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ארכיון עבור January, 2012

Martin Buber was right – When did the photography phenomenon occurs in several arenas Hvsting, In response to graffiti is hand written by anonymous relative to the source to change the meaning, Calls to a different interpretation to the exhibit, This could be the existing location I or another location I, Sting also has a response which street art or graffiti painted on existing work, מחשיכים עבודה ע”S alternative work painting the same location, It can be part of conflict, Settings, or artist makes   קרא עוד..

Wolfson Station – When photography was selected month of January will be a pilot in which it will be possible to raise the bike to the train, Rachel initially on route”Czech Hod Hasharon, קו שנחנך לאחרונה החוצה את העיר תל אביב, Old dream finally coming true years, During the pilot be able to recall the disabled car bike, אליו מגיעים בירידה ברמפה אל המפלס התחתון של רכבת הדבל דק (Bunk) לאולם בו ניתן לרתום אופניים באמצעות חגורה שנכון לתקופת הפיילוט   קרא עוד..

Garden center directory – When photography was. במרכז גינת לוינסקי (Caucasians also sells garden) Established a public directory in public space as an initiative of the Association “Artim” הסיפריה הוקמה בחודש ספטמבר 2009 Original public library, Multi-community community community workers and children of foreign workers from emergency shelter to develop overall port, Library metal cabinet that opens up into a shading, It contains books in a variety of languages, בצידו השני של הסיפרייה ארון מתכת נוסף שדלת הברזל נפתחת כלפי מטה ומשמשת   קרא עוד..

Nitzan and DEDE – Photo when leaf bud development of Mintz continues to surprise and expand new materials and locations, Hanging wooden planks on wooden pillars communication. Electronic chips and wood plastic combination, Compositions and methods, Stencils letters that raise the writing experience and connection to work, Free writing in public space marker, Latest project is the writing on the magical rocks and tree trunks felled Carmel Forest (You can see Nitzan's Facebook page Mintz), בעבר כתבה על סלעים לאורך חוף ימה   קרא עוד..

Renewed at the square – When photography was. This tax’ Weeks of the new wing of the Tel Aviv Cinematheque opened to the public, With the opening of new wing, The old wing was closed for renovation, which will run about a year, Hope that during the work to rehabilitate the old wing, The connection between them and the difference in levels between the two sides, Be handled properly and will be a continuum between two old and new wings, כך שנוכל לחזור ולהנות מתערוכות בגלריית המפלס שבכניסה, Today the hall is too small entry level amount of viewers for the three   קרא עוד..

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