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Male red British phone pre-state period , Judah Halevi 58 - When photography was
Boat houses belong to the genre of urban Bauhaus Corner, Usually an element with a rounded corner, Mendelssohn rounded or Balcony, Always be corner terrace balcony surrounds three sides of a film, Shimon Levy so in only Lavenda street name for which is attached “The ship” Not only due to the nature, So at Biglmn Solomon Street, So at the ship and Yehuda Halevi Street, Dizengoff Street in ship, Each house is unique ship and a unique statement, They can have a commercial front, and no commercial front, Often they are built on the corner, אחת או כפולה שמאפשרת את המשחק ולהבליט את התלת ממדיות ואת הקומפוזיציה הנראית בשטח ולא ניתן לפספסה, Structure planning in the thirties-style corner (International) Bauhaus with urban corner, Is a remnant of her twenties reference eclectic style building (Eastern and Western European uses), If decorations are eclectic style and external neo-classical, בסגנון הבאוהאוס הם נקיים וסימטריים, Sheetrock, Whites, Unceremoniously outward, But sometimes human and luxurious design stairwells, חלל כינסת הביניין והחצר.
The ship on Railroad Street – When photography was
The ship is on the famous train and ship monumental style houses in Tel Aviv, Actually genre icon, One of the structures recognized and identified with the city of Tel Aviv and the International Style (Bauhaus) The name Shimon Levy and is called “The ship” Lavenda street address 56 The building was built between the years 1934 – 1935 By”י אדריכל שמעון חמדי לוי, Part of complex built on a hill charming natural, Inherent in bloom Hzmzira Khartoum (היום הגבעה מThe shipות אבן) To come up stairs or steep, But at distances that allow the historical boom, בראשו מבנה מעוגל על הגג ולה חלונות אל נוף תל אביבי פנורמי, This space served as a synagogue, Behind more tax’ Bauhaus-style buildings (International) That connect the upper platform and create a succession of hill and overhead street leading to the whole building complex, משולב בו שטח מסחרי בחזית הגבוהה בפינה האורבנית של “The ship” ששימשה כמה מוסדות עירוניים בעבר שהמוכר בהם “Bulldog” Today I do not know if populated commercial area, He was converted to a legal or illegal residence, Building corner or three fronts, and perhaps the only structure named “The ship” Beyond the characteristics that make it so, Despite being the proper structure for preservation of affordable housing will be migrated, Dorms, Public property includes.
The ship King Solomon Street – When photography was 11
The ship King Solomon Street 11 Tel Hai Street, “The Biglmn” Built in 1934 By”Architect A.’ Kabiri is a Bauhaus classic and street level, Two-story building without a commercial front, Residential floor above ground level, White stucco, It's like building a building on Railroad Street Hmonontli, מפריד בין הרחוב לבניין גינה מטופחת עם חומה אינטימית של אבן וכותרת מתכת, A common feature in the forties, Turrets trees and vegetation around the building two streets, With a magical and picturesque entrance Tel Hai Street, A stairway space property is invested in the room relative to the simple exterior Forward White plasterer being so connecting a city of Tel Aviv beach, Window lengths from ground level to the second floor, Very close to the roof, Made of metal and glass that ends as a sign of W., Allowing a look into the stairway from the street and stairwell on the street and allows breezes street wash stairwell, The ship is no commercial front and between the two blocks and the third goes into the garden area, Balcony film characterizes the ship also has three ribs and apparently here because there is an optical deception, It can only be steadily.
The ship Yehuda Halevy Street 58 – When photography was
The ship Yehuda Halevy Street 58, Triangular corner is an example to other ships in, Square in front of him for a traffic island hides emergency shelter and protective port, עצים צמחיה, And facility under the fence to tie the tax’ זוגות אופניים המוסיפה הדר לבניין, ספסל מעוצב היתה עושה קסמים לנקודה ציורית זו לא מצאתי פרטים אודותיו, In whose name the house is built, מי האדריכל/ית שתכננו את הבית ומהי שנת בנייתו, Most often in construction but also eclectic international record title stands at the top of the building, Whose name and what year the house was built, Forties usual international-style homes (Bauhaus). Commercial front building Yehuda Halevy Street populated by an tax’ Years, I think over a decade, Owners who came from Kibbutz, Coffee with the interior of the cafe space and chairs on the sidewalk cafe and proper internal space, Today is another cafe next to that outside the cafe on the sidewalk British red telephone booth, Than we in London, Male British period known pre-state Tel Aviv and he fits well on the front part commercial and part without, Sometimes sequentially and sometimes without continuity, Opposite a traffic island surrounding square creates style Hbauhuaos six buildings (International Style), The ship also is human height, Two floors above a commercial front, As well as his two predecessors had tape on the front porch for three Hzitotio, With a modest relative to entry”The Biglmn” And from the street with a non-commercial public facade, So privacy of residents is maintained, It is recommended to visit and sit in the cafe, From there you can walk a hundred yards breast’ Rothschild.
The ship Zachary corner of Dizengoff Street – When photography was
The ship on Dizengoff street corner Hanania is first a movie balcony full and without ceremony, With a commercial front Dizengoff Street and Front Street trading without Hanania when entry to the building as a building corner of Yehuda Halevi …Quiet street with no commercial front, thus creating a separation between the public front retail space and a public front retail space quiet without , Three windows advantage sky and breezy winds and flow from one side to two urban corner room, Though there are signs of a ship in terms of features and certainly belongs to the genre with urban corner, I'm not sure if the ship was built as a classic predecessors, Property is not perfect it Hmndlsoni, Corner balconies of an unprecedented film existing in a tax’ City streets and balconies, there are previous examples replace a bedroom window facing the street are not clear enough at the junction Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda Street a meeting with him, Another difference in this building in relation to his predecessors is the circumferential film balcony structure surrounding the three sides, No additional balconies eastern and western ribs existing three examples cited increases the Encore and our uniqueness, בבניין זה ישנה תוספת לא מקורית מהחזית לרחוב חנניה הבולטת מקו הבניין שכנראה שייכת לעסק בחזית המסחרית לרחוב דיזנגוף, Rather strange situation.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Morning Light, When

    Amazing how much I wanted to read about the ship. I did not know

    There are several such buildings in Tel Aviv.

    Congratulations on the information and pictures.

    Indeed the building escaped' Dizengoff seems to have added some do not belong.

    Good day how good you are doing to us here… :)



  2. mati wings says:

    The truth discovered in the excavation of the building that the curve at the top of the building was built and served as a synagogue, The building has not been the best although it was renovated before tax' Years, I think it should be an attraction, Red tourist bus in Tel Aviv did not go near it.
    Bauhaus style (International) Is quite diverse, Thousands of buildings were built in style, Hundreds of them were destroyed.

  3. Tilapia says:

    The bottom picture is Dizengoff corner Zechariah, And Hananiah:

    And then there's this building:

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      Thank you
      Fixed address, For Home Tel Hai, There are photography and ceremony for which, By the way, If the site is to the corner of your?

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