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Ori Gami, Creates a multi - disciplinary, Art graduated two years ago, Creates outside Tel Aviv studio is half below ground, The studio is also the residence.

Studio, צילום Ori Gami

Introduction: My love for the city of Tel Aviv is related to her surprise basket, רוב זמני הפנוי מוקדש להליכה ברחובותיה הקסומות של העיר תל אביב יפו, Documentation, Photography and Writing, בכל יציאה אל רחובותיה טמונה הפתעה, The city would never leave without a gift lovers, No challenge, All you need, This wake up in the morning, Smile and loving it, Out into space and collect. Before tax’ Weeks I noticed on the form of an elongated, Hollow, White and red color head , Grandpa stick figure reminiscent fully transparent colored candy takes the imagination to childhood, A smile and curious to find out details about the character that appeared in the streets that, Central and Old North of Tel Aviv, הדמות שהיא ללא ראש וידיים ובשלל סיטואציות, Carrying a suitcase on her back, Riding on a donkey, Red stool or vomit red cream donut hollow when Bmotnih, As if it were a life preserver, Located on the thick book, Packed as a gift, Or imprisoned in the jar, חצי מלאה במים ובתחתיתה נגיעת צואה, Most every story has a tiny Mminitora, Painting on the wall is exposed, Painting on paper, The red thread, Pasting and creating complex story technique, הדמות נושאת חתימה Holey by Ori Gami הדמות הזעירה עם הסצנות המיניטוריות העלו את סקרנותי לגלות מעט על יוצר/ת הדמות, What's the story behind, I noticed the Facebook page of the artist's photographs constituted the initial connection to connect with the artist, “Holey for me is compassion, Way to express the need to reduce and eliminate bad habits and suffering, Throw them out and create our own forgiveness and compassion. Choose for ourselves what new things Sncil” That describes creating the character, Interactive interview conducted Ori talks about herself, The character and the art she creates.

Why Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a reflection of different places, Different people pass through on the way and most of them did not originally from Tel Aviv, כל אחד מביא את הסיפור האישי שלו, I wish to fulfill dream. Tel Aviv is fed people that a work is an integral part of their lives and as such operate in order to be fed from the environment and to, Creating a comfortable and pleasant land in which to express ourselves easily and openly. Be in Tel Aviv feels like to be in many other places at the same time, היא עיר שיכולה לחסוך לנו זמן רב בדרכנו להבין ולתקשר אחד עם השני. טביעות כף הרגל שלנו מטשטשות שם מהר, As Web browsing inundate us a lot of information in what we are looking for, You can get lost there easily between information that is really relevant to our progress, And you can find hidden information hidden from us will make us open mind, Read the surface from a different angle, To doubt what you choose to tell us, What appears to be on the outside and see the thing inside, Keep an eye on our third what lies between the lines. I feel very natural and necessary to a city like Tel Aviv, Is a city to find and keep a breadcrumb, Express ourselves and to keep the stomach, Find it pauses and solutions out general situation surrounds us all without leaving her, Without seeking external solutions on another planet, Not continue to be dependent on an external factor that would lead us, לא להיכנע למציאות ולתכתיבים שהלבישו עלינו ולסמוך כל אחד על היכולת שלו ליצור בעצמו מציאות טובה יותר, Save ourselves by ourselves. Be there between all the different information that flows around us and not be easily affected, But to be a catalyst, Have our own search engine, Find ourselves in creative solutions that would rescue us more and more obstacles, Acting otherwise, Independent and unique.

