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ארכיון עבור March, 2012

Tel Aviv is known as “White City”, Or “Black white city”, יש ספר בשם זה, But color?, Indeed the city of Tel Aviv city completely colored, Series “Her color” Weaving rainbow Posts, One color at a time.

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Original project's Florentine neighborhood of the artist / director without a signature, Where the traffic lights of red, green character of the pedestrian crosswalk, Changed and Foxley without lights and colors idea, Function and securities of pedestrians crossing, The project creates a situation beyond the best street art, Crossing at crosswalks becomes an intellectual experience while crossing and embryo / Tnotnim minds and think what the artist / actress want to tell us, Sometimes change Hmfksl the text from the image light and often leaves the character and adds an accessory   קרא עוד..

Categories: General

The cafes of Tel Aviv is like sitting in, Immigrants of all colors and genders, Regardless of gender, Nation, Thought, Tendency, Religion and Gender, They grow and develop with her and blown in the spirit, הם נותנים לכל אסכולה ולכל תקופה את מרחב הנשימה שלה, אם רוח ניו יורקית נושבת בעיר אז נראה השפעה שחודרת ונושבת בה, People, Architecture, In speech, Design, באומנות ובקולינריה, All Gore rocketed establish a café environment, City adopts American networks if not   קרא עוד..

Zumbimaifstrim, Anorexic, Bodybuilder walking the dog, Hitkist, Tel Aviv figures, Destruction, Hiumhslishi, Hogg and Magog, Heritage sites or White Elephants, שיתוף פעולהמקסים בין קבוצת פיקסלס ודוקטור דוט שלהםפרויקטים נוספים בנפרד פזורים בעיר, The project for “Horbani” Horvenorbani, Large posters and website image Animtiot figures scattered four sites Mitologyimtl spring, Tel Aviv City Hall, Meir Park, Dizengoff Tower and Fountain Lake Bcichrdizngof, Sites seem casual event or destruction of biological warfare movie fiction customer,Apocalypse   קרא עוד..

הדמיה של חתך רחוב עורק ראשי בדרך קיבוץ גלויות – When photography was coming year after two strokes reform and repairs, Updates, Changes, Return lines and public transport routes , מתקרבים לשנה מהפיילוט להשכרת אופניים דרך פרויקט תל אופן, Also operates on weekends and holidays daily subscription, Monthly, Annual, Except for one day a year, Yom Kippur, Over 100 km”From the bike paths with an additional decision 50 K.”More than five-year project next five years,   קרא עוד..

Cleopatra – צילום מתי עלה לואן גוך היה פשיש לפורטרטים, He is an artist throughout his career he painted portraits of human, Of nature, Of still and especially of himself, He spent all his life ended in tragedy and tragedy, Van Gogh lived for love and he poured it it works, He was particularly prolific, Lived and worked on, Love and Failure in love led him to strike his own ear for love, Van Gogh did not see one success in life, No   קרא עוד..

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