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Map of the urban districts

Tel Aviv City is divided into nine districts of different sizes bind tax’ Neighborhoods together, Today with the development of Tel Aviv in the last decade, At a Tel Aviv neighborhood institution will, Architectural monument or proper environmental, Cafe, Culinary institute, Boutique, Gallery, Theatre directory, Square,פארק, College,Campus educational districts (Part in planning and participate in the implementation)And has its own style and character, If districts were divided into neighborhoods, We would come to over 35 quarters, Districts range from old and create the new mosaic of nine districts that help us orient themselves in the urban space and large volume, Edges of large districts of the city and contain no’ Some neighborhoods of a large in themselves and become the center are small and the boundaries are streets, Boundary between the Yarkon neighborhoods downtown along the Yarkon River contributes to District that he was breaking the stream itself and is divided into quarters 1 2 3 And 4 For example, District 1 Yarkon Park enjoys most north bank area, District 2 has the stream segment between ten stations and future soldier level up to a Petah Tikva, Quarter 3 part Yarkon Estuary stream between Ibn Gabirol Street and the district 4 Southern part of the river between Ibn Gabirol including BT and later head of a bird and Mount Forest Napoleon. Districts create an opportunity to significantly improve the life of a resident / A Quarter and critic / A where p”J. Day care and maintenance and the creation of its residents and visitors centers and enjoyed by all district, Today there are close ties between the quarter on the machines began to promote cleanliness issues, Public areas, Public Buildings, Gardens and squares treatment, Future planning and emerging needs and enjoy a six budget”A once every five years for large projects on the order of 5 Mliun ₪, The City is the momentum of infrastructure construction and rehabilitation from south to north and from east to west over a decade that brought the city from sleepy town vibrant and internationally, The price is rising rents and purchase and vulnerable middle class, But it's still in egalitarian, Open and free to trying to cope through affordable housing, Transport, Situation,. Beyond that lacks creating awareness through the distribution maps of each neighborhood would be square central square map of the city on wards and large-scale map of the district on his bedding.

 רובע מס’1 – Western Yarkon District

Western Yarkon District Including the western Yarkon neighborhoods between the sea and the Ayalon Freeway, Most university and train Hayarkon Park area until ten stations and main centers of Tel Aviv University,Constantly expanding and newly constructed dormitories that Komlks, Found in Ramat Aviv, Yarkon Park Yarkon River to the north bank, Sde Dov is supposed to be evacuated and understanding the nature of Western municipal uses, Recently nerds promenade as part of a sequence from Bat Yam to Herzliya promenades between Reading Tel Baruch and Yarkon Estuary soldier level border, Exhibition grounds and city entertainment are transformed and re-design in recent years, Museum Complex, Including the Land of Israel Museum, Rabin Center, Brass Museum”H and courts Devils, Near the north bank of the river, Kibbutzim College and North Star neighborhood who are designing and building momentum in recent years, Character of the historic district and a modern suburban, The decision to leave the Kibbutzim College Tttib with the neighborhood and the city, Construction along the axis of a pharmacist in the neighborhood not designed with commercial front affects both the future and in the neighborhood and city development. Master plan tries to include urban features by”By creating a mixture of uses and integration of commercial streets.

Population 49.095 And accounts for about 12% Of the total.

Public space Ramat Aviv property first quarter

  רובע 2 – Eastern Yarkon District

Eastern Yarkon District Including the eastern neighborhoods between Yarkon and Ayalon east border with P.”A Hayarkon Park and south of the main focal level and the soldier is a kind of local Silokon Valley and the Valley proper culinary galleries now streaming to Terni, Boutique hotels, Many clinics are following him across the Assuta hospital building from the city center one red postmodern, Transparent spaces and spaces floating, Iron street-front and river front east Hayarkon Park was dedicated before tax’ Years, ten years old stream segment level stations and a soldier's largest green area of ​​the neighborhood, Quarter is characterized mainly grouped low booby neighborhoods of private homes, Four-story buildings and buildings of ten floors on average, Suburban construction, In recent years added a new neighborhood district neighborhood “Nursery” Which functions as a kind of gated community. Nature of modern suburban district, Master plan tries to include urban features by”By creating a mixture of uses and integration of commercial streets,

Population 48.356 And constitutes about 12% of the total.

