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The middle, The first house in Florentine – When photography was.
Florentin three decades used laboratory processes in urban renewal urban public-private construction, Street art scene and nightlife scene, Independent alternative music, The alternative to the established town, Making and creating urban trends and is a focal point for young people attracted, Students, Artists, Families, Returnees and immigrants. Despite being low in public buildings and public areas, Neighborhood know reinvent itself and keep being a focal point and create. All tax’ Years in the neighborhood you have a problem that threatens to harm the unique character and each decade replacing record and trend and begin to adapt and reinvent itself. Florentine is a world and a paradise for those only willing to accept her as she, It is a twin to Tel Aviv. The neighborhood was established in 1927 By”J. David Florentine, Greek Slonikai bought an orchard and built as the home, The first house in the neighborhood of Florentin Florentin Street, The house still exists today and is the style of a Greek and not in a charming despite its beauty and uniqueness and prominent in the street, Like many historic buildings are amazing mitigated through restoration and preservation process of planning the greatest architects in the city about”Tischler”, “Judah Magidovich” And more…. The neighborhood rose as workers and established neighborhood and Jeff privately built public spaces and no public buildings of the configuration between two or three stories with first floor commercial with public facade, In workshops and stores and over lived in apartments often family plus subtenants and those held in the neighborhood.
Cinema was built on the ruins “Purple” – When photography was.
Since inception of the state and almost every decade Florentine wetness Trnsifiktzih (Alternation residents) And for decades has not had an upgrade or new construction, Initially not considered to Tel Aviv, She was in a portion was ground rail route from Jaffa to Jerusalem, וחלקו היה ביפו לפני האיחוד לעיר אחת “Tel Aviv - Jaffa” (Examples of cities divided Rafah we know in part and share in Egypt and Berlin divided into East and West Berlin), Lived when they first immigrated to Israel are Greek, Later it was abandoned and disadvantaged living, Immigrants who could not improve his position. בשנות השמונים עד לתחילת שנות התשעים הגיעו אל השכונה אומנים ורכשו או שכרו קומות שלמות במבני תעשיה נטושים כלופטים, Studio, Galleries and residential, Rose in the first cafes and legendary mythological sons was working at the corner bistro Vital Florentine, School”Art's legendary street Vital Vital, Artist workshops, The first integrated streets and galleries of the first, Television series was filmed “Florentine” Revealed the neighborhood public, Later they were joined back to the boardwalk East, Namaste Indian Restaurant opened every evening was a pilgrimage to listen to those who return and mystic figures, Indian music listening and excellent food at affordable. Those were the days was very cheap to live and to live there and time was not significant, Love, Peace and its symbols were art, Before this wave, Florentine was called Greek Slonikait, With institutions of Thessaloniki Bakery, Miss bakery, Matalon Street Marzipan Store,. Lewinsky Market, Later joined the carpenters streets, Furniture, Toys, Lamps belong to the generation after the founding of the state intermediate, These exist to this day, Cinema “Purple” A convertible in whole area was destroyed Abarbanel.
Adherence to breast’ Washington – When photography was.
In the nineties got consolidated and organized group of people first and made together with the municipality after the residents struggle overall master plan for the first Florentine neighborhood renewal and division in, Some of the ideas today are trying to implement or adjust, During their tenure in the neighborhood was built by pioneers in the street garden”י הריסת שני מבנים שהעירייה רכשה לצורך כך, Breast’ Washington was paved and turned into the square with a small garden in the middle and near the pres”S. and library on the ground floor was a golden age, Drop of milk on Cordovero, Integrated streets were paved and built a garden in School”S. Dorianov. Young people and students began to arrive to the neighborhood and cafes with, Bars, Art galleries and Florentine neighborhood began to establish itself in Soho and trendy neighborhood a desirable, The first gave Wonderbra legendary TV series “Florentine”. Prices have shown signs of increase, School”S. Arts “Vital” נסגר ומבנה התעשייתי הייחודי שלו עם מעלית הענק עבר שימור, Loft Apartments project was built, Store Third Ear's legendary two-level closed, Wait”S. Washington Boulevard closed, The golden age was from the ground floor with enchanting Florentine street accordion doors and moved to second floor residential building in Florentine street, Many elderly people could not get the floor and reached, רק בתחילת שנת 2011 הסתיימה בניית מעלית לאחר מאבק מתוקשר ארוך. Rogoz'in became Mebya”S study with ordinary democratic Israeli and foreign children, Has been impossible to buy or rent entire floors of affordable price, Began to arrive in the neighborhood of young families and began to escalate the problem of nursery schools, Institutional buildings and open spaces, Began to get a new generation of coffee shops, Nice, Bugsy and other institutions and quarantined files.
Historic building with new construction – When photography was
The second generation began operating at the beginning of the millennium by”A group of students and young people who lived in the neighborhood in addition to longtime residents and a small shop makeover movement and crazy Florentine street tax’ 35, An attempt to deal with neighborhood issues and raise awareness of education of the children and residents, Set up free classrooms and began a process that continues until now struggle and dialogue with the city for additional public building and public areas, Long struggle with demonstrations, Meetings are accompanied by media, Florentine neighborhood enjoying first six budget”A (Approximately 5 million ₪ receive every five years) Pioneer gardens which have been upgraded, Washington Boulevard and Park Dorianov, Rogozin shading, Traffic lights and lighting, Some artists' workshops buildings allocated to the community, Today the share class was taken to build the garden and planned to return the building to be used as a school and back is about making the desired structure for public buildings, Book documenting the processes and history written by”J. Young and another book was launched on its history by”י אדריכל שהיה פעיל בקבוצה השלישית שקמה בפלורנטין שכללה תושבים צעירים ומשפחות צעירות שלמרות הקשיים החליטו לנסות לקדם את השכונה. Peak in 2010 Statutory planning workshop was held in cooperation with residents and property owners, Public representatives and architects were hired to prepare a cooperation program under the guidance of a professional community to design the neighborhood on public buildings and public areas, These are some neighborhood problems at sea, But hook positive steps.
New construction mixed balconies – When photography was
In the meantime, A new generation joins the neighborhood cafes, Boutiques opened in, New bars opening up around the block, New district joins a neighborhood south of Solomon, Human complex was built in the Bauhaus at a three-story commercial full of boutiques and galleries and the roof of a house built games and wooden doors in winter disintegrating summer. Herzl Street and east, South Solomon, North East kibbutz Schocken waviness and new joins the first quarter galleries and cafes and institutions are beginning to be the heart of Florentine, Coffee, City, Florentine 10, And bars Cordovero, Stern, Frankel to post super soon become open Fram emerging institutions of the neighborhood, Beyond problems of lack of public buildings and public areas, Kindergarten, Drop of Milk, Community Center, The main problem today is the high prices do not stop, Onsite hire draconian contracts with clauses late varieties, Dividing the original apartments to five small apartments, Not reported, Elect not Forfortzionliim which are dangerous. The apartments deficiency in current prices and achievable, Maintenance and cleaning can not keep clean long-term, Perhaps to consider tin gutter, But the city's desire to change and upgrade culminating activity, Herzl Street, a Parisian street, It's very comfortable for cycling and many Mstshim a major transportation tool and Aruna installed a rental point of the project rentals “Tel way”.
Internal courtyard neighborhood wreath – When photography was
In recent years the neighborhood for nearly a decade built buildings and neighborhood is a private urban renewal, It is admirable, Entrepreneurs to acquire land and construct buildings, Most buildings in the neighborhood are in the nature of the neighborhood in terms of height and successive terraces, With the appropriate percentage of small apartments and architecture influenced by the Bauhaus style and with a commercial public facade, Were in the past and present experiences and high construction plans and neighborhood character within the neighborhood, Florentine tower is an example of this, Programs to residents of the neighborhood came out against them, Demonstrated in the streets and faced legal, Some of the projects, Canceled, Some have been modified, Some remain as they are still going process. You can not go in today and did not distinguish Florentine Finished projects, Projects in the process and the beginning of their projects, You could say that in recent years at any one time there were more than ten projects under construction in the neighborhood and builders are divided into two, Neighborhood and nature lovers who are willing to give up the percentage of construction, Provide large balconies and sell the paper and entrepreneurs should be priced apartments distributed, Or who are interested only in profit maximizing and new construction, Irrespective of the street and no suitable commercial space.

