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ארכיון עבור July, 2012

Puma series of new works in the public sphere, In this series earlier than fine face revealing cloth covered her eyes and mouth, Body white striped shirt that exposes her body and hands , Black cord wrapped around the body, Together with the ceremony is the relationship between herself and the space, By”J. weaving and building actual scenes, Gender and historical, First ceremony contextual content takes us into the world of gender, The Patriarchate, In this series it forces the viewer / A wonder whether the ceremony   קרא עוד..

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Tel Aviv is known as “White City” Or “Black white city”, There is a book by that name, We recognize the oppressive sense of traffic jams, Buildings neglect, Running to work , To the university, Search Ahrhnih, Cafe, Gallery, Shopping Center, Especially in a place with air conditioning to escape the stifling heat in summer or heating in winter, There's nothing like Tel Aviv in the transitional seasons of spring and autumn and colorful blossoms and dreams that, Beautiful no like Tel Aviv Tel Aviv winter, If the   קרא עוד..

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Neighborhood “Kerem in Israel” Neighborhood is moving the seam between the vineyard appointed Carmel Market, The city's oldest neighborhoods appeal and eclectic style building international style (Bauhaus) And low construction, The neighborhood is urban renewal with a few eclectic buildings abandoned beside an old building, לצד תהליך שימור והתתחדשת, One of the features unique to the neighborhood some street art works exceedingly strong and expanding the large dimension one whole building, Dede's work on an eclectic style building abandoned and partially destroyed, עבודה המשתרעת על   קרא עוד..

Historical introduction: “Abu sprout passive inner square, סביל השוכן ממערב למסגד מחמודיה ביפו. נבנה על-ידי מושל יפו בתחילת המאה ה-19, Mahmoud Agha A - Emi (Neighborhood “Abu sprout”), And as near the entrance to the mosque, אולם עם הרחבת הכביש הוא הוזז כ-20 מטר מערבה והוצב בליבו של מעין כיכר. Name “סביל אבו נבוט ב'” Coined by Zeev Vilnai, To distinguish passive Abu germinated in the way Ben Zvi. It was once a magnificent structure that resembles passive voice in the entrance   קרא עוד..

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When it is not planned and surprise and it increased magic uniqueness of the city of Tel Aviv, Immigrant public and public space in making my, יום שישי בצהרים בדרכי לארוחת שישי משפחתית פגשתי ברחוב יהודה הלוי את האדריכל ואמן הרחוב עדי סנד והמתעדת עירית ספוזניק ואת צמד האלכימאים יואב הנדל ומעיין בר שבהמשך בהתכתבות ברשת להכנת הפוסט התברר שמדובר בשלישייה בתהליך התהוות פסל האלכימאי, Process as the story came together in the public domain for the moment of measurement contained Kontrooktziit statue Alchemist   קרא עוד..

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