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Beth Shalom Aleichem – When photography was

Sholom Aleichem House was built in modern style in the sixties, Designed by”Uriel Kahane architect who was married the granddaughter of Sholom Aleichem, The cornerstone was laid in 1964 And he was inaugurated in 1966 And humor directory Shalom Aleichem Archive, Bauditrium remember my childhood magical Konzrteim Kmriim, In recent years, is about”Yiddish Center”, The building boasts a staircase pyramid reminiscent of the immortal steps (At least in the imagination) Of the Opera House “Mughrabi” At the intersection of Allenby Ben Yehuda, Unfortunately burned Pinsker city Parisian atmosphere reminded enough, At first they were photographed them with the best of fashion clothes and hats and luxury cars that decrease the richest city and the country before a concert or an opera directed by the legendary Addis de pilau before the founding of the state and shutting it down and making movies, Were residents of the city and sit and read for pleasure tourists and spectators and viewed from the street, Steps of “Beth Shalom Aleichem Street identical to them and Berkowitz started comparing municipal road worthy and certainly can, and should sit, Read, Look at the street and walk around, The street filled with modern sculpture, Squares, It can enter the magical gardens Dubnov garden city and a bridge to the Golda Center containing the Tel Aviv Museum of Art on the three divisions, Beit Ariela Library - central number, Opera house, Cameri Theater, District Courts, VAT is very near”See historic includes modern deserve some Monmteim, Asia House, The Americas, The European, IBM Tower and the Hadar Dafna really should not miss the modernist lobby I think it must maintain internal and external conservation and exacting nature Hbrotlisti restore damaged.

Sholem Aleichem statue – When photography was

Apart from the steps of the pyramid, Immediately upon entry to distinguish internal garden and beautiful glass covered, Filled with vegetation, Pebble paths covered roofing and roof clear sky and light inserts, The center has two floors contain the raised first floor, Study Rooms and Study, Offices, Inner garden well maintained, Seating areas, Many books, Sculptures and Art, CEO”And Secretary to, Downstairs partly above ground and partly below (The very steps of the pyramid), Seating areas, Sculptures, Works of art, Shalom Aleichem Archive, Sholem Aleichem's room used for lectures and Aoditrium, Conferences and shows, Two floors are used Bhlilom also a gallery to view exhibitions Ocm place but for exhibitions. Beth Shalom Aleichem is the center of Yiddish culture, Editor's Center classes, Courses, Lectures related to Yiddish language and Yiddish culture, Centre allocates part two scholarships each year to researchers and scholars in Yiddish and business magazine “Rather” Out from Sholem Aleichem, Beit Shalom Aleichem extensive and varied program and expanding, Both in exposed and enrollment cycle and supply which is encouraging, There are nine courses: Begin, Advanced A, In, C., Fourth, Graduate Students,Shmuasrlas, קריאה מודרכת ולאמיר שפילן טעאטער וכן סדרת של שמונה הרצאות שנמצאת בעיצומה. I thank Prof.’ Abraham and Leonid Roitman Novershtern the courteous tour.

Protective inner courtyard and manicured Pow! – When photography was

And classroom lectures entry level – When photography was

Finm entry level seating – When photography was

Haoditrium lower level – When photography was

Browse seating area and lower level – When photography was

And classroom lectures entry level – When photography was

Within the inner courtyard – When photography was.

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