• Jan : 8 : 2013 - Soutine Grove
  • Jan : 2 : 2013 - Her color: Blue
  • Dec : 25 : 2012 - Science Promenade
  • Dec : 18 : 2012 - Spring Square
  • Dec : 10 : 2012 - Street art: Settings, talking birds

Fall and spring, Oxygen of life are similar that I live in anticipation of one season to another, That I feel that along with winter, הם הדבר האמתי, Summer is the discharge, Where man unloads accumulations with increased occurrence rate and continuously growing, Tel Aviv is the love of my life, Is the most magical thing that life gave me, Rate of occurrence in a very fast, But just as the speed, The same scene, I can not see myself away from it for a week, I can carry it a full season in the summer heat, Thinking about fall, The flowering, Casting same shower, Renewal for flowering, Colorfulness spreading, Just the thought of it renews the energy and magic, Winter is a bonus, Portable, Variable, Dew, Giving full, Tel Aviv a beautiful winter, The streets are bathed, Pleasant smell, People are relaxed, Smiling, Right to be together and support, All light, I felt compassion, Renewable City, Outdoor events in the city are moderated and slice the public experience, Man knows how to make it the most, Autumn symbolizes the openness, Be together, Experience together, When it rains, When flowering peak, No wars, There is love, יש שוויון, There is peace, Have compassion.

Autumn brings the puddles, The songs and dances, Carrying on their backs the shading and reflections spaces around them, Streets and Buildings, People and things, Umbrellas and boots, Great implications of leaves falling from the trees into the distance, To the curb, Road and the edge of clothes, For renewal and new birth, Children giggle, Runners and send laughter and voices into space, May be silly, Allowed to take a moment in life and devote expensive and environmentally, They all take to the streets, Absorb, Feel, Smell, Shoot out in words Risotihm and happiness, The colors and details are live, Look,Stir well and get a hug from each side, Autumn here, He returns, Heralds the winter.

King George Street

Eclectic reflections of a pool structure

Street Reflections

Shabazi Street in the Neve Tzedek

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5 תגובות so far.

  1. Beauty says:

    There is!So what is graffiti -”Tel Aviv does not fall”?
    I loved every shade loving description.

  2. When did says:

    Imagine autumn and spring were continued throughout the year, No time to think about war, The smile would not go to our language, Although we would have lost a huge song performed Si Heiman “Wars do not happen in summer”.

  3. Beauty says:

    Again I enjoyed from Tel - Aviv’ (Tel - Aviv inverted reflections).Nicely!

  4. When did says:

    Thank you, Plans to add a third chord in colorful cloudy sunset.

  5. Rachel says:

    Happy Christmas Lights.

    From the J. D D., A valuable :)

    Thank you.

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