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ארכיון עבור May, 2012

Hvsting known and disseminated in the country is the address “Am Israel Chai” Blue always and under free handwritten black majority response to the address, Mitolgy became a kind of graffiti in the streets of Tel Aviv and around Israel “Am Israel Chai” Additional expressions to approximately”Living in India”, “Live film”, Or play with the”Live”, To leader”, May cancel the”Live” וצירוףAm Israel Chai�”Conqueror”, Add a different color stencil, Sticker or address and free writing, We recognize other forms Sting statement   קרא עוד..

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Cinema Hotel was built in conjunction with the existing historic building of the former legendary Esther Cinema cinema began Dizengoff, Building conservation program included high-level conservation, Tel Aviv Municipality and included as part of the announcement of Tel Aviv as a city of world heritage by”UNESCO Y., International-style building was built (Bauhaus), Architect Yehuda Magidovich, First city engineer of Tel Aviv, Who built a movie theater with 1000 Seating on two levels, That the second level were cells and it was the cinema   קרא עוד..

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Thank participants and tour participants “כיכרות שבילים חדשים ואומנות רחוב” Held today in “Houses from Within” And cooperation with Israel for Bicycles, It was fun to know and experience together the experiences of squares, Ring paths, Riding for the city, Understand the street and street art and Florentine neighborhoods Noga,. [important]לפרטי הסיור בקיש important 'כיכרות, New trails and street art‘ או בלשונית סיורים בדף ראשי. [/important]

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Graffiti, Sticker, Stencil, טאגינג בכתב יד חופשי, The trash cans are part of standard urban space in Tel Aviv, Especially the heart and not just South, בשכונות ורחובות ברחבי העיר נמצא פח אשפה, Tin or industrial urban cycle it Tging, Stencil, Adhesion, Sticker or free-hand drawing and some cans have become mythological Cfh flea market in Jaffa, On four sides UVs (Two artists who visited the city of Brussels) אחת מעבודותיהם בוצעה על ארבעת צידי פח אשפה מברזל המשמש את המסעדות   קרא עוד..

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Tel Aviv avenues define the charm of the city of Tel Aviv, Most residents and visitors are familiar with the city avenues ring increasingly being built into one unit, Breast’ Rothschild, Breast’ H.”Estate and Ben Gurion Boulevard unpaved last passage it is currently, But those are not the only avenues, Spine three years ago moved to upgrade it “Education Avenue” Located on the east bank of the Ayalon shaped the West in recent years with mixed uses and urban characteristics, This year should   קרא עוד..

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אומנות הרחוב של לצ’י מתאפיינת בציור על נייר עיתון, Her artist paints portraits and abstract and complex characters inflamed public space, Subject of gender and surrealism very prominent in her work and she pours them a story luscious us to confront works and examine the simulations are found to range from surreal, It creates reality and stretches the boundaries, Works separately and successful cooperation, Prolific and wide with Dede, Exciting and excellent contact, יוצרות חיבור מרגש ומוצלח בחיבור בין הסטנסילים מעולם הצריכה והסוריאל לעבודות   קרא עוד..

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