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Graffiti, Sticker, סטנסיל, טאגינג בכתב יד חופשי, The trash cans are part of standard urban space in Tel Aviv, Especially the heart and not just South, Neighborhoods and streets throughout the city in trash, Tin or industrial urban cycle it Tging, סטנסיל, Adhesion, Sticker or free-hand drawing and some cans have become mythological Cfh flea mStencilfa, On four sides UVs (Two artists who visited the city of Brussels) One of the works performed on the four sides of the metal garbage can used for the restaurants and businesses, Each side of his characters familiar figure on the walls in the neighborhoods of south Tel Aviv and Jaffa, Even if this can work on slightly faded, Still possible and advisable to arrive and see the richness and quality, When you visit the flea market,Blue plastic bin on immigration is a common tin four local artists, Not really glued, Were drawn at the same time, There are handwritten Tging of BMT, Of capsule color stencil of ADI SENED, Tging more free handwritten, Paste images line by &BE& אמן שמתפתח די יפה ופלסטר של DEDE, Tin fastened an iron chain that point on, and unlike other bins addresses not replace, There is a feeling that he was liked by his environment, I shot a man in the doorway was filled with pride, noting that there are other paintings in all sides.

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