• Feb : 7 : 2014 - שעת שיא: Breast’ Kings of Israel
  • Jan : 27 : 2014 - תיאטרון מסתורין: סיור בין מבוכים אורבאניים וחללים סודיים
  • Jan : 22 : 2014 - Her color: תל אביב בשחור לבן
  • Jan : 14 : 2014 - טבעת העיר: פרק ראשון “Rabin Square”
  • Jan : 6 : 2014 - Interactive interview: ARC D.L.P

Puma series of new works in the public sphere, In this series earlier than fine face revealing cloth covered her eyes and mouth, Body white striped shirt that exposes her body and hands , Black cord wrapped around the body, Together with the ceremony is the relationship between herself and the space, By”J. weaving and building actual scenes, Gender and historical, First ceremony contextual content takes us into the world of gender, The Patriarchate, In this series it forces the viewer / A wonder whether the ceremony was said by”J. The female form, If the speaker is, Or was told by”J. patriarchal male figure, As we knew the previous series, PUMA was first put out gender and personal journey to herself, Appointed to build intelligence, Woman to woman and her space, It reveals an internal process and starts from the end and says the observer / A in the first scene “Already won“, Without a question mark or exclamation mark, Assumes any woman to take a moment.

The rest of the scenes she takes concepts that are designed to exclude a woman selling her personal and public space, Or download her confidence in her ability to be an equal space much of it is created and co-creation, Puma pouring new content, Use of familiar texts, What do you have the, What more do you want, When you are older you'll understand, Default.

יש גם כרזה מהסיבוב הקודם עם הכיתוב Baruch made me at will Day following the placing made a Sting, Announcement Maguire into a person with a dome lays tefillin, Unsuccessful attempt to erase any sign of feminine, Eyes, Lips, Htzvar.

את הסדרה פומה מסיימת בסצנה האחרונה באותה מטבע That's how it, As if to say we are on the map and we remain on the map and we decide on our own menu.

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