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ארכיון עבור February, 2012

Neighborhood rehabilitated school – When photography came Neve Ofer is a neighborhood south of, Suburban and nearby Ayalon South, Holon borders, Jaffa, בפארק החורשות ובציר שלבים העתידי, The neighborhood is built and based on housing structures, Project “Care workers” Atrium surrounding, Garden, Spine, The neighborhood is replete with many public buildings, Kindergarten, Schools, Resis”S., Number of community centers, Sports structure, Swimming, Parks, Shopping Center, Rent position of Tel way, No commercial street fronts, But   קרא עוד..

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Kofsonim (Adi) והנבטות (Natalie) - Photo when – The people on the street increased breast’ Rothschild 69 Opened after the summer's protests 2011 Initially an abandoned entrance (Abandoned building tax’ Years) And after several weeks of a businessman donated the property owner confirming that he and absorbs the space rental, At the people on the street and cafes, and white sign looks great lettering “Old people” Arabic and Hebrew, House open to the people and held meetings, Lectures and exhibitions. High floor space   קרא עוד..

Orchestra Square – When photography came in January 2012 the designer seems to Date “Cultural Center” The divisions except the Hall Htrbothmtzoi rehabilitation and upgrading process in the spirit of the original lasts about a year. Recent projects geometric Bcichratzmort, Dani Karavan planning, Replacing tiles, Square and in the pool, Abodotkosmtiot the sunken garden and re-division into four parts, First: Sand gravel covering the Sthhair and still exists mainly on the beaches and neighboring cities area, Second: Sand gravel and trees Sabres Shiokiimim past and are becoming extinct, Third: Grass ecological placenta   קרא עוד..

An old surrealist work, פורטרט בגובה העיניים - When photography was new works Florentine artist Puma Street and King George, Puma artist in the world of art galleries and street, Two names, Openly and in the closet, Puma is a surrealist artist and her works are moving in three dimensions, Her work on, Mainly portraits, Works great portrait dimensions and proportions that give a sense of self-confidence of unfulfilled female characters that fashion dictates the order of public and uniform color (Blue, Blue, And pink), Sometimes the characters take the form, Go on   קרא עוד..

Lamb – צילום מתי עלה בשנים האחרונות מתחם שכונת יפו, Unified city of Tel Aviv with one city “Tel Aviv-Jaffa” In 1949 Forty years after the establishment of the city, Includes the port of Jaffa, Old Jaffa, Flea Market, שכונות יפו ושכונות מבואות , יפו עוברת שדרוג תדיר לחידוש תשתיות, Port ring urban renewal, Old town, And ancient residential neighborhoods and old, כיכר השעון עוצבה כמדרחוב וסביבה חנויות, Boutiques, Cafes, Galleries and a hotel in the works (Who knew   קרא עוד..

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