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Obelisk, Stele at the top of the hill – When photography was
Tel Aviv city's charm is a combination of urban historic, למרות שאפשר לומר שהיסטוריה היא מילה גסה ואף זרה לתל אביב העיר המודרנית שקמה מן החולות, These days the city only after the last pre-tax’ Years the age-century buildings and conservation concepts, Historic Buildings, Historical sites, The ..”Historic city” Emerging as an institution defined by the previous City Engineer “Israel Goodovitch” And yet the city is surrounded by history taken from his imagination, From the picturesque port of Jaffa and the rich, Magic narrow streets and endless steps arranged according to the zodiac names, Folded rocks, Tzrhi churches and mosques and tiny arched stone houses, In Old Town (At least that define it) Daughter 4000 Year, To the ancient burial caves from the kings of Judah and ancient historical periods, Near the axis of Ayalon and around the city and on this hill, Remains of historical settlements in different periods, In the Yarkon Park and head of a bird in the Israel Museum Israel Museums, Hundreds and thousands of years to three obelisks (Memory pages) Surrounding the picturesque route of the Yarkon River municipal area of ​​Tel Aviv, Similar Slhicn turning to sand gravel pit in the hidden, Hides stories and history, In this post I will present one of them and the magical children, Hill Hill.
Artificial waterfall and pond Bmmflb top Lththon – When photography was.
Hill Hill is in the old, Near the north Ibn Gabirol, At the end of Joshua Street between Nun near the Yarkon River Yarkon Estuary and from St. Simon Hatarsi, By”That General Hill, At the entrance there is a staircase next to a sign describing “Night, Or Les’ Notify of Tevet”H., 21 December 1917, The brigade moved to -156 of the 52 Division (Howland) This place the river by bridges and rafts easy and captured Turkey's position Sheikh Buenas” This is an area smaller than the size of the area of ​​Dizengoff Square, Also two levels but natural levels without major intervention of humans and this world of abundance and full, Up the hill has an ancient burial cave from the kings of Judah Large, Obelisk (Memory Page), אחד משלושה בתוואי הנחל שהציבו הבריטים בתחילת המאה ועשרים עם צליחת הנחל “These memorials were built using marble columns taken from the ruins of Apollonia (Some say were taken from Ashkelon or Caesarea)” By site “Tel Aviv 100″, Artificial waterfall that looks natural hill, Thick vegetation and wild, Trees on the upper level it up two flights of stairs lower level picturesque one wide and one narrow and unmade, Way tunnel, Lower level large pool, Lighting Page stylish old, Benches facing garden beauty spots and protective and one near the sides of the hill, Modern Amusement Park recently incorporated a, Large stone prolonging her seem appealing and inviting, I turned back, Near her school is built on an area Ussishkin makes and canceled planned construction of an amphitheater overlooking the Yarkon River, Sea and the Yarkon Park.
Decorative lighting pole on the lower level – When photography was
Hill Hill today is a traffic island in the urban and rich world to fall just like Alice and Wonderland fell to Israel are always available beyond Maorbaniztzih, Cars, Homes, Towers, Man-machine sounds, Noise, Parking, Cafes and quiet hustle, Peace, Nature, Nature with easy reach of a person, Kind of back to the days past, Hill Hill tour takes the visitor / A journey of surprises and adventures, Includes meeting with historic burial cave from the kings of Judah's difficult for the decision whether to go to the adventure of “Alice in Wonderland” Or “Back to the Future”, Memory page from the British who ruled the country, Artificial waterfall upper level completely natural look, Wild forest, Move between similar levels of time travel between hundred twenty and one hundred nine ten And all this using a secret staircase that looks only at the entrance to the traffic, The house next to the entrance reminiscent of a castle turret head completes the atmosphere or increase the voltage, The poet's body “Tirza Atar” Was found nearby in the courtyard of the street where she lived Shimon Hatarsi.
Milan Square near Hill Hill – When photography was.
Burial cave from the kings of Judah, the middle level – When photography was
Sign – When photography was.
Hidden path to the cave and the obelisk middle level and upper level Bousquet – When photography was
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