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Tel way, Began to appear in the pilot of six months ending in May 2011 And is active in over a year, The project was designed about 1500 bikes at 150 stations, But now, tax’ Stations and Tax’ Bicycles steady rise, Today the project nearly 20 thousand annual subscriptions and 85 thousand daily appointments that do not include weekly appointments, Rate 14 ₪ normal day and 20 ₪ those last week and 24 hours valid from Rent, All types of appointments the first 30 minutes on hold indefinitely and the 10 Minutes between rent and rent unlimited, Rent continuous over 30 Minutes begins to rise in order to enable everyone to equality and Rent,Annual subscription Mtumcr amount of 280 ₪ everyone and 240 ₪ a resident of Tel Aviv owner / A Certificate resident / A valid, Bikes are made by”י חברת  panther הגרמנית , Project legendary bike rental and seller is the Parisian Velib, Slowly began to expand to other cities in France and Europe, China also has bicycle rental project and recently opened Manhattan Project Bicycle, Many cities in the world boast bike rental project constitutes an alternative and convenient way to move in.

Work, Recreation, Studies, Sport and for any purpose

Subscribe nearly a year project that really changed my life, Before that I was riding a stolen bicycle Tax Privacy’ Twice, I suffered blowouts and the costs of maintaining and operating, Uploaded four floors without elevator Bmmtzoa twice a day, Today I am happy and despite various problems that emerged during the first project, He served and serves me great and I write this with a smile on my face,Excellent bike in terms of their structure and operation, Another shoe that allows binding to the station, Sealed chain is a big plus because it is not making a mess out of business, Pants, Dress,יש גם מינוס, Lowest level lower pocket some of the appointments, Replace the wheel to roll with inner thin narrow problematic and uncomfortable and the future will be revealed as problematic space in Tel Aviv about rolling original coping well with the space and infrastructure of the city of Tel Aviv which has experienced urban renewal in the last decade and the construction of a system of bicycle paths in which nearly 120 miles of trails in isolation with the decision of the addition 50 More miles in five years

The advantage of the first project is a perfect transport solution for the trip in, Actually transportation available twenty four hours and seven days a week and now have the option to rent a bike before the start of Yom Kippur and stay with them until the holiday ends free at annual appointments, Subscribe I use them tax’ Times a day, Morning office or meeting, University, Back to the city, Back to home, Even traveling at night when no transport or collect flies in the night, Another advantage is the company that runs it deals frequently find solutions and improve the project, It began with the option to tie on the road with Ann space stations, Further extension of rent in 15 minutes in free of charge when there is no, Adding pressure air filling station in the breast’ Ben Gurion, The system Replacing aesthetic system, With the addition map of locations ,Smartphones and label application by stations”Beyond the Barcode, Website Facebook page,Upgraded system which can report a variety of problems, Be estimated rent if no place to park and station control and automatic release system upgrade, Independent dampen releases the bike lock and solved some of the problems of recent months, Another innovation is a resident of the bottom roll Frishman Street should also improve the problem of discharge and aesthetic functions in terms of the arrangement at the station.

Despite this there are still problems in the software detects an existing bike, Standard replacement caster wheels roll mostly narrow inequality between appointments subscribers Center South, East and North, There are rumors flew that enable the meantime years appointments direct drive one continuous back and forth from one destination that will be implemented will be a great solution for existing appointments and optional subscription that would allow for example Tel Aviv University student who lives in the south or east of the city to go to university one trip and return home, Ann subscriber who lives in north Tel Aviv and working or studying in the center or south of the city on the road, Another option to improve the system is the division of the project into four areas, North, East, Central and South when travel within the region is 30 Minutes as it exists today and travel between regions will increase to 45 minutes, This will project a true equality all subscribers in all regions.

Horse Night

Hard to think of the city of Tel Aviv today without this great project per stay completely the way in which transport all day, At night, especially on weekends, when there is no active transport in, The project saves taxi expenses weekends to visit regularly for Friday, That I ride from my house to the boundary of Ramat Gan and then continue on foot to the mother, Hoping to hear about the closing with the Municipality of Ramat Gan project name I would suggest that his name be “Gan way”, Oh sweet fantasy, Hard not to see the thousands of tourists and visitors from out of town are going at it and see tourists come all over town, I met tourists on Tel way in Montefiore and Yigal Allon Street in the eastern city on the eastern bank of the Ayalon, Working out of town arrive by train or by car and parking free parking and continue to office in Tel way and have a new arrangement in which the city allows free parking daily sexual Sportec, That price of 14 Q,The limit can be conducted without the city without having to Me, Search Parking, High Paying for parking or taxi.

Private enterprise

Pilot software is supposed to solve the problem and creating an arrangement Astiti

Feels Amsterdam brand of soup Donde Bike

Trail of the new generation before the initiation

The work of artist Mickey airborne

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  1. Mark Donde says:


    I also think a good project though I have not yet try

    Thanks for Kdrdit only if you change the name to Mark Donde

    Keep it up! Well done on the initiative

  2. When did says:

    Please, Done, It was fun to meet you this week soup, Successfully.

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