District No. 3 – The old Northern Quarter

The old Northern Quarter, Borders, Marmorek, בן ציון, Bureshova South, West coast, Yarkon River Ibn Gabirol North and East, Inside Rabin Square, Of UNESCO and the White City, Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv Port restored Lkomfks leads and open, Wooden deck was built along, Hangars preserved and populations in trade and culinary, Food market opens, North Port was built here Yarkon estuary recreation and culture, Rehabilitated bridge “And Wauchop” Connector between the east bank of the estuary and on either side were two separate pedestrian bridges, Bridge Reading Bridge exhibition and all his sons have been renovated and occupied for leisure and culinary. The fair and the southern part of the stream field, Undergoing a process of open space development, Boulevard, Bicycle paths statue restoration “Jewish worker” And Montana join hangars recreation areas, The, Culture and Cuisine, Mainly characterized by Quarter, Housing, Streets with the commercial front and quiet streets without trade Finimiim, Another quarter Basel Square Complex, In turn four square tower and commercial fronts, A young and entertainment venue and one of the striking city squares, שד’ בן ציון, Breast’ Ben Gurion are part of the city demon ring signal’ Nordau, Ibn Gabirol's leading beach peeping, Northern part of Ben Yehuda Street, Beach and hotel strip north, Master plan preserves the character, Front Street continues with commercial and high upgrade Arlozorov, Currently approved, Built and the process number Gordy Shahar along the street ArBen-Zion

Population 56.105 Which is 14.5% Of the total.

Sirkin Street, Appearance typical of the Third Quarter Street

 רובע מס’ 4 – The new Northern Quarter

The new Northern Quarter, Borders, Ibn Gabirol, Yarkon River North, Breast’ King Saul and Ayalon, It includes unbounded neighborhood Yarkon River and Central Park mountains with urban landscape, Judah Maccabee compound, Street with a large concentration of galleries, Boutiques,Cafes and culinary, Square is not clear whether the state will continue to be square and of the building Inoiido or build three skyscrapers at its center, And Central Train Station Project 2000 Waiting for around, Elite neighborhood, Alongside skyscrapers neighborhood, Golda Center and Performing Arts Center, The city's largest cultural center, Includes the Opera, Cameri Theater, Beit Ariela Library, Sholem Aleichem Library, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, District Courts, Park, Square, Piazza and Sderot, VAT”See historic breast Street’ שאול המלך, Housing construction is characterized by low except in the top characterized, Breast axis’ שאול המלך, Book buiKing Saulskyscrapers, Filled with culture, Public buildings and VAT”R..

Population 12.746 A 11.1 Percent of the total.

 רובע 5 – רובע העיר ההיסטורית

Historic city district The city also sells dog, Borders the west coast, Ibn Gabirol East, Jaffa Road in the south, Gershov North, Include the Magen David Square and its extensions, Shenkin, King George (Meir Park), Allenby, Nahalat Binyamin and Carmel Market, Human movement constant, Other streets Bialik Quarter, Strnihovsky, Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall, Mansion House, Breast’ Rothschild, First neighborhood of Neve Tzedek pre departure from the walls of the city and Jaffa, Village in the middle of the city, Suzanne Dellal, The Yemenite Vineyard, Kerem Avraham,City's first skyscraper,Shalom Meir Tower, Rothschild skyscrapers, Most popular boulevard in the city, Mainly residential district characterized by low construction, Large concentration of buildings in an eclectic style and Ben National (Bauhaus), Most buildings are included in conservation, Streets, Quiet, Commercial streets with beach front, London Square, Promenade, The compound is, Everything happens in this quarter, Very popular with city residents, Visitors and tourists.

Population 32.340 Which is 8.5% Of the total.

Breast’ Rothschild – Typical avenue of the city and the urban ring Avenue Fifth Quarter

 רובע 6 – Quarter Business Center[

VAT quarter”R. (Home Business Center) Of the city along the Ayalon, Breast boundaries’ King Saul, Routes Ayeilon and Railroad Street in South, Azrieli, Verona is in the midst, Preservation Htmlriim and Aoclusm Galleries, Boutiques and culinary around Lama”S office towers, Park Square at the center of large, Cinematheque recently inaugurated a new wing, Givon Piazza being built over an underground parking,רחוב המסגר, Kaplan Street, Montefiore, And Railroad Street, Master plan adds a promenade along the Ayalon route and construction process “Judith Bridge” Connecting two banks of the Ayalon West Bank and East Bank and work on the Red Line light rail, Little residential street fronts primarily business, Cafes and galleries in Motifiuri residential neighborhood which is the unit actually has a residence and is very unique in a mixture of uses, Residence, Offices and garages, Art Galleries, Fringe Theatre, Residential lofts with garages, And construction of the northern part of its residential buildings of average height of five rise, Breast axis’ Jewish commercial facade bridge connected East and West Fourth Street. Additional residential street is a street in the neighborhood of Kiryat Sefer, Neighborhood of one street a year after the battle field park will “Kiryat Sefer Park”, Future District residents need in the coming years in two projects of residential skyscrapers, Sharon and three as part of an entire neighborhood of four residential skyscrapers and ten seven-story buildings in the former wholesale market in the process of building, VAT Quarter sterile”See the office skyscrapers.

Population 4.609 Which is 1.2% Of the total.

