Sabil Abu germinated in’ Mohammadi Mosque foot

Historical introduction: “Abu sprout passive inner square,Passive Mahmudiye the west of the mosque in Jaffa. Built on - by the governor of Jaffa at the beginning of the 19th century, Mahmoud Agha A - Emi (Neighborhood “Abu sprout”), And as near the entrance to the mosque, However, with widening the road is moved 20 yards to the west and was placed in the heart of a sort of square. Name “Sabil Abu germinated in” Coined by Zeev Vilnai, To distinguish passive Abu germinated in the way Ben Zvi. It was once a magnificent structure that resembles the entrance to the mosque to the passive voice - Jazzar in Acre. Passive itself may form a hexagon decorated with marble slabs and around six pillars bearing the titles shapely, Probably in secondary use. Six columns supporting arches carrying palm. Instead of addresses as there are no passive Abu germinated A.. The square around the passive voice was used, Together with the nearby mosque, Center of commerce and public life of Muslim residents. Passive structure was destroyed in the circumstances above unknown and passive itself, Although that survived, Out using” (Wikipedia).

At the end of 2011 From the restoration and preservation project passive Abu look at the, Combined passive and restored as part of a public square in the historic square rectangular unlike the rounded, allowing the movement of vehicles was moderate on a path of small stones combined (Pedestrian), Dcourtbit lighting was installed and a large rectangular square along the ancient wall remains intact, With stone benches, Palm trees and shading Bthumhh stay and side projects recently completed, Passive restoration work began founded and built almost begins to bring the passive state of glorious days passed by the 19th century paintings, All that remains before the start of the reconstruction works is hexagonal-shaped inner part made of marble and stone models of the passive with damaged illustrations which was based around the restoration or passive inaugurated in -2012 and is now active drinking water facility to travelers in the region.

After strengthening the hexagonal elements and creating a wide installed base secrets hexagonal gold-colored iron cage covered by dredger, Enhances the passive in detail, Installed six basic pillars yellow and white colors as their source and Dom dressed with a blue wooden bows in the past six, Hexagonal base and Brmczo rounded off Dom Title Page, Hanging from the inside concave direct lighting a black iron cage, The bottom hexagon parts that were covered in marble engraved part modified example of forgiveness and restores the existing, Not performed reconstruction examples, These rescue.

Today's waves look like travelers and tourists passing alongside, Stop, Wash hands, Drinking, Photographed relaxing rest ancient historical landscape of old Jaffa 4000 Year, Enjoy the historic, The sea breeze near the, Ancient wall remains on the planting and the end of the second Hmhumh Htshasra century destroyed to pave way and the route along the promenade Bfrwikt coined “Route of the wall” Tells the story, The buildings are renewed, Residential building in the nature of the region, Building a boutique hotel on the area police station that criticized him and fear that will hide the clock and hit the structure of the historic fabric and continue the rest of the sites.

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