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Former shop space hotel lobby – When photography was

Walking in is like a walk in wonderland, A few weeks ago I was walking on Allenby Street I came across a photo of a routine second-hand store had seen before and I decided to go to the shop, Shop attracted the eyes, Warm and exciting, בכניסה אל החנות כרזות ישנות משנות השישים והשבעים, Household objects, Period furniture and a piano, As I wander the store and examine the wares and smiles on their face, אני מבחין בגרם מדרגות מעוגל ומעוצב המוביל לקומה נוספת ובגג החנות על קימוריו ועיצובו שמזכיר עיצוב עתידני של פעם הלובי של החללית בסרט “Space Odyssey” Came to my mind at the curves of the white roof, Shabby what would be the first building's previous destiny, The shop was empty but the sound and voices were heard from the depth, Small enough shop space, A small door leading into a courtyard tip against the spirit of the historic city courts, Four men and a woman were sitting in the yard where old furniture second hand, One guy said hello, Entered the store and the front desk to make coffee, I introduced myself and he introduced himself as the father, The store has the space that once served as a lobby of the hotel Hess of pictures, Furniture, Books, And products in the spirit of the hundred and twenty, Hhinnim counter products including the iconic map of the city, Now design icons displayed city buildings, Including coffee machine, One corner of the sofa store wide, There is a wide courtyard with an old second-hand furniture can sit in it, Moving from regular visitors to the yard and the second level of stairs leading to Yulin with clothes hangers mainly women's clothing and men's clothing.

אבי הקים את החנות בלוקיישן זה לפני כשלוש שנים והביא את מרכולתה מחנות דומה שהקים בעיר ברצלונה והעתיק את החנות לחלל זה ברחוב אלנבי ועל כך החליט שראה את החלל וגילה את סיפור המקום, בעבר בניין זה שימש כמלון הס והוא היה כסוג של מה שאנו מכירים היום “Boutique Hotel”, He then served as the founders of the city, Visitors seasons, Artists and public figures.

My father founded wonderland – When photography was

The store itself is located in the hotel lobby where he was, Stairs leading to the center verbalist second level space currently used second-hand clothes are sold in, Tour of the enchanting courtyard with me, Pointed to a bridge that stretches over and said that this bridge was used to transport luggage to the guest floors of the hotel rooms and long porch across the courtyard from him would go into the rooms have balconies facing the Allenby Street and Seaview and Opera House buildings Hayiconiim Mughrabi, Palace Theater, Tent theater.

Allenby Street 33 Today, Former hotel fire – When photography was

The tour was like a journey back to Tel Aviv in another, Meticulous, Designed, Meticulous detail, My father told me a little about the nature of the store behind the second hand goods, You can get with a laptop, Coffee, Sit and surf the Web by using an on wires in the yard and feel at home,

Atrium – When photography was

Store Name “Mughrabi” And has a facebook page, Shopping visit a magical experience, Recommended to look up and examine the original ceiling of Heath Hotel, The stairs and ceilings feature, Examine the inner courtyard that looks like a situation that nature has brought them and know the store owner and father of regular people who come to her and be exposed to the magic that miracle abroad.

The second floor is devoted to clothes – When photography was

Historical baggage Bridge upper level of the courtyard has survived intact – When photography was

One meeting spaces, You can browse the Web – When photography was

Integrated bookshelves in the store uses west – When photography was

גג הלובי ששרד, עיצוב עתידני מהעבר - צילום מתי עלה

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  1. Rachel says:


    When, I would love to visit this store and find books for purchase :)

    Maybe clothes :)

    Thanks for the great post.

    Good and blessed month


  2. When did says:

    Lovely, Schedule date, The City is waiting for you.

  3. rona says:

    Hey when.
    Excellent blog. Convenient to look at it.
    Enjoying and learning from your record. You can pass a description of place and space, Item or drawing, Atmosphere or in a fascinating photo, Just wonderful. You seem to experience and move text and image perfectly in reality.
    The Dr N.. I read your post even if I did not respond to her written. Waiting for the next record.
    And Rachel, Store controllers, Correct you a great experience of “Memories from Dad” So I felt a visit there.
    I really like old items, Books, Objects, etc.………..
    Will resume on the new blog. Successfully.

  4. When did says:

    Thanks Rona, The store is indeed a kind of magic and time travel, The smile did not come down to me from my lips the whole time, Good experience that remains even after the visit, Thank you for writing your, I was thrilled to read.

  5. Cheerful orphan says:

    Peace when

    I added the index your post a second-hand stores – http://www.index2.info
    Do you have more posts on thrift stores?
    If you write about other thrift stores would love to update and publish the index


  6. When did says:

    Happily, Thank you.

  7. Itamar says:

    The store is located at the charming historic Hess and not as written thank you

  8. Mirela says:

    That’s really thinking at an ipmrsesive level

  9. When did says:

    Thanks for the responses heartwarming to read it

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