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ארכיון עבור September, 2011

One of the things that are magic to me, הוא המפגש עם אומנות רחוב, עבודה חדשה של אמנ/ית בהליכה או רכיבה, Which increases the charm is working meeting with the media made her acquaintance, Read blog, Read the paper, Roaming network,  או במהלך שיחה, This is something that happened to me while on a shoot in Montefiore post I published about it last week, פגישה עם עבודה של אמן הרחוב  KNOW HOPE ואומנית הנבטות N.M העלים הם תוספת, Flowers usually works germinated on   קרא עוד..

Shows a typical neighborhood – When photography came from the east bank undergoing an accelerated development process in recent years, the West Bank, Montefiore is a magical border, Vibrant and youthful, Bitzaron neighborhood east, Breast’ Education and Yigal Alon Street, בין הגדה המזרחית לגדה המערבית אמור לקראת סוף השנה להתחיל פרויקט גשר הולכי רגל ורוכבי אופניים ראשון מסוגו והארוך בעיר, With separation between pedestrians and bike path with trees, Vegetation, Benches and cafe and architectural design Monumntni   קרא עוד..

Someone said, I do not know if it was Andy Warhol sentence I remember the part – If someone throws up in a museum, Someone will always be glad hands and admire the original, I think Woody Helen also combined quote to this effect later in one of his films, However a visit to a city was seen in the following picture of a gentle man that touched my heart as he stopped a moment to think and look like the person watching the door of emergency becomes part of the exhibition shown. Space “Home   קרא עוד..

Male red British phone pre-state period , Judah Halevi 58 - Photo when my daughter was a ship belonging to the genre of urban Bauhaus Corner, Usually an element with a rounded corner, Mendelssohn rounded or Balcony, Always be corner terrace balcony surrounds three sides of a film, Shimon Levy so in only Lavenda street name for which is attached “The ship” Not only due to the nature, So at Biglmn Solomon Street, So at the ship on Yehuda Halevy Street and in the ship   קרא עוד..

חירייה ע”P. archaeologists sitting on “Bnei Brak” Biblical and previously housed the village Palestinians, Arabic word meaning hack “Favor”, “Beautiful”. Between years 1959 Committee 1999 פעלה באתר המזבלה הגדולה במדינה שהתרוממה להר שהגיע לגובה 60 Meter, According to the site of the complex, Come every day about- 800 Garbage trucks , Unload 3,800 Tons of household waste, And pruned gardens, And 400 additional trucks leading 1,500 tons of construction waste from- 18 רשויות מקומיות בגוש דן. Today   קרא עוד..

Probably noticed that riding, Walking or public transportation faces covering the sides and breast of’ Rothschild, Judah Halevi , Boardwalk and more tax’ רחובות ואתרים בתל אביב, Who march last Saturday million square state in which the photographs were also seized when photographed face on a stick and walked, This is part of a larger project from Tel Aviv that several changes in the country and the world, This project is in Ramallah, Haifa, Bethlehem, Barrier in addition to Tel   קרא עוד..

Cinematheque Square Street renewed we examine (Texture) Four types of classic urban, Front Street has a continuous length commercial Dizengoff Street, Ibn Gabirol, King George, Allenby. They are wide streets with pavement, Some with a bicycle path separation. רחוב ציבורי ללא חזית מסחרית למעט חנות מכולת, Single boutique, Single cafe, Individual Gallery, Particularly worthy of houses and sidewalk hazards should be without a bike path and side separation, As Rehovot Marmorek, Joshua of Nun, Kaplan, Prophets, Gordon   קרא עוד..

The middle, The first house in Florentine – When photography was. Florentin three decades used laboratory processes in urban renewal urban public-private construction, Street art scene and nightlife scene, Independent alternative music, The alternative to the established town, Making and creating urban trends and is a focal point for young people attracted, Students, Artists, Families, Returnees and immigrants. Despite being low in public buildings and public areas, Neighborhood know reinvent itself and keep being a focal point and create. All tax’ Years   קרא עוד..

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