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ארכיון עבור November, 2012

Ori Gami, Creates a multi - disciplinary, Art graduated two years ago, Creates outside Tel Aviv studio is half below ground, The studio is also the residence. Introduction: My love for the city of Tel Aviv is related to her surprise basket, רוב זמני הפנוי מוקדש להליכה ברחובותיה הקסומות של העיר תל אביב יפו, Documentation, Photography and Writing, בכל יציאה אל רחובותיה טמונה הפתעה, The city would never leave without a gift lovers, No challenge, All you need, This wake up in the morning, Smile   קרא עוד..

Fall and spring, הם החמצן של חיי דומה שאני חי בציפייה מעונה אחת למשניה, That I feel that along with winter, הם הדבר האמתי, הקיץ הוא הפורקן, Where man unloads accumulations with increased occurrence rate and continuously growing, Tel Aviv is the love of my life, Is the most magical thing that life gave me, Rate of occurrence in a very fast, But just as the speed, The same scene, I can not see myself away from it for a week, I can carry it meets   קרא עוד..

Two brothers, Eyal Dror Elhadad, Cinema in the past Tfaorenim, Decided to leave the world stage designer and theater, With own collections gathered over a decade, To fulfill a dream and open a shop and workshop spaces adjacent to building international enchanting picturesque street style, בחלל אחד יחדשו ויטפלו טיפול אוהב בפרטי האוסף בחלל השני, The collection will be sold in the store details “Vintage” Small, Items will be in loving hands, They settled in East Florentine, Small complex has a shop on the ground floor with four tiny spaces   קרא עוד..

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Tel Aviv is known as “White City” Or “Black white city”, There is a book by that name, We recognize the oppressive sense of traffic jams, Buildings neglect, Running to work , To the university, Search for Parking, Cafe, Gallery, Shopping Center, Especially in a place with air conditioning to escape the stifling heat in summer or heating in winter, There's nothing like Tel Aviv in the transitional seasons of spring and autumn and colorful blossoms and dreams that, Beautiful no like Tel Aviv Tel Aviv winter, If   קרא עוד..

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