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ארכיון עבור December, 2012

Ministry of Science promenade architectural landscape planning Broida-Maoz is a stage’ Sequence of walking and biking along the banks of the Ayalon it was decided in the master plan of the city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Science promenade open to the public a month, But not yet officially Ncnch, Boardwalk ecological building project starts school of Environmental Studies”S. Porter, Not far from the Museum of Natural History Collections and the Zoological Museum of the Diaspora compound and the Botanic Gardens and the south-east exit of the university, Rate 14, Long promenade 800 M paved the cliff   קרא עוד..

Categories: General, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Spring is Square railway junction Begin, One crowded intersections in, Bordering the heart of the city, Of Rothschild, Neighborhood of Ramat Hasharon and Neve Shanan, עתידה בסמוך אליה להבנות תחנת תחתית במסגרת הקו האדום של הרכבת הקלה, Nearby recreation area Shevakh, The future will be a pretty big role is in between that square and East South, On the square, North East of the square there are three office towers city engineer planning a former Tel Aviv Israel Goodovitch, Uniqueness of the   קרא עוד..

Categories: Grandfather, General

מידי מספר חודשים העיר מתחדשת בפרויקט “Sting” Streets, (Sting: Written response to the political graffiti, Gender, Masterly, Commercial, Other… Or creates the same address with different meaning, Sometimes Hvsting which promote product sales, Or promotion of the project) Classical examples Lvsting, Examples Lvsting and specific extension number exists blog posts, They address “Am Israel Chai” Added to, Film, India, Conqueror, Have a leader, etc.…, Or in response to the address “Forth justice”, At “Martin Buber was right” Committee   קרא עוד..

Categories: General

Tel Aviv is known as “White City” Or “Black white city”, There is a book by that name, We recognize the oppressive sense of traffic jams, Buildings neglect, Running to work , To the university, Search for Parking, Cafe, Gallery, Shopping Center, Especially in a place with air conditioning to escape the stifling heat in summer or heating in winter, There's nothing like Tel Aviv in the transitional seasons of spring and autumn and colorful blossoms and dreams that, Beautiful no like Tel Aviv Tel Aviv winter, If   קרא עוד..

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