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Someone said, I do not know if it was Andy Warhol sentence I remember the part – If someone throws up in a museum, Someone will always be glad hands and admire the original, I think Woody Helen also combined quote to this effect later in one of his films, However a visit to a city was seen in the following picture of a gentle man that touched my heart as he stopped a moment to think and look like the person watching the door of emergency becomes part of the exhibition shown.
Space “The city, Bialik Street
As I came out from”The city” To get to the street in Neve Tzedek Shabazi Standard days and while many attempt to photograph one of dozens of Perm enough it does not work mainly because of lighting issues, Position of the sun and misfortune of reaching out when there is heavy traffic of visitors, בעודי מחפש נקודה בדרך לעוד כשלון, I'll be back for more tax’ Times probably, I noticed a lamp post, בעבודה של משוררת ואומנית רחוב שחיוך נשפח על פני בפגישה באחד משיריה, שמה ניצן מינץ, Poetry written on wood, Mining eyes opened on boards, דיקטים ולוחות פזורים בעיר. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=744518023
Nitzan, Mintz

אחד ממשוררי הרחוב ומאומני הרחוב המקורים הכותב שירה על קירות , The cardboard and tie to lamp and placed in Sderot and is among the first served in the street scene, הוא אומן הרחוב שהגיע לתל אביב מניו יורק בגיל 11 KNOW HOPE והוא משתתף בתערוכת אומנות רחוב רחבה המוצגת בביתן הלנה רובינשטיין לאומנות מודרנית ,From within”, This work is part of a great work and shared a wall to KLONE and to FOMA and is perhaps the greatest and progression in quality of work of SMD group “Style must die” Scattered in, Work is in south Tel Aviv's southern bank near the railroad track that crosses the bridge three Neve Tzedek.
I will conclude with an original project of poetry throughout the town that contains almost everything we'd like to recycle, TV, Iron, Tree, Objects that no longer usable plastic, Bathrooms, Washing tanks, Sheets, Lintels, דלתות ועוד, Every job has placed on the street and singing at the end of the signing ceremony ,”Poetry is rubbish”, Project towards the end and publishing a book, Hope to see a new project on, Amery has a Facebook page appends his performance as it appears on your Facebook page “Poetry is rubbish.” Graffiti project is a street served the writer tell Omri Kadosh. Emery's songs on the streets of trash and debris A.”A. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=600464964&ref=nf_fr
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