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Architect Yehuda Magidovich was the first city engineer of Tel Aviv and designed many buildings throughout the city of Tel Aviv from public buildings, Trade, Industry, Eclectic style residence, Interim period and style of a national (Bauhaus,) Dozens of buildings still survive around the heart of Tel Aviv, חלק נהרסו. The Barsky is an eclectic style building (Mixes old style Eastern Europe) שנבנה ברחוב מאז”The .. 10 In 1922 With crown turret in the center served as a hospital Ein Gedi, Circular turret at the entrance to the tax led’ Supported steps surrounding a garden, Internal balconies on the first floor and second floor arched open hooves, בבניין אקלקטי בן קומת קרקע מוגבעת וקומה נוספת אותם מקרה גג רעפים שבהמשך הוסר בחלקו לצורך הוספת קומה נוספת, The first thing visible Bkomfosetziit tower structure is curved and elongated head Hmogba and dental (Secretary wall, Turret), This is the building's staircase, Due to the round tower on the corner lot is the base of the stairs in his three-sided structure designed unlike, Tower stairs rib Mzrrhit, West and rear casing keeps creating symmetrical side of the street and interesting internal spaces.

The building was built as a family residence Barsky, First days of the city buildings were called the names of the families that the building was built for them and eclectic failure on one floor , Eventually the building was converted and used as a hospital Ein Gedi , The building has undergone many changes primarily internal and later restoration project completed in 2012 About ninety years after Veneinto he keeps physically rigorous conservation and really looks on the outside as if completed in 1922 ובתוספת קומה בנסיגה, גם גג הרעפים נותר בחלקו וגם חלק מהחללים המקוריים, At least the spirit of planning and time.

As part of the preservation of the Barsky and add more retreat floor residential wing touches the street will be built alongside, Modern building's five floors Style in Hvenlaumi (Bauhaus), When building a broad spirit of the period of separation between them and a main entrance to both sides, Preserved in modern eclectic style and spirit of the Bauhaus, History Its uses include Barsky family residence, Converted to a hospital in Ein Gedi , Geriatric Hospital “Citrus elderly” And now for the residential building involved a five-story new wing attached to the condensed structure with floor retreat sits partly on the historical building to be used as a West uses.

Partially preserved interior guard as part of co Flex shares and extensions and transitions for mixed uses, Using meticulous material and spirit of the past, It seems that the building will serve the old and new wing housing with an option for a multipurpose use, Barsky is opposite the last structure stringent conservation inside and outside, The eclectic design architects twins Joseph Berlin and Richard Pasovsky sun sea as young men, Art gallery and bookshop is also a cafe, Walk the streets and houses perish in the magical.

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