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Probably noticed that riding, Walking or public transportation faces covering the sides and breast of’ Rothschild, Judah Halevi , Boardwalk and more tax’ רחובות ואתרים בתל אביב, Who march last Saturday million square state in which the photographs were also seized when photographed face on a stick and walked, This is part of a larger project from Tel Aviv that several changes in the country and the world, This project is in Ramallah, Haifa, Bethlehem, גדר ההפרדה בנוסף לתל אביב ואחראי עליו אמן צרפתי העונה לשם JR Had previously visited the country in 2006 And took teams of Israeli and Palestinian.

This time the artist came from requests addressed to him and due to protests taking place in the country and encouraged the answer and bridle, What are the first projects of the French artist, בעולם פרויקט INSID OUT עבד כך: Enter the site, Raise your portrait and poster with the portrait will come to you by mail to any country with a request to hang on and specify the idea for it you want to promote or distribute, The current project is just a little different, ניידת המתובבת בערים המשתתפות במיזם האומנות, אליו נכנסים א/נשים, מצטלמים והתמונה יוצאות במקום על פוסטר הנתלה ברחוה כחלק מהפרויקט.
Not quite clear whether this is one project or tax’ Projects together, Or cooperation, Some of the posters appear without a caption, Some are labeled INSID OUT Some background on the sides with circles labeled INSID OUT Together with the URL of the artist JR, The idea is always a social, Apparently this is one project and one artist and number formats, בעולם גם הגרסאות שונות , It all started with the support and documentation of street artists JR and Pablo continued project of New Zealand in women's eyes were taken and hanged Pavel, זה המשיך עם פרויקט הפורטרטים לגירסותיו, ופעמיים בישראל, בפעם הראשונה צמדי ישראלים ופלסטינים, To the current project, JR יסתובב עם הניידת בערים המשתתפות במיזם עד ה11 בספטמבר.
Read more http://www.juxtapoz.com/Current/jr-inside-out-project-israel-palestine
The French artist's website JR
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  1. Anonymous says:


    JR reminded me of the legendary series "Dallas" :)

    Anyway, Exciting project which

    Are the faces behind the scenes.

    Popular check that.

    Love and gratitude:)

    Excellent week


  2. mati wings says:

    Thank you, I found his work interesting enough

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