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When it is not planned and surprise and it increased magic uniqueness of the city of Tel Aviv, Immigrant public and public space in making my, יום שישי בצהרים בדרכי לארוחת שישי משפחתית פגשתי ברחוב יהודה הלוי את האדריכל ואמן הרחוב עדי סנד והמתעדת עירית ספוזניק ואת צמד האלכימאים יואב הנדל ומעיין בר שבהמשך בהתכתבות ברשת להכנת הפוסט התברר שמדובר בשלישייה בתהליך התהוות פסל האלכימאי, Process as the story came together in the public domain for the moment of measurement contained Kontrooktziit Alchemist statue which was the basis of iron coasters dress wearable recycled plastic bottles and stable, When during the process we are moving backwards and gender while back today and go through a process that apparently reveals the creative heart, את הקונטרוקציה התקין לגופו יואב הנדל ועליו הולבשה שמלת תחתיות בקבוקי הפלסטיק הצבעוניים בעזרתם של מעיין בר ועדי סנד לכדי יצירה שתופעלה בחן לגופו של יואב הנדל, The process itself was an experience, Dresses of this magnitude also previously required the help of two A / women and lasted many minutes, and progression in quality, What created interaction and connection of those present and passing on the street. Thus the Sabbath received heart Yehuda Halevi Street, Tel Aviv experiment sculpture installation “The Alchemist” Tel Aviv dressed and looks and feels most equal possible, If only allowed to.

How did the work evolved?

Alchemist has evolved out of a desire to make something non-conventional material, At first I thought the cups”P., Brother”As a result of trial and error I realized they were not durable enough and moved to bottles. At the same time I met a kind and she offered to help…We started working together about three months ago and Yael joined. Very quickly I realized the creative process of sculpture will be subject Alchemist.


Actually “Alchemy” And The Alchemist is the hero of the piece. There are several elements that turned out and intensified during the… Practice transparency and brilliance. A bit like a pure idea that falls to earth. Theme of triangles, Recurrent formal and colorful and reflects the fact our team might triangle. 2+1 = 3 combination of two opposites. Always need to balance 3. Mediate, Stabilize. Otherwise it 2 Against one(Or one). There is a concept called alchemy : “Wedding of opposites” Just talking about it. Sometimes years to connect to third , Or symbolism of alchemy- “Philosopher's Stone” Element that allows the connection, And the transformation of simple gold material. Alchemists tried to turn lead into gold hundreds of years, But in fact discovered the real process of transformation going on in the mind.

We worked in a kind of alchemy laboratory in which to observe the internal process and understand it, And sometimes simply create and do not know why ,How and what.

What is planned to create?

אנחנו מציגים בפסטיבל רחובות לפסלים חיים בתאריכים שני-שלישי רביעי ביולי. (So to speak next week Monday Tuesday Wednesday *)Later (Please god) We will continue to Lt”A , Holon and Europe ;)/I like and Yaeli were part of a protest with the Purim carnival created content and messages of the 99% and re-occupation of public space. It was only natural to want to keep together even more as a personal project Alchemist.

Thank you and good luck.

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  1. Yoav Handel says:

    Matthew thanks for the interview! :)
    Of course the metal alchemists tried to turn lead into gold is no sulfur or mercury even, It was my mistake in the text…

  2. When did says:

    Thank you, Fixed text.

  3. Verona says:

    Hey when.
    Congratulations on your birthday. Success in. Belatedly but with all my heart.

    Thanks for the interesting entry uploaded.
    Would love to see them in Tel - Aviv.

  4. Rachel says:

    When, Thanks Soul.

    Cubic meters from S. J..


  5. Yoav Handel says:

    The Alchemist page on Facebook !

  6. Lama says:

    Which came first, the problem or the slouiton? Luckily it doesn’t matter.

  7. Tatiana says:

    Hats off to wohveer wrote this up and posted it.

  8. Rintu says:

    A simple and inlteligent point, well made. Thanks!

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