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ארכיון עבור August, 2012

Another excellent story historic building in eclectic style underwent restoration is a Berlin Fsovsky design architects Joseph Berlin and Richard Fsovsci, The building known as “The Twins” Mazeh Street”The .., Barsky inscribed with the back series “Conservation”, The twins were in 1922 One-story structure at the corner of Mazeh”And Strauss Street, the residential structure, Studio's girlfriend Fsovsky daughter was in garbage resin, In 1925 Were added to the two-story structure above the roof level rooms were built, What   קרא עוד..

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The first time I met Mr. Nir work for the exhibition process “Painting the Revolution” People in the Rothschild Boulevard 69, Work intrigued me, At first glance I thought it was the reflection of the interior of a plane, Another View eclectic structures revealed Chain, Technique intrigues me, We talked about that we have a meeting or interview, I wanted to know more of him, Two weeks ago I met Nir again during labor, Shenkin garden this time as part of an event in”The Tami”, Paste this time and this time the theme   קרא עוד..

Tel Aviv is known as “White City” Or “Black white city”, There is a book by that name, We recognize the oppressive sense of traffic jams, Buildings neglect, Running to work , To the university, Search Ahrhnih, Cafe, Gallery, Shopping Center, Especially in a place with air conditioning to escape the stifling heat in summer or heating in winter, There's nothing like Tel Aviv in the transitional seasons of spring and autumn and colorful blossoms and dreams that, Beautiful no like Tel Aviv Tel Aviv winter, If the   קרא עוד..

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Architect Yehuda Magidovich was the first city engineer of Tel Aviv and designed many buildings throughout the city of Tel Aviv from public buildings, Trade, Industry, Eclectic style residence, Interim period and style of a national (Bauhaus,) Dozens of buildings still survive around the heart of Tel Aviv, חלק נהרסו. The Barsky is an eclectic style building (Mixes old style Eastern Europe) שנבנה ברחוב מאז”The .. 10 In 1922 With crown turret in the center served as a hospital Ein Gedi, The turret   קרא עוד..

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