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Orchestra Square – When photography was
January 2012 the designer seems to Date “Cultural Center” The divisions except the Hall Htrbothmtzoi rehabilitation and upgrading process in the spirit of the original lasts about a year. Recent projects geometric Bcichratzmort, Dani Karavan planning, Replacing tiles, Square and in the pool, Abodotkosmtiot the sunken garden and re-division into four parts, First: Sand gravel covering the Sthhair and still exists mainly on the beaches and neighboring cities area, Second: Sand gravel and trees Sabres Shiokiimim past and are becoming extinct, Third: Ecological placenta own grass and does not need Ltifolgnn / A or irrigation saturation, Comparing the look of youth, Recent ecological and Wednesday: Beds Frhimzvaoniot optimistic hope for the future, Installing performance speaker system which cracks Philharmonic Orchestra performed Litzirotklasiot. Kadishman combination of uplifting sculpture. Scattered Sfslimsimtriim shape of a circle, Triangle, Square stone covered with plaster and wooden deck above Lishivanohh. Shading the east wing of the square between the port elevators, Flooring emergency exits Hmcorotbmngnon hydraulic stone plaza at work planting grass on the hill ecological Along a curved staircase leading to the bench surrounding the ancient Atzhskmh panoramic view over the square of Tel underground parking and the complex is not noticeable, Avenue East and pine trees shade Avenue West Avenue which is a connection between breast’ Rotshildlsd’ Grace.
Theatre stage – When photography was
Tiatronabima Which opened last month after five years of programming work place who feared outcome sleep Mtosbihair, Designed by”J. … Carmi, Controversial project that changes the Aofiosl theater building for the fourth time since its inception, During the years of heavy construction concern was not related to giant Lglotmbna cultural center, Last intimacy versions previous versions of, Hiumam many fears were proven wrong opening and created a building with no’ Bkomflksohmflsim that mesh fronts and rounded geometries and help them be, Cafe opens Bhzitoam Square tables and chairs, Gdlmshmotit lobby and from the four halls can reach the top and bottom, Unlike the theater Ftohlkal used space and cafe round the historic facade preservation, Including Hamodimsshachzro do good structure and its environment, Was encouraged if they fit into the lobby chairs Ishivalaion rest of the program or the city veterans, What worsens slightly and unresolved, Front Lrhovtrs”I suffered all the elements, Parking lot entrances and exits, Front of Htiatronlrhov, Time will tell if the street will be a pleasant city street and walk around his relationship Lveneinihmgorim, The solution I see is the use of climbing plants and vegetation at the entrances and the underground Viceotlhnion all street front walls.
Performing Arts Center – When photography was
Hiclhtrbot, After years of struggles and committees, and law, Demonstrations and round tables and Nissionlsnot the internal and external character completely modern hall and vulnerable declaration of Aonskoshvenein was included declaration, Please note held in a democratic process and debate on one of the assets from commenting, Process and a legitimate debate, both by the municipality and the public, The band claimed Lbaiitakustika (Still not clear and may be that there is nothing) Discuss the future of building each side Hiotiaonim why change, Why preserve, In the end, and after several stops and years, Result Ksomhhmaznt and preserve the historic building's statement and form of the fan, A good surprise that Mabkoamona idea and discourse even if it is accompanied by assertively, But respect the rules of democracy, Ibialtotzah good city, Building and residents,Also added will be inserted inside the elevator into Hhiclovcc contribute to preserve the original facade. The fan shape of the inside of the hall preserved, then, Seller will not be Shinoihitzoni, Remains the concern that exists but will be designed lobby is keep Hbrotlz'm,Original white plaster that had sample, Before tax’ Weeks opened the western corner, Front and front garden Llachichratzmort Jacob, Segev restaurant, Which is a fancy restaurant on one side and on the other hand Ozrtlthost defense and stay in the square and in addition has employed a man whose job is to keep Hcichrohgn against vandalism and the right of residents to enjoy the garden and the square
Train international style buildings – When photography was
Complex Rcbtveneinim Bauhaus style (International Style) Huberman Street East Llachichrohicl culture, One second long and short half-, Together form the long building on the banks Bairamtfrs Solomon Street, Four stories above ground floor in front garden (Today Lsirogynhnion) And a penthouse floor retreat, Added to the cultural center and create shade and complement Athcichr to Piazza that a Big Three town, After Rabin Square and Square State(Hoping that exceeds logic and of the building's construction and the environment will be copied Akirov environment, Top,Terminal 2000 And future generations will benefit from square unit that Chet and city), But closing the borders balconies Tofahhotzot, Gender, Status and set the city and country, Quite clouded the integrity of the square, Cfiskora quite a few in the city and we know it well casing streets west and south of State Square Square Rbinoaf, What obscures most are pine trees line along the east bank of the square on square Htzmortlaurc Huberman, Shading between the service elevators along the street edges of the square,Rehabilitation of terraces, Opening or closing wood shutters as was done in preserving conservation Bauhaus houses,Specially discounted parking agreement occupants complex parking lot and landscaping would make it the most beautiful city Lfninaaironit.
