Street art: Nitzan, Mintz and Maya Gelfman “Two wire digital poetry”

Neighborhood “Kerem in Israel” Neighborhood is moving the seam between the vineyard appointed Carmel Market, The city's oldest neighborhoods appeal and eclectic style building international style (Bauhaus) And low construction, The neighborhood is urban renewal with a few eclectic buildings abandoned beside an old building, Alongside the conservation process and resume, Unique in some neighborhood street art works of large dimensions exceedingly strong and pervasive in the whole building in one, Dede's work on an eclectic style building abandoned and partially destroyed,Work extending from the side of pink building international style of the artist Zero Cents, Intimate and magical works of Imaginery Duck building aesthetic that spans an entire eclectic and harmonious with both sides in the neighborhood it's something unique street art scene in Tel Aviv.

Was Maya's last exhibition at Weiss Gelfman considered the first house built in the city, I noticed a huddle of Maya, a bud and excitement and magic I thought was going be formed including, The works of bud I really like, It always surprises and less and the words of piercing the heart Blokiisnim maceration and materials that help us Lhdmia and live the story, I get to know and charm the second and mechanical works of Maya there's something very author including, Work breaks and builds up step by step into a whole, Form letter word, Trial, Song, Red thread woven hearts and moves a mechanical parts and gears, Sometimes Mtmsgr, Sometimes an injury pipes, Windows or walls as if they were his life.

Joint work covers an entire building facade facing the eclectic style Save process, Project has been delayed for over a year, Thread moves a mechanical systems, Gear, Drainage pipes spilled, Mingling with green leaves, Bars, Hearts, Fences, Windows, Doors, Land, Metal, Concrete, Plaster and sea breeze due to proximity to Tel Aviv beach of Tel Aviv, Second wire Mtftl and meets two songs written by bud, Letters captures and weaves own hearts pendulum.

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2 comments on “Street art: Nitzan, Mintz and Maya Gelfman “Two wire digital poetry”

  1. Rachel says:

    Rise and shine when expensive,

    Red thread I linked associatively evil eye protection

    And the relationship between interest,As expression: Twisted thread.

    Noted that the red wire also binds purification methods (For example: The Red Cow).

    Thanks for everything



  2. When did says:

    Thank you Rachel, I love the red and white combination that plays with passion and purity

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