Modern construction – When photography was
Construction of the new character of the neighborhood – When photography was
Abarbanel Srhov high building – When did
Historic building balcony – When photography was
New construction balcony – When photography was
Street art “Nazca” – Photographing up
Street art “Party wall ” – When photography was.
Immigrant Street – When photography was
Herzl Street – When photography was
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can use some Florentine.

    You invite?

    What this record knocks!!!

    Your involvement evident in the life of the neighborhood in general and in particular the city of Tel Aviv.

    Beautiful day

    Thank you


  2. mati wings says:

    Viale Get on the car and let, Do not forget swimsuits, Cafe and Hotel Ali.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey when,
    Plate to record the Florentine neighborhood the character of the neighborhood and its people. Beautiful.
    Often visited the neighborhood and not miss a tasty delicious confectionary buying Thessaloniki.

    Thank you

  4. mati wings says:

    Thanks Rona, Each visit in which I discover a new, It embraces everything adopts it. Try to walk in a zodiac clock, Opened an art gallery there and cafe, Several large murals deserve and residential, The five-story building that goes perfect hides large murals painted on the wall in an entire building and divide it probably will benefit the inhabitants of the building

  5. Anonymous says:

    hey great blog!!

    small correction – the neighborhood Florentin was established in 1927 by Salomon Florentin and David Abarbanel. the street Florentin named after David Florentin.

    A bit confusing I know.. hope it helps.

    Shabbat Shalom,

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