Why on

The street feels to me like something is accomplished, Place a dynamic and continuous process allows a natural place to come to him and loose, Come as we, Not perfect, Our pace, Each with a process that does with himself, Open to change and pass on his way to express ourselves freely, Come as we are to ourselves, Exposed, Sketch pad exposed as a 'behind the scenes', Unfinished manuscript Our distinguishes us. Very interesting and intriguing to me to see the development of the art of the street and take part in what feels like the work all active partners in, Reality has we make ourselves. Street lets me come from a place exposed to people walking along the street, Different forms of expression, Architecture changes, Peeling walls, הצינורות החשופים שמזכירים לי את Holey ושמתחת לפני הקרקע יש עולם שלם שמוסתר מעינינו והכול נרקם לכדי משהו אחד. The street opens up a lot more panoramic picture, Broader picture we all take part, The story is the result of a lot of different stories, Something that can only read between the lines, Only if we are out and are still educated to look at the whole situation from the outside, From allows accommodate modesty and learn about different, On the other, Pity him and understand his heart. It's something you can not prepare for them in advance and unexpected situations allow me to preserve and share something intimate caught me on the street, Authentic place and who goes on. All this process that ends in the street, But something I take with me back to the studio, Digesting myself and find new sides that allow me to identify and fit more naturally with the environment, Every time a little different to the street but still true to myself and what I have to tell and share. The street continues to take an active part in the process of my work in the studio, Different impressions spread before me find a new expression to continue to share with passers-by on the street and make them pause, Something to stop it, Think about a cleaner place, No signs, Allow the formation of intimate moments on the street, Afford to broadcast outwardly what we really feel inside. Poke my head out and continue walking in while we are aware of what is happening outside, Devote themselves to the imagination that guides us, Our road, Solutions that everyone can find his own unique way, Rely on ourselves and our ability to make a difference.

Who is Holey

A studio built underground that goes the way of life and my work to date, To- Holey amorphous character he created, With a hollow body and the environment are exposed to changes, Part of everything around, But functions independently. Without head and hands and a hole in the stomach, A kind of third eye, Third party to the brain, מעין ‘Mind Control’ Found in the 'belly', Something that controls and directs the thinking, Simple hunch confirms how right to act, Containers balanced between what is outside and what's inside. Holey for me is compassion, Way to express the need to reduce and eliminate bad habits and suffering, Throw them out and create our own forgiveness and compassion. Choose for ourselves what new things Sncil. The studio feels like Holey himself, As underground burrow, Something emptied to something else will, Otherwise, The result of an ongoing process to discover new things himself, Awareness and recognition of the ability to implement new things for ourselves, Be Sulastem, Do not depend on other, Free, Be a 'big brother’ Of ourselves. Continue to go in., Like a snail sticking his head out only when really needed and quickly returns into itself, His craftsmanship, It seems to me that he had a rare friendship with himself.

But did you illustrate the Holey

The Holey I illustrate from intuitive, and then sculpt, Especially his miniatures, Small size appealed to me, Such a model is sufficient to revive it from the paper, I create sound works inspired by Holey. I illustrate it with a stylus pen and ink on the pages of small sketches that require me to be with him, gently. He fancifully illustrated, Sometimes looking at the models I sculpted. Christian collages combining three dimensional illustration, Figure incorporated into a wire, Paper Cuts, Gluing small objects I collect. I devoted myself to the ongoing creative process of Holey, I felt more than a character one - time I meet on paper, Something drew me to continue to delve into his work again and again over time. I created the Holey and it creates who I am today. Like something created itself and directs me how to create, What rate to create. He has a world of its own long before choosing how to describe it in words. Is an expression of thought from the stomach, Conceptual thinking-.

SPHERE do not live in Tel Aviv, Where the creative

I create studio former cellar / storage, I designed it uniquely studio that will give me inspiration, In order to create a. The studio is also used as a place of my residence, So as I begin a new day gives me the option to create, Even when there is a slight pause between the work piece, There is no pause in thought and understanding of the creative process. It was important to start creating a clean place to express myself free way. The middle of the basement studio has concrete blocks and basic page I designed lawn, She gathered my work, Dynamic and changing studio, It seems that around every corner there is another occurrence, As a collage’ Of works are added, Illustrations, Paintings, Sculptures, Dolls I'm an illustrator and seamstress, Lighting changes, Sound jobs, אסופה של עבודות שיצרתי כל אחת בפני עצמה ובסופו של דבר הכול קשור אחד בשני ויצירה אחת מניעה יצירה אחרת להיווצר. אני מצלמת בסטודיו סיטואציות שמרגישות לי אותנטיות בכדי לשמר תהליך ולהבין אותו כמו ב- story board, Understand that the ongoing process, The best way- Is the, And devote themselves to.

‘Cognitive Equilibrium

Studio, צילום Ori Gami

Holey All He’Story – How To Survive Twenty Twelve ‘Walking On The Street’

Work on, ‘Black Holey (Blind Position)’ צילום Ori Gami

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