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מידי מספר חודשים העיר מתחדשת בפרויקט “Sting” Streets, (Sting: Written response to the political graffiti, Gender, Masterly, Commercial, Other… Or creates the same address with different meaning, Sometimes Hvsting which promote product sales, Or promotion of the project) Classical examples Lvsting, Examples Lvsting and specific extension number exists blog posts, They address “Am Israel Chai” Added to, Film, India, Conqueror, Have a leader, etc.…, Or in response to the address “Forth justice”, At “Martin Buber was right” To project “Chances are that…, Smurfs are hawks, He's a terrorist, He loves her, etc.… Hvsing create a dialogue in the most hard to reach with a / women or entities most difficult to communicate with them, Or impossible to communicate with them at all, As examples of political “Am Israel Chai which is most common in the country and began spontaneously, Or you could say patriotic by”J. Number’ A / single women and adopted by”The artist scattered throughout the city address to receive the responses and create awareness and dialogue, Hvsting pattern group, It is also slightly different in style and configuration mainly single aspect collective aspect, To be associated with the “Forth justice” And the reaction “Martin Buber was right”.

Hvsting new to the city today just last week I noticed for the first time, He Birds on a wire “Talking birds”, Pinned to texts and sayings comic dialogue balloons, Or illustration, Can be political dialogue, Recent, Gender, Or arts and basically everything from daily life. It is the strongest aspect of humor and intelligence similar to”Chances” And the degree of awareness of relevant meaning reader / A, Which creates interesting situations and Arrow’ , Always a single bird on the wire and two birds, Male and Female? Male and Female, Male and male thread only create the opposite team, The text takes us in his mirror to gender, Politics and Hfloklor.

Role Hvsting very similar story street art, Both type of “Salon rejected” Modern, Allows the individual to have his mind, Craft, Public space dream, If you express an opinion, Or create art, When public space is a gallery, And documenting / A communication tool, Up to adoption by”The galleries, Museums, Trading Establishment.

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5 תגובות so far.

  1. Beauty says:

    Interesting! By the way,I saw the foot of birds,Cat ball game (Eden Cinema).Related - not about birds.

  2. When did says:

    Perhaps, I saw the cat jointly and severally

  3. Beautiful and bake says:

    ראיתי את ה”בסרט” הזה מספר פעמים, לא הבנתי אותו ולו פעם אחת, האם הכותב לא משתייך ל”עם ישראל”?
    או שאולי בעצם, הוא צלם אירועים שפשוט חשב שזה יהיה מצחיק.
    מה דעתכם בעניין הלא מרנין הזה.

    • When did says:

      As far as the address “Am Israel Chai is very common in the country and is made by”The lot of a / women for various reasons, For Tel Aviv mainly, This is an artist concept is original additions, Sometimes the a / women participating and about, No / women respond for various reasons and reactions of the artist himself with writing the address

  4. asdf says:

    אנו חיים בסרט זה כל יום ויום
    אז לצלם חתונות וצילום אירועים מקצועי ואיכותי זה חשוב בביותר בארץ

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