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Nitzan, Mintz - Artist and poet presents her works in public spaces and galleries, And studying literature, Writing and art.
Uri opponent - Collector and importer of street art and contemporary art. Produces social and art.

Preliminary meeting for an interview with poet and street artist Uri Nitzan Mintz and founder of Free Art opponent Friday - Tel-Aviv, Was in the pharmacist, Old houses in the city, Neve Tzedek, which was established prior to the establishment of Tel Aviv. The meeting took Leah's living level Jaru Mintz, (Grandmother of bud Mintz) Shimon Rokach granddaughter of the founder of Neve Tzedek. Leah is a painter and sculptor and floor where we had our session was filled with works. This magical space bud itself was born. Space that served more than one hundred twenty years the women of pharmacist. Edge of space balcony overlooking the red tiled roofs symbolizing the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, The towers and hotels of the city and the deep blue sea. Third floor come up stairs and winding through the dome headed porch floor private residence. The dome can be seen from the back street and from the wadi where the tracks of the train was so many years ago. Leah artist, Fascinated me from the moment he shook my hand goodbye and let me feel for a moment that Molly is a woman in her 85 Which generates almost blindly sculptures and paintings so many. They locked herself in-law- Mother of the bud and bud, Similar body structure, In, Exchange, Intelligence and their ability to be independent. Nitzan told me that one of the great pleasures of her and her grandmother, Explore the city, Eat Together, Chat and enjoy quality time. Entrance to the pharmacist and all spaces, Courtyards, And floors can see the presence of female figures sculptures Leah, As Mminitorot to-size statues. Before the meeting, I made a tour bud gallery which is open along with Uri rival The Pop-Up Gallery . The gallery is a separate room which is at the entrance to. The entrance to the gallery courtyard in the foreground of the pharmacist a window overlooking a picturesque tree generously Street Pharmacist, And looks like a fairy tale. The room enjoys a separate and independent from the house, But also enjoy the space of a pharmacist, And continues the line of the street showing the intimacy institutions. The gallery will serve as a gallery for exhibitions of street art local and foreign artists”To exhibitions and sale of street art world.

Nitzan: Tell a little about the grandmother and dreamy rooftop apartment where we sat, Now I understand where your princesses, You are not twins, You already Triad, Grandmother, Mother, Amazing-looking old.
Nitzan: My grandmother and her full name- Leah Jaru Mintz, She is an artist deals with sculpture and painting. When she was my age she learned while they Bezalel and law school, And eventually even became a lawyer and art teacher in various schools and Bezalel itself. Throughout the life grandma symbolized for me what kind of woman I want to be. The apartment where the conversation is held upstairs at the pharmacist it back herself and her own pocket so before 30 Years after it was abandoned and fell apart. I grew up in this apartment since I was born. The house itself belonged to the pharmacist, And grandfather of my grandmother - Shimon Rokach founder of Neve Tzedek neighborhood first before Tel Aviv was founded. This apartment grandmother lives and paints today.

Why Tel Aviv?
You - you can ask for a better place to die”A interesting things to do with it. There is a very active audience, Open and curious, Thirst for new things. Scope of cultural activities of all kinds here is huge relative to the size, The fact that everything is relatively small compared to cities like London or New - York, Helps to expose an idea and realize himself.
You can not ignore that the core of the artists and street artists currently located in Tel Aviv. Beyond the fact that we both live in this city, Love it and thrive on the culture in which, We linked to it and believe in it.

What is your favorite site in
The backyard of the pharmacist.

How the connection between you?
Uri: Even before I knew her personally, Nitzan was one of my favorite street artists in. We met by chance rather than working in, And the connection was natural and fast. Anal”P. was our first when I sent the first time works by Israeli artists in England FAF event. Nitzan's work, ובועז סידס Untay, Shipping had marked the debut of the city Login”א לקהילת FAF הבינ”To. Since we cooperated several times, And here we are.
Nitzan: Every word rock. I think fate brought us together to create some very interesting things in different.

Bud We'll see you on the street, True?
Nitzan: Well me and my creations, And most importantly my collaborations with talented artists I knew.

What is the origin name of the gallery ?
The Pop-Up Gallery
The name is based on the existing concept of the pop - up, That is the idea of ​​a temporarily established definition, And then fades, And expresses the idea that we can reinvent ourselves in any form and in any location, Both in space at the pharmacist and any other place, To innovate and excite our audience.
Artistic and social space we operate in constantly changing. We do not want to set ourselves, The artists we represent and present, And our audience.

Tell the vision and concept of the gallery
The concept of the gallery is the lack of boundaries. Central vision is to bring art and artists from abroad”For Israel. The goal is to surprise and excite, And bring in community art lovers - lovers of art, Collectors and artists, Things they did not know, Or did not expect to receive on their home turf. We aim to create a connection, Both conceptual and real, Among the”A particular, And Israel in general, And between artists and galleries around the world operate.
Due to the fact that we are acting independently, Regardless of any institution or obligation exists, We have no restrictions in terms of artistic vision – We can not afford to open the gallery every artist we love and believe in him, Without considering aspects such as Goodwill , What its sales potential, And what art is doing, And in terms of the consumer - we are not mounted any concept, So we can always be outside the box in terms of the product we offer.
Equally important - we have the possibility to come for consumers technically.
For example, Daughter”A profit interest (The current reality is necessary) Of art at cheap prices. This interest stems from the fact that many art consumers can not afford high-priced works, If the price of work to exceed a few hundred dollars, It makes them irrelevant.
The artists are a problem in this situation, They often find it difficult to sell higher priced works. Artist prefers to work often priced lower price than they think the work is worth, To be able to hope that it will be sold.
Since our vision is much more economic, And we have no desire or commitment to a fixed cash, We are working on a payment system that will allow consumers to buy even more expensive pieces, As they can not afford it.
Possibility of our, Break the boundary between art and cost type, And the audience consumes and acquires it in the end, Is a key element underlying our vision.

Is there a Gallery Opening Date and exhibitions are planned
Our first event will be held at on Saturday Pharmacist – 17.11.12 – Solo exhibition of the bud where it will present its work, some of which were in London last September, And some new ones have not yet been published.
The official opening event will be held at the gallery on Saturday pharmacist - 8.12.2012, On the opening night of the solo exhibition of the British artist My Dog Sighs, Currently completing two exhibitions dislike - out in Portsmouth’ And London, And chose us over Berlin his first solo exhibition outside the Kingdom.
“”My Dog Sighs himself will be present on opening night, Expected to be a very special event. (His visit will also include activities in FAF, Basis”F. Maya Gelfman, סדנה לילדי Israeli Children” And meeting with Israeli artists).
Another exhibition of the British artist Jan planned special, But it will not be closed on 100% We prefer not to reveal details.

The Mints, Opening an exhibition of bud. Tired (Facing the camera and a black), Mother (Red dress), Father (Before Leah) And bud in a white dress.

Leah Apartment

Leah works

Works in progress

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