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New construction – When photography was

גבולותיה של שכונת “Kerem in Israel” Currently, North of the Carmel Market, Which is a sandwich between vineyard are appointed with ports and inputs for both neighborhoods along Market, East of St. Gruzenberg, Longitudinal axis until it long ago was a busy bus route and after a struggle moderated nature of the neighborhood, Carmel Street in the west of the large space in the neighborhood and district “Garden occupiers” And minutes walking distance of the beach and south of Isaac Elchanan, Which is a border between Neve Tzedek. Major roads which are Gruzenberg, Shep”R., Bolivar, Kalisher and Elhanan, Kerem Htiminim white intelligence through the Carmel Market, Nahalat Binyamin neighborhood in east and southern neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, She is also the seam of Bayit neighborhood, כרם ישראל היא שכונה ותיקה שיוסדה כשנתיים לחלוקת המגרשים ולתמונה המפורסמת של אברהם סוסקין משנת 1908, In recent years the neighborhood has a revival, Urban renewal projects and the popularity of the young and young families, רחובות השכונה לרוב שקטים למעט בשני רוחבות אורכיים והיא גדושה במבנים בסגנון אקלקטי , Style Hvenlaumi (Bauhaus), Modern construction and post-modern, Neighborhood streets with no commercial front at, למעט שלושה או ארבעה שטחי מסחר לאורך רחוב שפ”R., And Bgobolh his Carmel street front commercial, There is a coffee house one, Magic on the outskirts of the market which is insanity residents and visitors to the, The neighborhood offers quiet on the one hand , Quality of Life, Low construction and other security and walking distance from the Carmel market, Nahalat Binyamin, Allenby Junction, Shenkin, מרחק הליכה מאפשרת פער בן איכות של קיבוץ בתוך גבולותיה והתרחשות עירונית פעילה ביותר מעבר לגבולותיה, Walking distance of about 15 minutes to the beach and the perfect location for growing children, If that still Hzkkot vehicle if there is children and this is largely due to the scarcity of public schools and kindergartens in the area and still taking children to kindergarten culture of cycling short distances in its infancy and not to mention the use of public transport, Relevant issues in neighborhoods further excellence, But you can still operate a bicycle and see increasing signs that mainly due to investment in the municipality of quality bicycle Chablis, לשכונה תחנת תל אופן ותחבורה ציבורית במרחק הליכה של עד 10 דקות בממוצע מאפשר לצרוך את מיטב עירוב השימושים העירוני.

DEDE's work in building cruise – When photography was

שכונת כרם ישראל גדושה בעבודות אומנות רחוב גדולות מימד ואיכתויות שנוספו לה באחרונה של מיטב האמני הרחוב שפעלו בעבר ופועלים היום כ,Zero cents, Grandfather, Ame72, Imaginery Duck ועוד…, The combination of old, New, Renewed and post-modern, צובעים את השכונה ומייחדים אותה והיא חיה בשלווה עם בנייני מידות אקלקטיים ומבנים מודרנים בני עד חמש קומות שנבנים בשכונה כחלק מהתחדשות עירונית שהיא עוברת כבניין אקלקטי עליו נבנה בניין מודרני בן שלוש קומות, Building the first city engineer of Judah Magidovich corner Mohilever Kalisher, Additions to buildings undergoing historic preservation and renewal process as a dormitory town accountant office, Modern building modern residential and office building, שימור מבנים היסטוריים ברמה מחמירה ובנוסף פרויקט של גורדי שחקים שהולך ונבנה בשכונה בקצה רחוב מוהליבר מגדל “White City” , In the neighborhood there is no public space except space converted Kalisher School nearly a decade ago at art school and art gallery very post-modern design contributes to the neighborhood, Attributed to the change in the neighborhood lie dormant in the neighborhood wake up, Converted square yard area, Plot, Amusement Park Mognnt, A public shelter and basketball court and in front of a small area was converted into a public garden, Future with the White City project completion Isaac Elchanan added on to join the Ring avenue urban boulevards. בית הספר קלישר נסגר וגם בית הספר לאומניות שנבנה תחתיו ויצר את מה שאנו עדים לו בשכונה גם נסגר ועבר לעיר אחרת ואין ידיעה מה הולך להחליף את מבנה בית הספר למרות שנראית פעילות כלשהיא במבנה, But also neglect and fear that the land will be purchased by”S the only area entrepreneurs and public building and public space only disappear from the heart of the neighborhood. Constructed nearby Carmel Street has the “Garden occupiers” Which is one of the largest parks in the heart of the magical neighborhood where, Park progression in quality, The neighborhood also within walking distance from the beach, Enjoying the breeze of the sea and not exposed to the ravages of winter and storms.