Quarter 7 – District of Jaffa

District of Jaffa, Neve Ofer, Abu Kabir and Jaffa ports, Locations, Park slope, After the great chapters in the Yarkon Park and South Park, Jaffa port has been upgraded and Ingres tax’ 1 Cafes with Open, Restaurants, Gallery and establishing food market local character, Old Jaffa, Zodiac Fountain, Bridge signs, Street signs, Hsintaut troubles, Stairs and park at the top of the mountain with panoramic views to the city, Rahat Abu historical germ rebuilt by scenarios of over a hundred years, Restored Clock Square, Market Flea Market boutiques that changed the nature, Galleries, Culinary Center and combined Piazza stores flea vendors center with a public art gallery and today the city has decided to tax’ Decisions that preserves the character, Breast’ Jerusalem construction of light rail line, Street for a decade absorbing all the life of the city towards the Red Line project of light rail, Academic College of Tel Aviv's character receives a small university, Bloomfield Stadium before the upgrade, and roofing and turning it into an international venue by Hkritkionim of Pippa, One Noga trendiest and magical city neighborhoods, German American colony undergoing rehabilitation, Preservation and urban renewal in two projects to major, “Fairies” With the square in the center and”Fund” Not clear if part of the neighborhood or to function in a closed, The neighborhood underwent a pre-tax’ Years of the renewal process street pavement infrastructure, Decorative Lighting.

Population 47.058 Which is 12.2% Of the total.

 רובע 8 – South Quarter

South Quarter, Includes the neighborhoods of Neve Shaanan, Florentine, Shapiro, Kiryat Shalom neighborhood of Ramat Hasharon, District centers, Florentin one of the oldest and trendiest neighborhoods in the city, Young attractive, Artists, Students, Hipsters, Everything happens in, One of the great street art Mmkodi city, Replete with cafes, Art Galleries, Apartments in a wide range, Every street front commercial, Some public buildings and public areas, These days there is a public space project and add public buildings, More Levinsky Market in Florentin, He spices market, Plants, Dried fruit, Ztim, Greek restaurants, Modern cafe, Cheese, Wine, Oil and many surprises that add a lot to the city which was continued until the end of Jaffa Street Tower Eilat on the outskirts of Neve Tzedek and Neve Tzedek, Matalon Street is a street taverns, Herzl Street is a street furniture, Rabbi Frankel Street is Designers Street, Kfar Giladi Street is a street toys,Wolfson is street lamps and other street…Neighborhood of Ramat Hasharon, Young neighborhood with a large concentration of boutiques established fashion designers make the place, Is built around a garden center (Geddes garden its one side adjacent to the building and outdoor sign three blocks) Beneath an underground parking garage excavated, Cafes, Music scene and art scene, And culinary, The neighborhood is real process”Estate, Demolition of historic buildings and the construction of modern buildings and conservation tax on the other hand’ Historic Buildings, The neighborhood is the process and established designers forcing her to leave her son to harm its character. The new central station was decided in the master plan will serve the public and will be reduced to the terminal, Neve Shaanan pedestrian mall that most Parisian pedestrian city and in most Mforgn, The old bus station that would be a school of art “Proclamation” And will include an urban plaza.

Population 25.937 Which is 6.8% Of the total.

 רובע 9 – Quarter of East Jerusalem

Quarter of East Jerusalem, Quarter in which tax’ Big city residents, Located on the east bank of Ayalon and dominates the whole, Hatikva includes, An entire village, Yad Eliyahu, Bitzaron, Tel life, Education Avenue, Thing Yitzhak and Park South, Locations, Last hope for market upgrading and roofing before tax’ Continuation of the sea and now upgraded street (Would add to the neighborhood and the development which was built with a commercial front to the end), Street Magic in the winding and a street seller skewer, Street defense wish to continue the pilot road on the outskirts of Wolfson Park), Defence Station, Yad Eliyahu Sports Hall (Nokia), Galit Park, Wolfson Park with a powerful work of Dani Karavan “White Square” PAC’ Observations about the city and the metropolitan area and the neighborhood of the Spanish Bride, Potential abandoned and moved to restoration and preservation process and the character is being eroded, Not Guardia Street master Plan is planning to make it a commercial street with front, Yigal Allon Street Elco compound, Receives urban street-front retail in each new project a large percentage of them skyscrapers, Is one of the major Hhftaot of East and West Quarter, Vicoren neighborhood with single-storey buildings and narrow streets between the locations requested and a rural, Boulevard of education with the tables and their songs and texts from the Enlightenment, Ecology, Lake twigs, Climbing plants and endangered species conservation, The whole district receives equal treatment to urban and a unique character.

Population 77.368 Which is 20.0% Of the total.


Demographics of each district were obtained from Wikipedia, Exact data of tax’ Percentage of persons municipality can search the site.

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