• Jan : 8 : 2013 - Soutine Grove
  • Jan : 2 : 2013 - Her color: Blue
  • Dec : 25 : 2012 - Science Promenade
  • Dec : 18 : 2012 - Spring Square
  • Dec : 10 : 2012 - Street art: Settings, talking birds

Emergence of street art in Tel Aviv and the world, Sweeping the public and not just the public, The main, Tel Aviv Municipality announced a year of 2012 The year and as part of her art and has previously held an art exhibition Helena Rubinstein Pavilion Street Modern Art two years ago, Extension of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and previously served as the second of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The second time the Municipality has introduced street art, This was a project with the artist fairly spokesman, Installation moving escalator entrance to City Hall on Ibn Gabirol, Another project in the municipality responded to the initiative of companies offering Knitting Forum knitting project on First Avenue trees in the middle of Tel Aviv, Rothschild Boulevard, a street Balfour Street Maza, The project responded positively and was in October and remained for a month, Today there is only one tree knitted, Knitting on trees, Signs, Sculptures and other objects in the public space is Z'rnr selling street art world and Tel Aviv emerges every few months a similar project in a neighborhood, Or on a city street, Two years ago, knitted horse on foot statue of Meir Dizengoff sitting on Rothschild Boulevard 14 Front of Dizengoff served as the first Tel Aviv Museum of Art and knitted a few years ago on one of the characters pair Tzvar artist's sculptures International Plaza outpost Tel Aviv Museum of Art on breast’ King Saul, Is the third home Tel Aviv Museum of Art present location (Perished had two new wings in recent years), Last year knitted a few signs and underground electrical and communication Stands in the picturesque and recently Noga also knitted strive few pages, Traffic signs and parking facilities and bicycle cart on inheritance Minmin, It happens in other cities around the world, and every few months in Tel Aviv,

Works of art of knitting lovers will integrate event FAF (Perry Art Friede) Near, An event where art dissolved streets of Tel Aviv with hints, Publisher / Z take the work home, Facebook Page URL faith Galit Shiri  https://www.facebook.com/shnukadesign, Representation of a wavy leaves was prepared as a contribution to the talisman 'her' - Part III project FORNEVER - the artist's project to commemorate the winter brilliance inspired Raz last leaf or. Henri, Facebook page of beauty Razhttps://www.facebook.com/yifah.raz.

עבודה של Galit Shiri משתתפת באירוע FRF

The current project is a project of knitting Forum Iris companies and Orna Yaron Gilboa, Project Initiative Alona Arubas turned municipality and received the approval of the municipality to implement the project on the boulevard, Unlike classic street art done spontaneously and remains indefinitely in fate and fade with time or with environmental hazards, In fact actually making a work of art Street abandoned and neglected areas, Above them the confidence, Makes them relevant, Young people arrive, followed by the municipality refers to the area, In both cases, spontaneous or deliberate art, Street art is

Project initiative is the Alona Arubas, Head Boards in knitting and working stark Tel Aviv, Breast knitting project’ Rothschild is another project supported in street art by”The Municipality of Tel Aviv as part of an event of art, In the Balfour Avenue Maza, Shade trees knitted Btzibaoniot, Four trees, All tree killed by”One of the four artists Enterprises Forum knitting and also knitted bicycle parking facilities are also beginning spinal segment, The result is spectacular and colorful, Invested and multiple items, Decorations, Tissue, Captions, Humor and a lot of imagination and color, The project was very well around pulling up, Stand, Surveys, Smiles and camera.


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  1. Beauty says:

    I loved!
    And lets not forget who brought the trees barred to prime time - improved (Winner of Big Brother).
    And of course those https://www.google.co.il/search?q=knit tree&hl = en&client=firefox-a&hs = FPt&rls=org.mozilla:he:official&prmd = imvns&tbm = isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa = X&ei=mOOPUOC9J8vSsgakpoDYCA&ved = 0CB0QsAQ&biw=1295&bih=500

  2. Beauty says:

    Here is another undulating leaf songs http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=214416492027304&set=a.212750478860572.53920.100003768643722&type=1&theater
    She uses knitting,Like a paintbrush. Which sensitivity and expressiveness!

  3. When did says:

    Thank beauty, Very beautiful rose, Definitely talented, It will be interesting event

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