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ארכיון עבור December, 2011

Imaginary Duck אומנית רחוב מקורית ומרתקת שקסום לראות את תהליך ההתפתחות של האומנות שהיא יוצרת ומפזרת במרחב הציבורי, Imaginary Duck או בשם שהיא חותמת לוב בעבודותיה כID אחת מקבוצת נשים ההולכת ומתרחב שעובדות ברחובות העיר תל אביב, Women who live in Tel Aviv or Tel Aviv metropolitan area and some other cities, Some display in galleries and some streets and galleries in cities around the world, Some work only on, Some of the artists are recognized on behalf of and in the galleries under another name,   קרא עוד..

Cultural Park – When photography was submerged culture Square Garden is one of the attractions magical city has to offer, Despite the intimacy and me because of it, Its tiny size and the music is in it and the possibility of parents spend with their children and enjoy currency in the heart of the urban and the city's bustling, It is the cultural center of loaf, Designed by”J. Dani Karavan gardener and architect, Ben-Avraham Karavan's first city gardener who designed the garden and the nearby Jacob, Jacob and north garden Cultural Hall, Home   קרא עוד..

Interactive work at the entrance to City Hall, Project completed over the weekend artist DoverD shows us when an idea and want to fulfill it, You should not give up and not worry Mbiokrtih, Also takes several months of waiting, It appears feasible, זה מה שקרה לאומן הרחוב ואמן הגלריה DoverD האמן DoverD החל תהליך להגשמת חלום ורעיון, Working entrance to City Hall on Ibn Gvirol, הרעיון הוא עבודת גרפיטי על מדרגות נעות, As evidenced by a meeting with Deputy Mayor collected   קרא עוד..

Fsag’ Fnsk – Photo When did Fsag’ Fnsk is the first commercial center in Tel Aviv under one roof beams, The first version of what we call the sea “Mall”, “Shopping center”, “Against”, And the first building was installed in her (Elevator) Parisian elevator doors made of iron and networks, Turret head bare iron dome shaped roof reminiscent of a French (Such roofs are other buildings of Judah Magidovich, It is recommended to visit the house on Lilnblom bedroom apartment on the roof of a Parisian metal roof designed),   קרא עוד..

מיצב אומנות רחוב על קירות בית המכס בנמל יפו, Street art project remains on the walls of hangars and port structure, This project remains on the walls of a building project in the Customs House was to become later a boutique hotel. This paper is the only remaining structures from the project contained, Hangars and installations scattered around the harbor, Similarity, Fantasy, Prose, Mythological similarity, Work that takes us to the dark regions, Our intimate charming and brings him to let go and log, Work is a magical location I chose the port of Jaffa   קרא עוד..

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