Building trim – When photography was

The historic part of the neighborhood began in 1911 Two years after the founding of the city and plots the famous picture of photographer Avraham Soskin, Initially purchased by”S Committee in thirty acres we know today Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall decline corner Gruzenberg, F streets”R., Gzrznberg, Kalisher and Mohilever, They are prominent in the neighborhood streets, Since the plots and shape their configuration blocks created different from the streets of Mansion House and the inheritance of Benjamin nearby, In 1913 כשנה לאחר רכישת שלושים הדונם נרכשו שלושים דונם נוספים מאברהם מויאל Proximity to this area was purchased in 1912 by the company land redemption “Unifying the field” Son 29 Acre, Family life and Valero from Jerusalem and Arab partners - Christian Jaffa. Thus, a sequence of plots owned by Jews in the area between the back of the gymnasium to the Carmel market close. British aerial photography from 1917 Already seen a number of houses built in this area. Israel vineyard area boundaries are Isaac Elchanan, Dawn, Kalisher, Shep”R., Carmel and contains up officials neighborhood”Jack and the neighborhood north of Brenner and Brenner camp south. Streets in the centers are: Gruzenberg, Mohilever and Tabor. In fact, Never was this area called the ordinary sense of the term. There was not to like other neighborhoods that were built then (Benjamin inheritance, New company, Dodgeball and more). There was a uniform population in the region, Organized construction etc.. But the edges were neighborhoods: Brenner neighborhood, Brenner camp officials and neighborhood Up”K and are included in this area currently. The area was built near the hot seam line with Manshiyya, What made anyone who could migrate to safer areas in the city.

The same was in the early stages of the War of Independence. הגבשולמית פולקמר מעידה כי “A mortar round hit the Talmud Torah School Tabor Street. It caused serious damage to the street we lived on Mount Tabor and we had to go north of Tel Aviv”. התפתחותו של שוק הכרמל לאחר קום המדינה לא תרמה לאיכות החיים והאזור שימש לעיתים פתרון מגורים למשפרי דיור משכונות שבזי הצפופות שסבלו שם מהעדר תשתיות ביוב, Neglect and crime. בשנות השישים והשבעים התרוקן אזור כרם ישראל מרוב תושביו לטובת עסקים שונים (Mainly sewing and fashion business). School District (Kalisher schools, Zerubbabel and dawn) Recently closed and the children were learning environment outside the area Balfour School (To this day, serving local residents) Or Bea”S. conquerors destroyed (In its place now stands the David Intercontinental Hotel). Mid-eighties there have been major changes in the environment. Mainly due to municipal policies and by grants from the urban society and Bitzaron Help: אזור רחוב שיינקין השתפץ והתפרסם בשם לב העיר , Shabazi swords Motgo neighborhoods and re-named Neve Tzedek, Neve Tzedek Theater and Inbal Dance Company began operating the first school compound, And Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall built. Any changes to the area around infiltrate Kerem in Israel because of its central location and cheap assets which then returned to be a realistic option for residential. In the nineties began to act rather than a group of several issues. Remember especially the struggle against Dun transfer bus lines crossing the street one street inhabited Gruzenberg people. This period also appears from the use of the name Kerem in Israel. Perhaps inspired by neighborhoods in the camp of Israel and neighboring Yemenite Vineyard”, From site “Tel Aviv 100“.

עבודה של ZERO CENTS – When photography was

A street – When photography was

The only cafe in the neighborhood – When photography was

עבודה של Imaginery Duck בבית לפני שימור – When photography was

Conservation and the addition at the Institute of Certified Public Accountants – When photography was

  • The historic part of the neighborhood taken from the site “Tel Aviv 100″ And relevant sites “Kerem in Israel” And”Wikipedia”
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