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Banks of the Yarkon undergo regeneration process in recent years and an array of projects sequence walking and biking without hazards funnel along the Yarkon River Yarkon River and all along the route of the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv Municipality of the last part just recently completed, Opened its first project was the rehabilitation process sequence Bridge “And Wauchop” And compound “North Port “, לראשונה ניתן לחצות את שני הגדות, Wauchope Bridge is one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the city and sights from the sea horizon, Yarkon River estuary and the skyscrapers of Tel Aviv are worth the visit and the crossing of the banks.
Wauchope Bridge at the mouth of the Yarkon
Wauchope Bridge
Bridge Exhibition Reading is located near the parking lot and allows crossing the river to the compound “Old Fairgrounds” Going through the rehabilitation process, Infrastructure and thereby enclose complexes “North Port” And”Tel Aviv Port” That project finished, Design is complete “Yarkon peninsula”, Between the two bridges “And Wauchop” And”The exhibition project was completed last segment connecting East and West allows today walking and biking along the entire route of the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv Municipality of both banks.
Bridge Exhibition
On the bridge
Floating wooden bridge (Exhibition, Ussishkin West), Is a long wooden bridge connecting the old Fairgrounds Ussishkin and is a second major project to create a sequence walking and biking along the Yarkon River, הייחודי בו שהוא גשר נמוך וארוך שבשל חוסר במקום מרחף על הנחל לכל אורכו ומשווה התרגשות בעת חצייתו, In fact he kind of drifts Trail.
Ussishkin Bridge West
Bridge jumper at the exhibition
Bridge Rowing Centre Is a bridge that allows crossing over the bay Rowing Center's docking with”S. Daniel and he found some new and quite magical Hayarkon River Park, Beyond rowing center has two memorials, “Garden boys” Obelisks obelisk marking the names of those killed on the Israeli wars that smooth type of wood a year and”Garden of attacks victims” חרוט ענק אליו נכנסים ובו שמות כל הנספים במעגל שבמרכז עמוד האש, Two projects open information center field by using an interactive computer screen where you can see data.
Bridge Rowing Centre
Garden boys
Bridge Hearts and stars (Ussishkin East) Combined pedestrian and vehicles without separation, But allow sequence walking and cycling park below, This iron sleeve bridge bridge replaced a similar design but has been upgraded to allow the passage of vehicles without damaging the banks sequence, Plans to bridge designed it with a wink and is decorated with stars and hearts of them can be afloat in space and watching the river spreads, Next to a bridge over “Bar-Yehuda” It has the joke is the world's longest bridge over sewer (Today was the Yarkon River rehabilitation and is appropriate for sailing, Do not swim), During the construction was the longest bridge in, The bridge crosses the Ibn Gabirol Street banks and two recently completed cycle path arranged to approach from the Yarkon Park for pedestrians and cyclists.
Ussishkin East Bridge
At bridge
The Yarkon (Namir) Is a bridge that holds the upper arch bridge combines the passage of vehicles over and above the separation as a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists graded separation western part, Previously served as a big arch dangerous sport of riding motorcycles off, Album and band have the name and connect to the Tel Aviv area Sportech, Where two large lawns in the stream and attached to each other the size of miles on 250 Feet, Constitute a kind of urban Central Park, The Sportec comprehensive, Rotational path of length 2100 A circular meter that allows safe riding (I mention the size and experience the ride around the Vondel Park in Amsterdam).
The Yarkon river
The Yarkon
BT Bridge (Wooden arch) Bavli neighborhood adjacent, Is the magical park, Old bridge, Painted brown and white lights decorated recently and walking always accompany him with my heart beating and wonder about the durability of the wooden bars suspended, Or connects the Babylonian banks, Pharmacist and forest edge “Head of a bird”, He designed a bridge to the future”Mount museums” Or its name “Museum Complex”, (The Israel Museum, Brass”H., Rabin center and museum collections in the future army”To)
At the bridge without
BT Bridge
Bird Head Bridge , Bridge is a fairly new and complex, Fork and split in the Yarkon River with river Musrara (Ayalon), The bridge connects the park on both banks of streams and splitting another bridge connecting the forest “Head of a bird” And Mount Napoleon, Where the remains of an ancient settlement and an amazing view of the park and the towers of Tel Aviv with beautiful blooms in transition seasons, This alternative was selected on a previous option to build two bridges, River Bridge to, This choice is less romantic and classical, But rather a practical, (Bridge is supposed to be the future pedestrians and cyclists more between Country palm forest bird head over the stream Musrara (Ayalon), I think the blind spot near the Country Palm, בחן נחל איילון לנתיבי איילון הוא קלאסי לפרוייקט מעגנה, בית ספר ומועדון שייט נוסף.
Bird Head Bridge
Rabin Center
Bridge Zapari Wohl Amphitheater Small bridge one of three identical (Two next to it as part of the complex”Tzafri”) Author branch of the river near Hayarkon Park Amphitheater and Hall, Great Lake, Streets and lawns attractions hands, Despite the miniature and the simplicity of the bridge is carrying thousands of bicycles and legs on day.
Bridge Zapari
Great lawn
Bridge seven stations Changed little Japanese bridge that can be magical bicycle and suffered over flooding, Allows day sequence and beyond for pedestrians and cyclists big lake forest “Head of a bird” And is one of the greatest sites in the heart of the Yarkon River Site “Seven stations” Last restoration in recent years and open to the public in addition to places that were closed to the public, Another attraction, Ecological project of cleaning the river through two levels of plant Lakes, Saturated nature area, Attractions, Birds and History, Next to a mechanical pumping device and twenty-century.
Bridge seven stations
Mechanical pumping facility and twenty-century

Bridge Olympiad - Bridge at the municipal area of ​​Tel Aviv, and part of the municipal area in Ramat Gan, Leads to Ramat Gan Stadium, Ramat Gan mall, A joint project of the Municipality of Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan Municipality, Due to bridge collapse disaster previous Olympics, Alongside the historic wooden bridge still exists and is open to the public, Collapsed bridge stretched between them, Instead of a monument, Lawn benches,Towers offered unsurpassed views, Bridge adjacent to the park water “Hmmdion” And it is the largest park in one of the municipal area of ​​Tel Aviv where almost no intervention except,Path with lighting and benches

Maccabiah bridge
At bridge
Bridge ten stations (Performed) - The bridge under construction and site rehabilitation, Closed to the public these days, The bridge connects the two banks of the river between Tel Aviv and Bnei Brak, Sinai Campaign Bridge Bridge for pedestrians and bicycle riders, A large range of connection between banks and bridge, Away recently opened a new section, West part of the Yarkon River north bank belongs to Tel Aviv and the other side, Part of the south bank belongs to Bnei Brak and is now largely an agricultural area, This is the final area of ​​Tel Aviv's municipal.
Route map of the river and Park Hayarkon
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