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Renewed Cinematheque Square
We examine street (Texture) Four types of classic urban, Front Street has a continuous length commercial Dizengoff Street, Ibn Gabirol, King George, Allenby. They are wide streets with pavement, Some with a bicycle path separation. רחוב ציבורי ללא חזית מסחרית למעט חנות מכולת, Single boutique, Single cafe, Individual Gallery, Particularly worthy of houses and sidewalk hazards should be without a bike path and side separation, As Rehovot Marmorek, Joshua of Nun, Kaplan, Prophets, Gordon despite his western part of Dizengoff Ben Yehuda, Including art galleries almost every building and on levels, חלק זה דוגמא לרחוב ציבורי מערב שימושים מצוין שיכוללהןןת דוגמא לרחוב ציבורי מובהק. רחוב המשלב מעט חזית מסחרית, Some public buildings, SW part”R. (Home Business Center) And partly without the commercial front, but a clear separation between them the entire public and inviting as hell’ King Saul, Or on public streets that serve local ring Central Park Avenues, Rothschild Chen, Ben Gurion, Ben-Zion, David King, The soldier, Breast’ Jerusalem, Breast’ Jewish, Are part of many other broadcast and are existing in the city are planned municipal public that shape the unique city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Each with its own public character, With a commercial front, No commercial front, Integrated, Wide narrow, But each of them “Public paradise”. Not talking about the construction of suburban residential towers in the city Cbscont “North Star”, Northern Yarkon neighborhoods, Or closed projects, and neighborhood public walls, Community which was built as Andromeda and”Quarter” Jaffa, I'd like to study street, Neighborhood, Quarter the definition of “Public texture”, What is the question “Public texture”, The reasons I see fit to deal with this matter in this post, Urban mirror is ”Mixed uses public” And”Reducing suburb” Within the city.
Breast’ Ben Gurion
So but we recognize “Public texture” Appropriate and whether Tel Aviv is one?, How to go about it?, You can start the planning history of the city of Tel Aviv as he had planned it to Patrick Geddes “Tel Aviv city planner” The second version, More urban it's initial idea “Garden City Classic”, As we know the first conception of Garden City, לא קבלה מסחר בתוכה בהמשך אפשרה כפשרה הצבת קיוסקים בשדרות, פטריק גדס חילק את הרחובות לרחובות אורכים עם חזית מסחרית ציבורית ורחובות שיורדים לים כרחובות ציבוריים ללא חזית מסחרית או מעורבת ובינם במרקם שקט ללא חזית מסחרית במרכז גינה (Machine “Geddes garden, The plot of 8 Blocks, Four blocks of houses and four garden with three internal roads cross it and one side adjacent blocks) And with respect to this planning period will be the basis for discussion at”מרקם ציבורי” And yet what should be on the street to be ”Public facade” And not a hundred years after the planning of Patrick Geddes city of Tel Aviv. Street with a wide sidewalk or a combined street, No more than two lanes in each direction within the city, No vehicle bridges, Recession include traffic, Public Transportation (Bicycle path separation, Public transport route and adjusted transport with a correlation to the street, Minibus, City bus, Much capacity, Taxi, Taxi Service, Bicycle rental project, Rkhs easy, BRT) Continuous commercial front (Coffee can be, Restaurant, Bar,Boutique, Supermarket, Museum, Gallery, Skyscraper, Passage, Shopping center with street front, School, Gene cluster, Community Center, A public building, Ferris wheel, Another attraction, Commercial, Eclectic style, Bauhaus, Modern, Post Modern, Other) Or a quiet façade could include a single cafe, Art Gallery, Small supermarket branch serve the basic needs of street, Preferably a block internal.
Lake Park Hayarkon
Front Street with a public that holds public spaces and uses involves commercial rent, רציף הכוללת אחוז המתומחר כ”Achievable” About”Commercial and public space”Residence”. Is close to the definition of public space to meet for social development and increase the mix of urban uses and migration to the city, Sha Street will be created / women feel a certain, מרגישים בית, הוא יכול להיות רחוב שאחוז החללים המסחריים ציבוריים נמוך, או ללא בתנאי שהוא לא ארוך מידי רצוי פחות מ250 מטרים או לא יותר מ 500 Meters and should be internal and not longitudinal, Centers and streets Bkzvotio includes public and commercial spaces in a row, Up the public facade of Defense, Rate, The cafe, Public transportation, Cyclists on the trails, Terrace above along the streets, Conditions will be incorporated into public front street and as such affordable to be around for years, Bring a / women to be on the street throughout the day, In the morning departure from the neighborhood to work and those who come to the neighborhood to work or shopping, Visitors, The authors, Students, Young craftsmen and, Sitting in the cafes, Traveling with dogs dogs and protect gardens dogs, Remove violence, Because Gd / women who work in them are familiar with the ha / women regulars and newcomers notice anything unusual, Do not have cameras and security companies, Percent of burglaries and violence low, There may be a walking tour of community policing in pairs of men and women who live in the neighborhood and the safety of living in and visitors will increase, Various sizes of spaces, Mixing of uses, Integration of affordable space, Have the ability to maintain the dynamism of the street and its development mirror the period.
Ibn Gabirol Street
Urban suburb of projects in the wall closed to the public, Neighborhoods with external parking towers, Underground, Multi-lane bridges, No commercial front, Public buildings and no high frequency public transport, Wide sidewalks, Bicycle paths, A tapping trees, Street facilities, And public areas, They are sad and unsafe streets and the chance to be in large excess and violence, Direction will be closing the gates neighborhoods, Placing security cameras at a small distance from one to another, Security companies transporting rental cars, If there are open spaces, Are often abandoned and unusable and often accompanied by draconian laws and high rise apartments mixed uses and reservations visit, Complex business process and will never set and reduce them, Significantly be reduced or canceled public transport, The cost of living and this neighborhood will be holding a very high. Nursery neighborhood request to cancel bus enters her, Livni situation golden age there is no way to leave the neighborhood, Or get to a sheltered housing, Andromeda neighborhood is a gated community and public space that was supposed to serve the public was closed and was built in swimming pool, Quarter City Center serves as a gated community and residents can not enter the pool area and the subject came to the courts, Ramat Aviv Gimel Neighborhood’ Already talking about the lack of public buildings, Kindergartens and schools and many learned institutions in the city and are expanding problem of public institutions, Increase in the’ Entry and vehicle trip. That neighborhood not-sufficient and probably contributes to other city neighborhoods, For example Florentin lacks public areas and public buildings, But contributes to the city as an area for trendy and entertainment and art enjoyed by residents of the city, And tourists. הפיכת רחוב אורכי המתחבר על אל האוניברסיטה ושכונת רמת אביב, To the city center and its transformation into a public street, With a broad pavement, Bicycle path, Frequent public transport to public transport route, Combine commercial front intermittent, Inviting public plazas with commercial facade, A public center that will include public buildings, Kindergarten, School, Public attraction to residents of the neighborhood will, יתחבר אל העיר ויצמצם את בעיית מבני הציבור ויתרום לשילובה כשכונה עירונית ציבורית.
Dog Park in Meir
Integrated St. Florentin neighborhood
Street Market Square Diznigof
Bicycle path on Hminsa'h Moshe Dayan Street East Bank
חזית מסחרית בכיכר בזל הציורית
Nahalat Binyamin Street
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