Large atrium garden center – When photography was
Jacob Park Picturesque,Classics in the town gardens designed by”Y. Avraham Karavan, The first city gardener, Restored, Sumrotcnno source changes with the wind”S son Dani Karavan designed the cancellation concerns Square ramp Htzmortolmrot second level of the gene, Here, too, was accompanied by struggles, Restored Atzihskmh new sycamore tree and planted especially brought the southern edge of the band Square, Loohbgnnim and the project / s professionals who worked and cure of tree diseases and deaths feared, Cows managed Lhtziloaf yield of this ancient tree species, Designed to integrate magical garden benches, Sbilimaistoriim preserved and spread in vegetation cow, Bloom and trees, With meticulous reconstruction source,Restored and preserved historic and pool ramp instead of the second level of the gene were attached breast’ Rotshildohn way gracefully and successfully adding the garden areas, Ginonm and Hartm, Added elevator level Hsnivgint graceful open atrium, Gene structure and keeps the structure of the taxi stand and Stimnzki,Stimnzki opened a concept store design, (The historical story of taxi rank because of it and its right to keep the building and garden designed Hmflshsni of this area was privately owned and refused to leave and we bought that day,Enchanted garden on two levels Haggadah), Hill connects levels with winding stairs, Atzihskmh with benches under them, Winding fantasy pages compare levels.
Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Arts – When photography was
Rubinstein goes modern art, Department of the Tel Aviv museum of its conversion Sharaionala successful Philharmonic Orchestra rehearsal hall used in this case not Bslmabkim, Demonstrations, Roundtables, Those due to management idea came at the last minute and Sthhcnissh the Performing Arts Center underground garage, Excavated last year, Just after Kireuhhnion which will be incorporated into a rehearsal Philharmonic Orchestra during the work on Hhiclhmtkiimot today and present a solution of win win They Philharmonic Orchestra,Both the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as part of her patients historic wing and took advantage of the public seeking Haumnotocc Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of Modern Art open to the public free of charge from year to year due Trumhhmthdst for now, The pavilion was rehabilitating and adding a gallery before tax’ Years which upgraded Athbitn, Adding spaces and elevator, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion, Tel Aviv Museum served Laumnotad crossing the street to its current location as part of King Saul”Golda Center” Before Scnamoziaon at Dizengoff Street donated by Rothschild”S first mayor, Meir Dizngofltzorc it. I think you can now add more spaces and better organize access, Lbtlat prominent elevator (That add space to galleries) And place it at the entrance and add a library,Small shop and a cafe area that will integrate with the emergency exit and ensure park entrance will Lhiothinm even if the funding stops.

Rash in Jacob – When photography was
The reason taxis shed in two levels – When photography was
גינת כיכר התרבות משמיעה מוזיקה קלאסית במעגל סגור – When photography was
Hatkik acacia tree in Jacob, One of four – When photography was
Arcaffe Square Orchestra
Underground parking under the square Orchestra – When photography was
Jacob in the second Hmfsls – When photography was
Jacob small atrium garden – When photography was
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