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ארכיון עבור October, 2011

October is a formative stage in Tel Aviv bike paths where over a hundred mile trails at Hmisa'h or at the curb and separation, n תפתחים מס’ Trails and paths Oboda massive new on Tocnon process and an organized plan includes trails system anchored five-year plan, Today we see new and mature phase and an array of words from the beginning to show in the city and banks continuously, With the opening of the bike path separation and Cheech promenade levels (Shlomo Lahat), מערך שבילי אופניים התרחב בחודש אוקטובר,   קרא עוד..

אחת הפלטפורמות הזמינות לעבודות ענק ולקירות משותפים הם מגרשי החניה, Parking lots as the works, Are temporary until the construction, Street art work hosted garage, Wall or the abandoned building to building. שתי מגרשים מעניינים נמצאים אחד בלב העיר ברחוב גרוזינברג והשני בדרום העיר ברחוב שוקן מול מערכת עיתון הארץ, Both group must die SMD style.. The main work on the parking lot Gruzenberg transformer structure, Or destroyed structure remains, עבודה ותיקה של KNOW HOPE לפני   קרא עוד..

Clock Square – When photography was. Flea market a decade ago was known as a place of reality that are sold on the floor is not well kept streets, Not sure, No infrastructure, The Clock Square, Oley Street, And Yehuda Street Margoza , Great neglect, Cavities and abandoned whole areas and a variety of antique shops, Authenticity, Dream Buildings, Time suspended, 19th century with indoor and outdoor archery, With decorations and the remains of past archaeological excavations began to get big, Before each regeneration project   קרא עוד..

גלריה ZADIK שבמתחם שוק הפשפשים ברחוב שמעון הצדיק 16 Is one of the galleries in the picture is revealed to them recently, Magical space, On foot wearing a plaster cast of a work of art gallery, פלסטר של אמן הרחוב DEDE שצויר ע”The artist, Last Saturday was a “Box master” לתערוכה משותפת של האומנים SBOY, DEDE ו Letzi, The gallery is located in historic Jaffa roof arches the lower half of the stone reveals Gallery, Gallery airy iron doors exposed to the street and   קרא עוד..

Nitzan, Mintz, Poet, Visits, Previously lived in Neve Tzedek, היום גרה בשכונת פלורנטין, Student, Writes prose,Copywriting , Actress and blogger, אחת מאמני הרחוב המרגשים שפועלים בעיר ופגישה עם עבודה שלה ברחוב מלווה בהתרגשות רבה ובחיוך רחב המתפשט, ניצן כותבת שירה מקורית על עצים שהיא אוספת מהרחוב, שאריות של נגריות ועץ הנזרקים לרחוב ולמכלי אשפה ותולה אותם במרחב הציבורי על עמודי תקשורת מעץ ובלוקיישן אחר כסלעים ובקטגוריות של שירת רחוב, Served in the Sea Street.   קרא עוד..

Venus neighborhood in Jaffa belong municipal, או כפי ששטחה וחלק מהשכונות הגובלות בה נקראות במפות העריה, Outskirts of Jaffa (Some also considered the outskirts of Jaffa from Florentin and was previously mapped as part of the orchards before the acquisition by”By David Florentine), Breast borders’ West Jerusalem, Elat North, American Colony Templar east and south through Selma, But today is undoubtedly in its own neighborhood, With boundaries and with her style and uniqueness, Small neighborhood, Crisscrossed by four blocks, Garden   קרא עוד..

Tarocthtzlm Soskin Banking Museum “Hartzllilnblom” Exhibition Curator: Guy Raz,The exhibition is presented in”Schiff”, Conservation as part of the eclectic building complex Yehuda Halevi Bank Diskontbrhovot, Herzl, Lilnblom, One picturesque eclectic buildings of mid-20th Sclagf story in itself and can be used as a front end, Building as a magic and excitement on every floor and walk Bolokh the visitor / A world of fairy tales. Impressed by the exhibition and from space – When did the photography museum director, Exhibition curator and photographer – Photo When did Soskintiad the Tel Aviv   קרא עוד..

Banks of the Yarkon undergo regeneration process in recent years and an array of projects sequence walking and biking without hazards funnel along the Yarkon River Yarkon River and all along the route of the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv Municipality of the last part just recently completed, The first project started the process of rehabilitation of the bridge sequence was “And Wauchop” And compound “North Port “, First to cross the two banks, Wauchope Bridge is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the city and sights from the sea horizon,   קרא עוד..

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