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Tarocthtzlm Soskin Banking Museum “Hartzllilnblom” Exhibition Curator: Guy Raz,The exhibition is presented in”Schiff”, Conservation as part of the eclectic building complex Yehuda Halevi Bank Diskontbrhovot, Herzl, Lilnblom, One picturesque eclectic buildings of mid-20th Sclagf story in itself and can be used as a front end, Building as a magic and excitement on every floor and walk Bolokh the visitor / A world of fairy tales.
Impressed by the exhibition and from space – When photography was
Museum Director, Exhibition curator and photographer – When photography was

Tel Aviv Soskintiad the eyes of the camera, He served as historian realistic and documented reality Btmonotsl young and growing city, No interpretation, Building, Spine, St., Window, Lamp, Woman, Man,Child, Garment, Book, Plant, Artist, Pipe, Tree, Garden, Square, My connection to work, Ckotbumtad swivel day in and day photography and writing documents for the development and existence of Hairtl Aviv, In street art, Architecture, Music, Ha / women, Gender, Airovhsimoshim is a mirror of realism.

Photo of the lottery of Soskin – When photography was

Simoroshihazor eclectic home “Schiff” Corner of Herzl Lilnblom is Ahdmslosh examples in Tel Aviv and preserving the architectural history and charm that he Sumrnto without connection to the tower, Inclusion in the tower and building off, Cover, Conservation parts or Mrtfihnih, These interior and exterior preservation and strict documentary, Includes original materials, Murals can be Lrautat four Hzitotio and contents of each floor and material, It was possible to furnish and go live, Hfichtolmoziaon open and contribute to the community.

Space steps in Schiff including source information – When photography was

Conservation Harasonaih “The satellite”, Eclectic building designed by Yehuda Magidovich City Engineer Harashonosumr Akirov Tower as part of breast Street’ Rothschild Boulevard area”To and connected to Hmgdlbfir Elevator, Galleries and underground parking, The preserved structure at the beginning of the project “Bitlowein” Served as a salesman with a large gallery of the tower building.

The Demon Street Levin’ Rothschild – When photography was

Other conservation “Mani House”, Eclectic House also houses the city's first, ,Mani House” As part of the complex maintains National Bank Yehuda Halevy Street, The city's historic route from tower as part of Bank Hapoalim and wrapped in Ground Hlovithtio an incubator of glass to create attraction, Mani House serves as a gallery of art and public Moziaonftoh.

Mani House Yehuda Halevy Street – When photography was


Slosthfreuktim are appropriate and sensitive projects in the city, Eclectic History guards along Rothschild Blvd, Herzl, Railroad, Axis of the city's historic Tel Aviv and the story of the lottery,They kind of inspiration and act like his being a photographer, Near them is almost entirely on Hartzlhstodio of Soskin waited his turn and realize the dream of the exhibition's curator Guy Raz, Be acquired,Be maintained and make the museum Soskin, Project is not easy, Perhaps the solution will have Nashbabr project, Noga theater building was transferred to the Tel Aviv municipality that became the Tabernacle Theater”Bridge” Rights in return for increasing the corner tower, Menachem Begin Road Train.

Ltmonahbah I call “Hope” Guy Raz's dream come true to reality and is Tzolmhfhot or more original angle taken by the photographer, Including tree.
A Soskin on Herzl Street – When photography was
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  1. Anonymous says:

    When expensive

    An amazing record and stunning photography. A Soskin mainly of the tree.


    Fasting is beneficial and a good sign :|)


  2. Driss says:

    Boom boom boom shakaalka, problem solved.

  3. רות סופר says:

    ברצוני להודיעכם על תערוכת ציורי שמן של הצייר נעם בן חורין אשר תתקיים בביתו של אברהם סוסקין ברחלילינבלום 12 A”א בין התאריכים 10/7/14 – 31/7/2014
    אשמח להעביר הזמנה למי שיבקש ממני במייל


    רותי סופר

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