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Adi Sand, Architect, Statue, Painter and artist best known urban graffiti Hkofsonim characters created in Tel Aviv, Symmetrical square picturesque characters developed undergo a series of process maturity and ripening, Maintaining a dialogue between theFantasy and reality and updated historic urban, Other works are dotted scar and patch, דדה הוא אמן צרכני, Encourages us to think through images from the world of consumption and capitalism, Dede is an artist who specializes in stencils, Also known plasters often scattered throughout the city recently accompanied by text and dimensions to fit large jobs.

Scar and patch sets of witnesses, Adhesive tape and the text of the sons interacting Dede points identifies and corrects them, Although they work independently and each artist takes his work toward, Adi created a patch covering the wing of a large urban park dimensions, Dede takes the various districts plaster bandage large dimensions placed on the side of a building floor preservation process goes, Plaster or balloon it Defragmenter, Blokisn Moneybags lowers a three-story structure with exposed wall height, In another work area spanning hands Ingres old and unifying them in a small Band-Aid, אך לרוב עדי ודדה מתמקדים בעיקר במימדים קטנים.

עבודות הצלקת, Patch, Adhesive tape and text are Blokisnim similar for both artists, Doors, Street rays communications cabinets, Utility poles, Exposed walls, Rocks, Trash cans, Authors, Objects placed In, Or abandoned buildings, Sometimes found on the electrical cabinet door or scar, Patch, Plaster and text together, Adi scar marks, Patch, Or tax’ Patches, One color, Or change in color, Dede draw a Band-Aid, Add text, Together they form an urban patch also they work separately and independently, Through consumption motifs, Architecture, Aesthetically, And art practice.

Adi takes us to the aesthetics, Symmetrical and meticulous, He introduced us to the city through the ins and outs, Considerable precision work, Architecture, Aesthetics, Dede at work stimulates the intellectual side of our thinking about the product, The city and their significance for our backs and our society, Connection even if not planned and co-creator correlation exists between them as a dialogue and a clear chronological order with rules, Scar reveals a flaw or distress, Patch concealing the defect or distress, Band-Aid Defragmenter them, The text provides support for emotional and intellectual.

קופסונים ADI SENED – When photography was

DEDE – When photography was

ADI טלאי Sened פלסתר DEDE – When photography was

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  1. Map of Tel Aviv says:

    I love the art of dede. I used to pass by one of the electrical cabinet, There was also terribly sad text, Suppressed.. Very special, And cause to stop the thoughts - day and think more deeply. Thanks for the documentation!

  2. When did says:

    Dede is the kind of artists who are on the street and consciousness, He creates art and maintaining a dialogue with text and symbols, All his work into the mind and stimulates the mind, His recent work, Began to appear thistle stalks, He took the consumer malaise into bouquets of thorns, His way to dialogue with us, She is beautiful, Grants and Mtochmt.

  3. Amina says:

    I don’t know who you wrote this for but you hleepd a brother out.

  4. Gilles says:

    Deep toghuht! Thanks for contributing.

  5. Kaedon says:

    IMHO you’ve got the right anewsr!

  6. Racheli says:


    You have no idea how to find the Dede to talk to him? It intrigues me to hear from him on the level of his work

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