “Tel way”, Last amendment today, States that in no obligation wearing a helmet except for children and traveling outside   קרא עוד..

Modern cafe in Carmel – When did photography Carmel market as it is today is tacky and unpleasant market, Quite difficult to discover the inherent treasures, Evolving historical and recent market, Although culinary awakening and projects and the desire of the residents of Tel Aviv to invest in and pour in contents and yet it is in, With the potential to be a place Naimbmida and planning will address Israel's Kerem neighborhoods and mostly Yemenite and cross streets and adjacent streets, Options and potential refers to original thinking   קרא עוד..

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