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Lobby, One of the two large rooms

שני אחים, Eyal Dror Elhadad, Cinema in the past Tfaorenim, Decided to leave the world stage designer and theater, With own collections gathered over a decade, Fulfill a dream and open a shop and workshop spaces adjacent the magical building international style paintings on the street, In one spaceRenew and loving care will take care of the details of the collection in a second, The collection will be sold in the store details”Vintage” Small, Items will be in loving hands, They settled in East Florentine, Small complex has a shop on the ground floor with four tiny, magical spaces along with a large and separate courtyard of the same building, Carpentry workshop renew her original details, They describe their work in poster: ” In the workshop, We give life to new things and old furniture and unique and do it with lots of love and attention. Provides private collection of furniture, Objects and graphics, Carefully collected during 10 Years, While working Ctfaorenim movies. Every object in the store is unique and often unique, Certain items are renovating and restoring, And others refresh and redesign. We will be happy to accommodate you in the store and in the workshop, And be part of the process of work and experience”.


On the right galleries, On the left of the workshop and in the middle entrance on the top floor apartments

Connection to the store in the Florentine established outside Tel Aviv between Jaffa in 1927 David Florentin bought an orchard and that was the working-class neighborhood that was designed by”The founders of Tel Aviv, Florentine neighborhood we know today as trendy neighborhood, That its history Neighborhood operate on the ground floor housed Negri, Lining, Cobblers, Bellows, Delicatessens and pastry, Greek tavernas and the atmosphere and the floors above lived in families, Sometimes tax’ Families including sub-tenants in the apartment when two brothers create a dream and a business that is also its historical character and a workshop, Public take us back in time to the era of Florentine and moved.

The inner room is also a great

Experience of wandering spaces magic shop located in the building in the International Style, As you enter you connect to the past, Smile is our language, To the high ceilings and old products we sell everything that me forty plus, Original passage doors spaces and sizes give a sense of childhood and the real, From antique iron tin signs, Naive art posters with one hundred and twenty imagination and tables from the British School of pre-state Israel, At any given moment the feeling that we are back in time for varying periods during the twenty century back and forth, Beating and childhood memories came kelp.

Items colors and spirits are a world, Scored never feels fun and want to run from item to item, See, Touch, To dream and to remember, Child / the resurrected son and fills us with energy, Signs and banners with graphics and texts innocent and product names are not and childhood dreams, Bottles, Fixtures, Table lamps, Toys bring us back to the bosom of home and a sense of warmth and right next to and in the same building, Within a modest entrance door, Workshop, Carpentry and yard behind, Which deal with love and care every object o'clock, Christians lifetime and renewable , You can see the items awaiting collection or return process as created for display in the store.


Made things a, Zebulon 42, Florentine, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

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    Tempting!Intriguing! Exciting!

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    Thank you, Store and fascinating workshop, Amazing Brothers, Should recognize

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