• Aug : 21 : 2012 - Interactive interview: ניר אדוני Nir Adoni
  • Aug : 16 : 2012 - Her color – Tel Aviv white
  • Aug : 7 : 2012 - Conservation: The Barsky designed by Yehuda Magidovich.
  • Jul : 30 : 2012 - Street art: Puma (FOMA): “Already won”.
  • Jul : 24 : 2012 - Her color – Tel Aviv blue

Three gallery work

The first time I met Mr. Nir work for the exhibition process “Painting the Revolution” People in the Rothschild Boulevard 69, Work intrigued me, At first glance I thought it was the reflection of the interior of a plane, Another View eclectic structures revealed Chain, Technique intrigues me, We talked about that we have a meeting or interview, I wanted to know more of him, Two weeks ago I met Nir again during labor, Shenkin garden this time as part of an event in”The Tami”, Paste this time and this time the theme is Architecture, Lighting plays a role, Night plays a role, In this work the structure of the church Gotti, When she seemed drawn from the turret top and bottom, My third date with the work of Nir, Third time in one month, I saw three in the gallery work”The Twins” Maza Street, In this work it shocked me (Positive sense) And connection to her was immediate, Two rectangles in one of the other views and people hanging on rope in front of them went or deer looks essentially the destruction, Like chamois time traveler, Present Future, This work not only gave me an answer I was wondering about the city and urban Nir, Its relationship to the environment as part of a collective, She let me feel the connection bold detail.

Why Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is a city full of volatile layers, There is dirt, Filth, Moisture, Unbearable heat, Air Pollution, Neglect, crime and poverty, with areas spotless and well maintained this tremendous gap with the lack of urban planning and a huge architecture makes this city become a hot fusion reactor in the Middle East.

Where do you get the images to create?

In 60 minutes of walking in the city you are bombarded with countless images and experiences architectural meetings almost impossible, Exciting historic buildings buried under layers of posters of concerts, Dozens of various cables ugly gray plastic pipes and rusted air conditioners, These endless stimuli produce a powerful mix

 What is the place of architecture in your work.

These places intriguing and exciting the imagination run, I take them with me to the studio where images are broken down slowly and built my new computer, Architecture becomes something almost unimaginable amorphous,


You can tell on the choice of materials and the location I chose, In the sense that we have people working through the x-ray viewers, Tiffany's work has undergone print processing and large scale, Three dominant LED lighting?

The images are reborn in different techniques when the light is often at work and try to create an illusion, The viewer is in a situation where he watches images with known language, But the familiar, everyday architecture takes a different characterization applies to a material change in its functional questionable, Future mixes with the past and draw from existing knowledge in the history of the buildings, East West, Scale and frequent changes were vaguely familiar places become autonomous in themselves.

The technique people: Vinyl, Glass, Perspex, LED lighting, Concrete, Tree, Size: 80 על 30 On 100 S.”From

Ham garden Technique : Vinyl sticker size: 240 On 240 S.”From

Gallery Three Technique: May work three laser-cut metal with LED lighting Size 135 On 50 Cm

Exciting, Thank you Nir.

Shenkin garden work – There is a sense of architectural object drawn

Mr. Nir work

People at work

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